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I looked to Aryk as his eyes ran over the girls, he did not trust them; nor did I. Walking forward I grabbed a chair and sat before them as they had not moved. Aryk took to standing by the door. Their shelter was small as the cots were pushed to opposite ends. A armorer was placed near the window which there was only one. I turned to them once more as they waited.

"You knew of Aryk, of his possible birthright."

"We know many things Mistress." Zarina answered. I let in a breath of irritation. Zarina seemed to be the one to hold quick tones and an off set of behavior.

"He is the King's son." Zamora answered slowly. "And he is not." My throat close swiftly before opening back up. I casted a look to Aryk who stood with a frown. "You were destined to belong to this family Nasya, but you would only belong to one." I did not know how to feel about her words, but her words did not stop the tear that let down my check. I swiftly wiped it away.

"What is he to me?"

"That is not what troubles you most." I stared at the girls for a longed time before asking another question.

"What are you?"

"Twins." Zarina said simply. My face formed a frown at the word.

"I don't understand." Aryk's voice rumbled behind me.

"No assassin, you wouldn't."

"We are one. Born as one."

"The prophecy. It is you. Both of you." Though the word was beyond me, they were the It and one the tale spoken by Asani.

"There are many prophecies in this World." Zamora spoke loudly, looking me in the eye.

"You are to set me free. Set my sisters free."

"Are we?" Zarina spoke taunting. I narrowed my eyes. They toyed with my mind, like a game I had no patience for. "A lot of responsibility for one person; even at our age."

"Even in this World." Zamora said, a glint in her eye.

"You speak as if there is more than one World." I stated as it was unheard of to think of a World that I was not born in.

"Why do you speak as if there is only one?" Silence held us. What was she speaking of? Aryk asked my own burning questions as I felt his presence behind me. The heat of him surrounding me, comforting me; making me even more curious as to why our connection was as strong as it was.

"Are you after our time?"

"We like to call it 'the future'." Zarina answered. I stared at the young girls in front of me. The future.

"What do you want from me?" I asked softly. The thought of these beings; in what was now my own World, scared me. To think that I might be of any interest to them.

"The time is soon for you to know."

"But now you both must brace yourself." Zamora spoke just as the door burst open. I stood fast as Aryk came to stand in front of me, protecting me. My King and his guards stood before us.

"What is the meaning of this?" Troy's voiced gritted out through clenched teeth. None of us spoke a word as we looked upon him. I was frozen in fear. This was the first time I had laid eyes on him since he left me in the room. I remember his roughness with me and it made me step closer to Aryk, placing my hand on his back. As if an anchor, I calmed when I touched him. His essence bleeding into mine.

Troy's rage filled eyes darted to and from every face in the small room. "Well then," he looked to Aryk, "you need to be dealt with." As the words left his mouth, guards seized him on either side.

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