Powers of a Prophecy

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What is happening? What am I doing?

I looked to my mother as I trembled in fear. But the more I grew scared, the bigger my source got.

"Eyes on me Nasya. Only on me. You will be okay sweet girl." Her voice calm and the face to match. "What is your name?" I frowned at her question, but then realized she was not speaking to me.

"Asani." The girl spoke, her voice soft.

"Come stand in my place." They moved until I was staring into the girls blue eyes. A rare contrast to her and beautiful at the same time.

"You both will do exactly as I say." We nodded, tears threatening my eyes as I've put everyone in danger. "Asani place your hands along the edge of the energy, do not touch; hover. Feel it, try to connect with it on a level of Sight. Only another Seer can try and contain it." She looked to me now. "Nasya I need you to breathe. Slow and steady, you need to calm yourself. We don't want it to get any bigger than it is now."

I had very little idea as to how I was going to manage this. My emotions were in an uproar, all I was feeling was raw rage. I tried breathing, in and out. I tried to picture a calming image but all I've ever known was destruction and deceit. I shook my head furiously.

"It is not working." Asani's hand hovered over as the source continued to grow bigger.

"Nasya." I looked to the right of the girl and my eyes came in contact with him. His bright grey orbs transfixed at the sight of me, but all it did was fuel my rage. The energy grew larger, forcing Asani to take a step back. It pulsed rapidly waiting to be let loose.

"Get him out of my sight." I bit out with such ferocity that I did not recognize my own voice. My mother looked between the two of us before Nikoli went to stand in front of Alxander as he could not very well forcibly remove him. My breathing went back to its ragged state. Hearing him speak put me in a frenzy and only angered me at how his voice rolled over me in a sensual way. My skin felt hot as I stood in my dark haze once more. The source pulsing as it shot out a strike of what I can only describe as lightning. It bounced off the walls, causing everyone to duck in fear, before returning to its home.

"You need to contain her now!" Troy's voice roared throughout the room, his tone aimed at my mother. She whirled around to face him, her eyes narrowed.

"It is just like men to dive into something they know nothing about. Contain her? My daughter is wielding raw energy, one of the purest sources of magic. You are lucky she is strong enough to keep it at bay in this form." She looked around. "The Royal Family needs to leave. Take the girls with you as well, you'll want them alive for your quest." My mother sneered the word as she turned her focus back to me. Troy stood in shock, but nonetheless he removed his family and the girls from the battle room. The only ones that remained were myself, Nikoli, Asani, and my mother.

"I can't focus on anything." I pleaded desperately as I felt the source only gaining from my disheveled state.

"Nasya. This is raw energy. It derives from your soul, embodies the emotions you feel. I know not of what that boy did to have caused you this much pain and rage, but for the sake of this Kingdom, let it go." Tears spilled out my eyes as I took in her words. "He is a man. Nothing more." Her own tears shined out at me. "He is just like his father. The same one who has violated my daughter in every human way possible. You will not give in to this family any longer." I closed my eyes at the fear and hurt in her voice. My heart heavy from the grief she has went through. "Valsya!" My mother yelled out.

I opened my eyes and could barely contain my yell of pain that once again went through my chest. The source struck out once more, many fire like strands connecting, meeting the walls of the castle before returning.

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