New Reign

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I felt as if my body was being pulled in every direction. I burned, my blood it burned, so hot that I might have fainted if not for the voice that appeared out of nowhere.

You should not be here! It screamed out. So loud and raw that I screamed in pain. You all should not be here! I heard other screams and looked around me to see that the girls had also been entered by the entity. Men still fought restlessly around us, blocking us from harm.

Why have you come here! I winced violently, dropping to the floor in pain. A grunt coming out of my throat.

"We have come to find our allies. They have disappeared." I choked out. The energy swirled within me, causing a pain in my middle that made it hard to speak. My chest falling up and down with great effort to try and breathe correctly.

Disappeared, no! Gone, yes! From this World and to another!

"We are the only World!" I heard Asani cry out.

Foolish girl! If it not for the power of your bodies, you would be dead like the men you foolishly brought with you! My hands dug into the Earth beneath me as every word spoken was like acid to my ears.

"What are you?" I whispered.

Leave NOW! All four of us screamed out in pain as ours heads felt like they were being squeezed. Then my body lifted itself up as the entity traveled out my body. I coughed harshly as I watch it enter another Knight, killing him instantly. I weakly looked to Neema who sat on all fours in tears trying to get her bearings.

"Neema!" My voice cracked as I yelled out to her. She looked to me and shook her head.

"I can't! I'm weak. I know not where to go." I didn't have time to assure her of anything. All I knew is that we needed to move.

"Make one." I said sternly. She let out a yelp before shooting an orb from her hand and a glowing violet spark expanding in the air. I stood shakily and pulled a Knight to the side, grabbing his sword in the process. "Get your men ad get them out." He nodded fast and started yelling for everyone to move out.

I moved and swung at the stoned enemy that appeared in front of me. I turned fast and ran a little ways before having to use the sword once more. I was glad I was allowed to wear something close to Knight attire. While still revealing, I could move how I needed. I stuck my sword in the entity's middle and swung up as it disintegrated in front of me.

I sucked in a shaky breath as the cloud swept straight through my body. Entering and exiting all in the same minute, causing my sense to be on fire and make me freeze in pain. I was sweaty with every stroke of the sword as the clouds kept entering me, like a game of torture.

I finally made my way into the portal before it closed. I fell into the arms of Alxander, looking up at him to see dust and blood cover him. His eyes searched me and widened as he saw my disheveled state of breathing. The concern in his eyes unsettled me so I quickly pulled myself away and found Asani.

Though I was stopped just shy of her as the King grabbed my arm and pulled me to him.

"What was that?" His voice thick and angry as he dug his fingers in my arm. I whimpered slightly before answering.

"I know not. It is a sorcery of its own."

"What is it after?"

"I-I." I had felt another energy pass through me, my speech failing me. This seemed to anger him more as he suddenly pushed me away from him, causing me to trip and fall to the ground. Silence then loomed around us as eyes had turned to us.

"So you know nothing!" I stood cautious of his actions. I looked over him to see Aryk step forward, his eyes narrowed. "Did you not See that demon!" His own anger sparked my own.

"Not everything can be Seen! You are daft to think I alone would lead all of you out of here. I told you that I knew not of what occupied this place!" He pushed me again against the wall of the cave. 

"We half lost a quarter of our men already!"

"If your eyes hadn't failed you out there my King, you might have noticed that I too almost suffered my own death!"

"What are you saying? That there is no way out?" A Knight yelled out.

"Not one I can See as of now." I was falling deeper into the trap I had created for myself and felt nothing of it. "Not one I could See ever." I saw Nikoli's head shoot up and give me an astounded look. Troy grabbed me forcefully once more, his grip like death to any small creature.

"My ears have seem to fail me now my Nasya." His eyes narrowed.

"I never saw a way around Damaris." Silence once more. Silence before a sting went across my cheek causing me to stumble away.

"I will slaughter you and your family!"

"You will do no such thing!" My eyes burned into him. "Did you honestly think that I would stand by and let you slaughter families because they would not grant you access to a place they consider scared?"

"That isn't your place!" Alxander suddenly spoke out.

"I have the very right of one!" I screamed back to him. His eyes blazing as he looked ready to strike me as his father. Knights surrounded us, ready to protect me as they saw that I was their only way out of this cave. "I would spare the lives of those men all over again if it meant saving the lives of that Kingdom."

"They stood in the way of an enemy unknown! As you so very well said was powerful." The King spoke out, trying to control his anger. "Theirs lives would have made a difference, if it meant uncovering the secret behind their castle."

"Your retched life is no more precious than theirs!" He lunged for me but men stopped him.

"Have you gone mad?" My brother pushed his way to the front. "Your morals may be heartfelt, but you have brought us to our deaths."

"No. I brought you all on a different journey. One that asked of you to kill an actual enemy."

"You have lost the sanity of a Seer." Alxander spoke once more taking a step forward but was pushed back by a barrier.

"Take one more step and I will burn you where you stand." The words came from Asani herself as Liya stood next to me now with her hand raised with her spell.

"We are your only chance of leaving here alive my King. I may not have Seen a way out but we will FIND one. This journey is now under our reign."

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