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My eyes widen as his lips pressed firmly to mine. My heart beat erratically as he now moved his lips against mine and against my better wishes I closed my eyes and moved mine as well. His hand trailed up along my arm, every fingertip causing me to melt under his touch. He caressed my cheek as he tilted my head to allow him to tease his tongue into my mouth. I gasped as I shot up from the bed and stared at him.

My chest heaved up and down as sunrise broke through the clouds. My hand tentatively touched my lips as his soft skin still lingered. Alxander stared at me almost unsure at what to do next. So I made the decision for him.

"You need to go." My voice scratchy as it came out in a whisper.

"As you wish." He stood slowly and made his way to the door before pausing.

"My father wishes to see you in the throne room at the suns peak." With that he left. He kissed me, the boy I have desired for 12 years. I turned to the wind as it blew strong towards the west. But was that kiss all but a cruel joke?


A servant came to collect me around the time I was to see my King. We walked the many halls it took to get to the throne room and when we approached the tall stone carved doors my breath came out slow and even.

"Nasya. I'm glad to see you are well." The King said as he was surrounded by his advisers. I lifted my head and straightened my back.

"Yes thank you My King." He looked to me and walked around me, inspecting.

"And you're Sight?"

"As can be expected." I bit out. My eyes burning into his as he knew that it was his decision that was the true cause of my suffering.

"Well then, I believe a test is in order." He looked to his advisers who stood to the side in waiting. All seven men stared at the scene before them. Awaiting the magic of the Seer. I turned at the sound of a door opening. Servants came with large black pottery placing them along a line on the floor.

"Six pots. Two remain empty." His voice carried all across the room.

"What are the contents?" I said as I stood staring at the pots before me.

"Can you not See it?" I shivered as he appeared right behind me. I squirmed as he moved my hair away from my neck and placed a tender kiss upon me. I felt disgusted. Not a day has gone that I had kissed his son and here was his father, tainting me once more. Reminding me that Alxander was not an option in any form.

"Father." My eyes widened at the sight of Alxander before us. His eyes brewing with disgust as he looked upon his father and I.

"Sit." Troy spoke gruffly as he forced me to the ground. My chest heaved at the sound of hissing that erupted from the pots. I moved back slightly. What slumbers inside?

"What do I owe this pleasure son?" Troy O'Siren looked upon his son with disdain.

"It is a matter of privacy." I sat perfectly still as he walked over to Alxander and spoke in hush whispers. I turned slowly to notice the advisers staring at me and was surprised to see Prince Merida among them. I stared at him in wonder.

Had my brother returned with the Prince? Was he here, now, in the castle? The Prince gazed at me, his face blank.

"Nasya." I flinched as the King barked my name. I looked back to the Prince only to find him gone. My eyes widened. What sorcery was this? I was then lifted off the ground.

"Do you pretend to not hear my words Nasya?" I looked up shocked at the King's rage.

"No...no I...I wasn't-" My face stung as he laid his hand upon my face with a loud smack that echoed throughout the room.

"Speak you foolish girl." I gasped as I tried to find my words.

"I am sorry My King. I did not mean to upset you. I was only focused on the task that you have given. My Sight was just getting to me is all." I answered shakily. His eyes studied me for a long time and soon his anger disappeared.

"Good. That's very good Nasya. Now all you need to do is complete your task." He pulled away from me and stood to the side along with his advisers. My hand came to my check as it throbbed violently. I looked to Alxander only to see his focus on his father with a clear face of anger.

I sat slow and started to study the pots, but I was nervous. I have yet to try and see anything. I was scared. The Seer of Souls said it was my own block that was the cause but I still had no way of making it disappear. I sat perfectly still. Using another sense, my hearing. I listened. Whatever hissed inside the pots was out of control as the noise grew louder.

I placed my hand along the tops slowly feeling the energy they were letting out. I felt the vibrations of the pots as I came upon the one that felt most true to its contents. I turned to the King.

"Reach inside." I took the deepest of breaths and held my hand inside the pot before lifting it out as it was indeed empty. I did this once more before the King was satisfied. Relief went through me as the King went about his talks with his advisers and son as I watched against the wall. He had not noticed that it was not Sight that passed his test. Minutes continued to go by before I was pulled into a vision.

I gasped at the sudden invasion since it had been too long since last I'd seen. I fell to the floor as many visions at once over took me.

The warrior with the long braided brown hair. His face still a mystery, but comfort washed over me as I looked upon him. I felt safe.

Then a child. One with beautiful green eyes and a head hair that shined in the sunlight.

Fire. An immense fire that lifted into the skies. The castle, it was aflame. Screams tore through the walls. Cries of pain.

Nikoli. He was lying on the floor. Blood covered him, he gasped reaching for me. He spoke my name. I watched as the light died in his eyes.

I let out a yelp as my Sight released me.

"Nikoli." I gasped just as the doors opened abruptly to enter in my brother. Nikoli stood tall and proud and yet in distress.

"My King. I've come with urgent news."

Soooooooooo I've decided to enter into Wattys...wish me luck!!!

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