The Sight

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"What do you need?" Alxander asked. I looked around nervously. I couldn't do this.

"I can't do this." I whispered. "I'm not at full potential. Nikoli is not here. He walked me through the transformation. He called me back in when I went too far."

"You will walk yourself through. You are still strong without him." Alxander took my face in his hands and made me look at him.

"You know what to do Nasya. You are the most powerful Seer I have ever come across. You will win this for us. For your brother. For yourself." The Queen spoke softly next to me. I closed my eyes as Alxander still held my face.

"I'm scared."

"We all are." He whispered in front of me. I opened my eyes to his grey ones that looked deep inside me. I can never love him nor can he love me. I turned to the Queen who stood patiently as she watched the slither of affection that I had for her son. I pulled back and took a deep breath.

"I need a stone of some kind. Bag the Sands in cloth. Keep the tea brewing with the Marsilea leaves. I need some of the guard's things. Objects they've touched, the ones who are in battle. And you." I looked to Alxander. "I'll need you, you'll be my tether. And a hawk Julssa." She nodded as she rushed to get the things I needed. It would have to be Alxander. He was the only strong emotional connection I would have. While the Queen had gained a new spot in my spirit I knew she still resented my status as her husband's whore.

I sat on the ground and trying to get in tune with the Earth. "I don't know who well this will work. The amount of Knight's on the battlefield is already confusing. But to tap into one alone will be hard. They move fast and I don't know who I'm looking for." I saw Alxander just standing. "Sit down in front of me." He lowered himself down and looked in my eyes. "Give me your hand." Alxander placed his hand in mine as I traced wine into the Sands of Lyshire.

These Sands were of great historic value. Many battles have been overseen from here. It was seen as a magical place, to be honored. A great Kingdom once stood here, Lyshire house, but was burnt to the ground but instead of ash, the Sands left its mark. Castle Lodor was built over them, in honor.

I placed the wet sand on his palm as I traced my house upon him. Julssa walked in next with a number of items and my hawk flew in after her and landed upon my shoulder. I let go of Alxander and had Julssa place the items in front of me.

"These are some of the Knights things that I could find in some of the tents." The Queen sat still in a chair facing us, not speaking but observing. I reveled in the calmness she emitted at just watching. I looked at the object scattered before me and lightly brushed over them with my fingers. Feeling the power of nature each one gave off.

I sighed as I sat on my knees and took off the sheer clothing that covered my shoulders. I looked to them all in the tent before speaking.

"Do not be afraid." Then I looked to Alxander. "You will know when I need you." I moved the hawk to my side as he was a representation of life and it would ground me even more. It was then I started to chant. A slow throaty hum of an incantation. My body moved in a slow circle with my arms out. And my head swaying to each side. Like a dance.

Then my hands went to make contact with the objects placed in front of me. As soon as it touched it I was transported into a world of chaos. My eyes burned and I gasped at the sight before me. I had done it. I was in a Knight's mind. He saw the destruction of the flying fire and what it was costing his King. Hypire was advancing quickly but we held strong. I repeated everything I saw, speaking out to my Queen.

My knight then turned to his left and he was struck by a sword. The blade slicing across his shoulder. I cried out in pain, as if were real. I clutched my shoulder as did the Knight.

"Nasya!" I heard Alxander's voice cry out to me. "You are here. Here with me, no one can touch you now. You do not bleed. Listen to my voice." He spoke rapidly. I felt hands on my face, a cooling sensation came over me as I breathed deeply. Focusing on my Sight and not the physical adaptations. I continued to look through the Knight's eyes. I tried my best to not feel any of the brutal beatings he earned until there was one that couldn't be ignored.

I screamed out in pain as a sword went through my Knight's body. I felt like a torch had been lit in my body. Everything seemed to burn, a searing white hot fire exploded within my stomach, I gasped as did my Knight. I felt hands reach for me but I was too far gone, Alxander's screams were nothing but a distance plea.

And that was not the end of the Knight's torment. He fell to the ground and Hypire's men beheaded him, beheaded me. My eyes opened and I breathed in pain as I had felt his heart stop, felt the blood stop pumping throughout his body. I cried into Alxander who had moved behind me, holding me steady as I felt I would drift to a death I had just felt.

"You are okay. You are okay. Nasya." I gasped for air as my eyes leaked.

"He is gone from this world. Beheaded. I felt his fear, his heart, my heart, it stopped!" I cried out.

"You are here, with me." Alxander whispered the last part. I took in more air, shaking as I tried to sit up but failed. My eyes connected with the Queen, who looked to be in shock and sorrow clouded her eyes.

"Nasya." My body was sweating and the heat of the tea did nothing to clear my mind of the pain I felt. "You do not have to do this again. I can't ask that of you, I won't."

"It isn't your choice my Queen, nor is it mine." I said as I sat up once more and began the incantation all over again.

I experienced death a total of three times and the Knight's all received a different fate. My insides felt like they had been pulled in many directions. Almost deciding if they're souls would be doomed to free. I lay in Alxander's arms gasping for air as I looked to the ceiling.

"She can't go on like this." I heard the Queen mutter.

"No, she can't." Alxander spoke above me as he had his hand on my chest. I turned my head to the side and my hawk came in sight. We seemed to stare at each other's eyes for a long while before I realized how daft I was.

Here I was, experiencing horror, diminishing my own strength with the Sight of others when I had another healthy vessel. I closed my eyes and once again said the incantation. It was different and yet simple with animals. They held simpler minds than humans, but we also didn't share the same structure. I whispered fiercely under my breath.

"What is she doing?" I heard the Queen question.

"Nasya no!" Alxander yelled furiously as he started to shake me awake. "You can't do this once more, your body and mind will give out! Nasya come back to me!"

My body gasped as I arched off the floor. I hadn't realized the journey to an animal's mind might be a little more physical.

"Nasya!" The Queen said yelled in terror. I then slumped back down to open my eyes to a new Sight.

The hawk's vision was far more narrow than I could imagine. The colors burned of dark colors and yet bright ones as well. I could see The Queen and Alxander standing beside me and I could see myself. The sweat that profuse my body, the haunting look of death. I turned to myself through the hawk and took steps toward myself. My body sat up slowly, reaching down to grab the hawk and put it on my arm and I petted him.

"Beautiful." The Queen whispered. Ours head turned to her as she sat in front of us in awe.

"Mother." Alxander asked warily.

"She's done it. The bond between man and animal, let alone a Seer. She's done it."

"Go." I whispered to the hawk and it flew off my arm and into the sky. I saw the camp set, the array of soldiers we had, and our King burning holes into the tent I stay in.

"The King may enter if he wishes. My Sight is back."

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