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The door shook lightly, but made me jump fast in fear. Aryk abruptly walked to the corner where shadows engulfed him. Suddenly the door opened to reveal Doren, a smirk filling his face.

    "Nasya. Always a pleasure, but I am going need my dearest friend back." Aryk moved from his place.

    "What happened?"

    "The Knights are walking, we must go. Chael has never been the best liar." Aryk nodded as he turned to me. Doren bowed his head.

    "A minute more Aryk." With that he left. Aryk grabbed my face and I looked up to him with relief. He was my only solace now.

    "I shall be back the next night."

    "I don't want you risking your life."

    "It's what we do." My eyes fell to his lips then back to his eyes. Our energy already pulling us closer as his fingers brushed my cheek. He laid a kiss against the top of my head and I closed my eyes in the passion that went through my body. "I'd much rather kiss you when you are not in the clutches of another man."

    "That may be a long time from now."

    "Then I'll wait." And with that he left. My heart fluttered at an uneasy pace as he left the room. I looked around, realizing his presence had filled the room, but now it was empty. And I was left with my own discarded thoughts. I walked about the room feeling the walls, the energy that each one gave off. Light had left this room hours ago. I looked to the door frightened at the thought that night had settled and there was no lock.

    I grabbed hold of a chair and placed it against the door, under the handle, before settling on the cot. Breathing deeply, I placed head against the fabric and let my eyes close. Hoping for peaceful dreams.

    She screamed until her lungs burned. Her wrists were bleeding. She'd been chained to the wall for days. Her Sight came from touch rather than thought or perception. Her King wouldn't let her touch anything other than what he wanted her to touch.

    The door opened and she rattled her chains.

    "Loana." She caught sight of her King. Her eyes taking in his frame as he stood at her height and brooding with his deep brown eyes. "You know I don't want to do this." She didn't speak, she was afraid her words would find her in an even more compromising position.

    She looked as he pulled out a piece of parchment. It must have come from a hawk. A sigil of a house was branded on top; she hasn't seen the sigil before.

    "I need to know what has happened."

    "Does the parchment not explain?" In a second his hand wrapped around her throat and she struggled to breathe.

"Be careful with your next words." He released her and she coughed as her throat began to burn.

"What more do you need to know if the message was already written?"

"Something has happened in Andorla. I want you to see the events. The King did not specify a well reason for his orders."

"What were his orders?" He smiled as his opened the parchment fully.

"By the decree of King O'Siren, from the Land of Andorla. All beings with the touch of Arts are to be chained. Events in my Land have come to the likings of plots for an overtake that would disrupt the system we have come so far to uphold." Her King took a pause before looking to her. "I guess I was ahead of schedule." Loana lunged at him, as far as her chains allowed her as anger pulsed in her veins. Her King placed his face in front of hers, his eyes boring into her. "Your fight is troublesome. You all were meant to serve." Loana's teeth ground together as she breathed deeply.

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