The Start of a War

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Hours had past and we were all still detained in our iron wood cells. Knights continued to bring down women of all ages. Though once every hour a man would be brought down and we women would stare at them in wonder. As I've said, Warlocks were rare, even a Seer. It did not matter if he was born a second son to a Witch, any son could have the power if they deemed worthy.

I had taken to putting myself in a corner. Replaying the words of Zarina, of my tale. War, fire, Dark and Light Arts. I shuddered at that revelation; the blending of the Arts was a dangerous game. They not only fed off each other, but they were meant to destroy one another as well. The line between the two has never been defined.

"Nasya." I looked up at the sound of my name and my eyes met with Aryk. Standing slowly, I walked to stand before him as he leaned over and placed his hands on the cell.

"You should not be here." My voice soft as I looked him over. Though his injuries were not seen upon his face I could tell that walking took great effort. "Are you well enough?" His eyes didn't leave my face as I spoke, his warm brown eyes assessing me as I was him.

"Are you?" His voice still held a power over me as I felt my body unconsciously lean towards.

"We will fair fine." I watched him, looking over him in awe. His body wielded strength of a King. His stance, though idled, was one of righteousness.

"Your brother has been detained." My eyes widened at his words. I noticed that my mother had moved closer to us.

"Nikoli." Aryk's eyes shot to her and he seemed to stand as straight as he could without strain.

"Aryk, this my mother Ravena." He looked between the two of us before doing a slight bow of his head.

"My Lady." My mother nodded in return before Aryk turned his attention back to me.

"The King is holding him for his outburst in the throne room."

"He is unharmed?" My mother asked.

"Yes. I imagine he will be let out for the next meet."

"This is all my fault." My voice shaky. "Everything is happening because of me." I felt a warmth go through my body as I looked to see that Aryk had placed his hand upon mine. His arm barely fitting through the bars to reach me.

"Trying to protect someone you love is never a fault." My breath was stolen from me. His words so pure and yet heavy with truth. I walked close to him as I stared upon his face; his lips, eyes, nose, cheeks.

"You must go now." I looked behind to Zamora who stood, facing the door. Aryk gave my hand a squeeze before walking back out to the sun.

"He is bound to you isn't he?" I looked to mother who had now sat down. I walked over and sat down next her against the bars.

"You had never told me any of this when I was young?" I looked to her. "Why?"

"There are many rules you still don't know. There was a time when I was going to tell you all of this, but...but they found you too early." I swallowed hard. "But even as a child you hated the tales I told you at night." She let out a laugh. "You much rather preferred your father's old tales of battle."

"What does it mean? Bound."

"So he is." My mother held a soft smile on her lips. I looked the girls.

"They say he is." I looked to my hands. "But not only this...he has my blood in his veins. I know this does nothing but Aryk was lashed the last night. And I felt the lashes, they were welted on my back in the same places. Then they were gone."

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