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"Nasya!" The King's voice ran throughout the castle. It has been a week since I last saw him. He was too busy to notice with all the battle plans he had been making. I walked to the door down the hall knowing he'd be there. I opened it without addressing myself.

"How many times do I have to make myself clear? You are to be addressed when entering." Troy sighed angrily from his desk.

"You called I answered. Surely you weren't expecting someone other than me." My tongue sharp. His eyes narrowed. He stood slowly and made his way towards me. I stayed still. Not showing my fear.

"That mouth of yours seems to have become quite a habit." His voice sounded on edge.

"What is it that you want?"

"I'm bored." He stood directly in front of me now, his eyes scanning over my body.

"Perhaps you should go outside and enjoy a game." His pushed me roughly into the wall. I winced.

"Why go outside, when I can have so much more fun in here. With you." I shuddered as he began to untie the corset I wore under my robes. I looked at him hard, and pushed his hands away.

"This is neither the time nor place for that." I knew I was pushing well beyond my boundaries, but I didn't want to deal with his games today. My powers were swirling within me, on edge. Bursting to release some energy. He glared at me before wrapping his hand around my throat.

"Just because you are a great asset to me both business and pleasure, doesn't give you the right to speak to me like I am your equal. You belong to me. And I can easily get rid of you...and your brother." My blood froze. "Exactly. You should be thankful that you can walk and talk around here, for most witches your age have a cage where they stay day in and day out." I stared at him. "And let us not forget that I even allow you to leave these walls in the first place. I know your mother has found her ways of visiting you, would be a disappointment if your visits soon dissipated. You are quite spoiled Mistress."

"Yes, my King." I croaked out. He looked at me before letting go. I ran my hand over my throat, bruises would surely be there tomorrow.

"Get out of my sight." I walked out fast, rounding the corner only to be pulled in through one of the doors.

"Nasya I've missed you." I turned around.

"Drago." I sneered.

"Don't say my name that way." He had a smirk on his face.

"I have no other way to say it." He was one of the King's guards, the biggest of them all. I may have been the King's Mistress, but his guards were like dogs. They saw me as a bone. The King tried his best to keep them at bay, but they have their ways...like now. Drago titled his head towards my neck.

"Haven't been listening I see." He cornered me into a wall.

"Neither have you. Or did the King not make himself clear the first time." He suddenly gripped my hips, hard.

"We all got the warning, Mistress. But you know as well as I that we don't care." His breath labored as he inhaled my scent. "I've missed you." I pushed against his chest.

"You disgust me." His eyes clouded with rage at my rejection. He placed his hand over my mouth but also caging my arms so I couldn't move, his other hand found their way down my leg and soon were under my skirts, his fingers fondling with my undergarments. I thrashed as my eyes started to water. This can't happen again. I let out a strangled cry as his hand was touching me bare flesh now.

"Shhh." He cooed as he placed a kiss upon my neck. I whimpered and breathed in deeply, slowly. Allowing power be released onto him. Slowly feeling the warmth of it escape my body and dive into his.

Suddenly he stopped. He had released me taking three steps back.

"What's the matter Drago?" I tilted my head. "You feel it, don't you. The blood in your veins sizzling, stopping." He made a choking noise. I straightened my garments and walked in front of him. "I can make it hotter if you'd like." His eyes widen in fear. I hastily walked to the door, I looked back to see Drago drop to the floor, convulsing. I made my way to my quarters.

I let out a breath of air. The guards didn't have women, there job required them to be alert and focused. The King would let them out once a month to handle their needs. But that was barely satisfactory. King O'Siren knew of what the guards did or tried to do, when he was vacant. If he was around to see it he would punish them, but most the time I was to fend for myself. There was only one time that they were successful. King O'Siren believes I lead these pack of hounds, he calls men, on. A curse I count towards my beauty.

I walked to the barn, never mind my room as it would only allow me time to think of what could have happened not moments ago. I walked around the back way, taking the shortcut through the stairs and down to the kitchens. I saw the maids and cooks and servants, walking about.

I went unnoticed in this castle. Nobody really took the time out of their day to really notice me. For that, I was slightly grateful. Most the people in this home only wanted something from me. I was about to exit through the door, when I noticed a girl my age, maybe younger crying and picking up shattered glass, before kneeling down to scrub the stained floor. She must have been new because I've never seen her before. I noticed a red mark on her cheek. It was the shape of a handprint. I sighed inwardly.

Most girls my age got picked to work in the castle. Sometimes it was a gift to them for they could send their earnings to their family who were less fortunate. Others had their daughters taken away as payment to the King. He only allowed the prettiest girls inside.

The maiden mothers were strict women. They have hardened themselves up since they have been here longer. Any mistakes would be on their head. They believe a little force is well deserved when a mistake is made. I've never seen anything terrible on someone's body besides a slap, but this girl was already traumatized as her hands shook.

I walked quietly in front of her. She froze and looked up with innocent eyes. Light brown looked back at me, they had a misty haze from her tears shed. She had rosy cheeks and thin lips, her hair was also a light brown and placed in a messy bun on the top of her head. She had dirt smudges on her hands.

I kneeled down and lightly touched the floor. As soon as my skin came into contact with the tile, the water stains disappeared. The girl gasped as she saw my power. She looked back up to me. Some strands had fallen into her face. She opened her mouth to say something.

The rumors were true in her eyes. I was a whore and a witch. As a Seer, my main power was in my sight. As a witch I held little to no power. Enough to keep the quards away and enough to change minor things. I wasn't good a potions either, that was my mother's specialty. If I were to face another cousin of mine, I'd fail miserably. If not to see beforehand.

I placed a hand to my lips silencing her. She bowed her head. I tucked the escaped hair behind her ear. I then lifted her chin so she met my eyes.

"Be strong." I gave a soft sad smile as I stood and continued to the door. My hand reached the doorknob, but froze when I felt someone's eyes on me.

I turned and looked across the hall and met Alxander's silver eyes. He stood in the sunlight, making him seem older. He wore a coat and linen pants, obviously having been out the other night. I stared at him. Not knowing what else to do. He suddenly took a step back into the shadows as he placed a finger over his lips.

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