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An anger that I have never felt before, even when I found Alxander with another women, crawled its way into veins, burning within me from the inside out. My eyes holding his with an intensity that my lids felt heavy. He brought her here to his home, the home that housed her children. Her children who are slaves, both at every beck and call. One sees war and the other is violated. I hadn't realized I was shaking in anger until Nikoli laid a hand upon my wrist.

"Breathe little sister. Breathe. He won't harm her."

"How can you be so calm?" I whispered fiercely. I was trying to keep my emotions clear but I felt my power stirring in me. It was frightening.

"Like he said. They are the best." He looked to me. "He needs her."

"Come Nasya." Troy voice rang through the room. Every eye; Alxander, the advisors, my Queen, was on me as I looked to him, staring at him. His head tilted in annoyance. "Now." I noticed myself making my way to him but I felt numb. Beyond feeling as he pulled me into his side, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck. I stiffened as he let out a laugh. "I thought you would be more excited to see your kin Nasya." I let out a strangled breath followed by a burning sensation that went through my chest.

"What is it that you need?" I spoke hastily, clenching my teeth.

"Find there specialty and find out what we can use them for, if not then they can go."

"The ones you want?"

"They will be given a deadline to have what we need for this battle."

"Everyone goes home."

"Yes, as soon as they are given their orders." I nodded, mostly to myself. This meant my mother did not have to stay here, in this mad castle, and witness the horrors of it.

I walked forward looking at all the faces. Some barely young enough to have had a first kiss. Others were women, women who have already seen the power of men. Six stood among me and I had a feeling we would need each and every one of them.

"Alum mala." I stepped to the first girl in my sight, greeting her in our natural tongue. She nodded timidly, her eyes searching the room. I gave her a gentle smile. "I can assure you that there is no need to be afraid. He will not hurt you or your family." I looked to my King at my last words. He nodded, as if to say that my words were true.

"What do you want?" She asked softly.

"What is your name?"

"Liya." I nodded.

"Some men have gone missing, their Prince as well. It is a force I cannot See yet." Her eyes widened.

"You're a Seer?" She asked, her voice laced with excitement.

"Yes. I am." I reached for her hands. "I am need of some help. As well as the King who's castle this is. Tell me your specialty."

"Casting." I smiled. Casting was a widely known specialty to hone, some witches stand at different levels all over the Land. If she is as advanced as the witch I encountered during the battle, then she will be of great use.

"May I?" I flittered my fingers as a sign that I wanted to see.

"Yes." I placed my fingers upon her face. This wasn't seeing through another, this was simply seeing.

She was advanced which was of great necessity for us. But I feared that Troy would want to bring her along. It would make sense, but if I didn't know what we were heading into, I would not want to add any more bodies for this journey. I gave her a smile before turning to the next girl. And this went on.

A girl the age of fifteen, Arabella, was a necromancer. Very few specialized in this, it took a great amount of control. It was the barrier between life and death of course. Some deemed this certain specialty to be the source of black magic or as many call it, Maleficium. A dark sorcery since a witches' magic is deem for nature and the living.

Cleo, a mid-aged women had the connection with the elements. One that surpassed any witches natural talent with it. Another woman, Nala, could mimic anyone or anything. A girl by the name of Neema could make portals. A beautiful gift, to be able to blur the lines of time.

There was one that struck me. She was a tall girl, her skin a beautiful shade of brown. Her name was Asani and she was a Seer. Like me, she had yet to meet another Seer. We stood transfixed in each other as a ring of power enveloped us as sisters. She saw intention. Which was very different than what I saw. I only saw what my King wanted me to see, it was my surroundings. To See how it was occurring. She knew what they were thinking, what they wanted. She would See something far before I.

Finally I stood in front of my mother. Her eyes softened as she looked at me. I looked to Nikoli who was being restrained. He smiled and I felt my heart sink. He hadn't felt his mother's warmth in a few months' time. My mother specialized in potion making, the best in all the Land. I knew very little of potions, it had no interest to me when I was young and had not yet Seen anything. I was pulled into casting much to her dismay. So she taught me what she could but I always loved the power I felt when I made an incantation. But I was mediocre at best.

"I must say Ravena, you and Nox outdid yourself with these offspring." At the sound of my father's name coming out of Troy's mouth my anger flared once more. He moved laxly towards us until he stood to the side of us. His finger trailing down the side of my face as he turned around and moved behind my mother.

"Your daughter is a real beauty. Perhaps a little shy." I was shaking now, in rage. My breath coming out in a fast ragged rhythm. He then grabbed her head and pulled back. My mother letting out a groan. "Does she get that from you?"

"Troy." I heard the stern voice of the Queen, but was not paying attention.

A searing pain erupted into my chest and traveled to my womb then flowing down to my arms. An energy unlike any other, one that manifested as the spirit within me took form and showed itself. My mother's eyes widened her looked upon the ball of energy that hovered between us, growing as I let my anger take control.

"What sorcery is this?" The King yelled out as his men formed a battle line in front of him, swords ready. My eyes stayed focused on my King as he cowered behind his men. The energy swirled around like fire, contained but relentless to be freed.

"Unbind me now." My mother spoke.

"No." Troy bit out.

"It is your castle and the people within it that will burn then." Troy narrowed his eyes as he nodded. Nikoli appeared and unshackled her. "I need her unbind as well." She spoke to the Knights, referring to one of the shackled girls. She now stood in front of me. "Nasya. Look at me sweet girl. Listen to my voice." I trembled now, my energy taking over every essence of my body. "Vaslya." See me. "Vaslya." See me.

She came into my eyes blurred and dark. Then clear as the sky sees. I looked around frantically and then my eyes came in sight of the round source in front of me.

"Mother." I looked to her afraid. What have I done?

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