My Nasya

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Everything hurt. The pain in my limbs was almost too much to bear. My insides felt ripped apart like an open wound that I was afraid wouldn't ever heal. My chains ripped into my flesh making them red and raw. I was still naked, my skin now sunken in and covered in various colors of bruising. Handprints scattered over my body, some even reaching towards my jaw. I stared at my feet as I felt weak. No food was given to me in here.

I heard the sound of the door unlocking and flinched as I made myself smaller. Drago was not the only one to have his fun. Other Knights were brought in here. Some were rough and some treated me like I enjoyed their touch, like I was there lover asking for more. At some point, I had stop letting my tears fall and stopped the cries from my core. They got excited by my fear, so I stopped expressing it.

Footsteps. They had come in and were walking towards me. I pushed myself into the wall wanting it to swallow me whole. Because if this were to happen again, I don't think I would be able to survive it. I was tired, I was breaking, breaking because I was now letting it happen just to reach the third day. I lost time in here. I held my body as they crouched in front of me, closing my eyes tight as I didn't want to see anymore faces.

"Nasya." That voice, Aryk. My eyes opened to his face. His deep brown eyes that held my own as he didn't dare move focus. But they were hardened, fighting to inspect me for himself. His body gave off a heat that reached my soul, I wanted nothing more than to fall into him.

"What...Why..." I couldn't even get out my words. My voice bruised and scratched from days worth of screaming.

"It is the third day." Silence. The weight of his words filling the room.

"I can leave?" It came out as a whisper.

"Yes my Lady. You can leave." Those words brought a small smile to face, he still insisted this. Standing, he gently removed my chains yet I hissed in pain as the wounds were fresh. Aryk removed his coat and placed it over my body, then kneeled once more. "May I hold you?" I let out a deep breath at his voice. Hold, not just to carry me out of my hell. I nodded and he slowly wrapped his arms around me and lifted me in the air. I couldn't stop the whimper that escaped.

His energy seeped into me, making me feel warm and safe. I listened to the steady rhythm of his heart and buried my face in his chest. Aryk held on tighter. Through my lowered eyes I saw the sun that was crashing through the glass of the castle. I also saw my brother staring at me with widened eyes before he looked to Aryk.

"Follow me." I closed my eyes as we walked throughout the castle. At the sound of a door I finally opened my eyes to see Herra, Julssa, Lydia, and my Queen.

"Lay her down here." My body was placed on a cot and I felt the cloth as if it was a cloud and I could shut my eyes forever. I heard murmurs all around me, but the only concept I was able to make out was the feel of Aryk's hand in mine. I had yet to release him; I was clinging, squeezing onto him for I was afraid he would disappear and I'd never feel his safe grip ever again. He squeezed back with just as much force.

"Nasya." The Queen's voice broke me out of my haze. "Nasya we need you to stay awake." Awake, I had been awake for three days, scared to close my eyes. I broke down in tears as I shook my head.

"No. Please no." My voice that of a young child. I didn't want to see the light of the next day, I wanted my eyes closed. I heard the sound of someone move beside me and felt Lydia's hands wrap around my shoulders and she gently lifted me to sit.

"I know. Such a strong girl. I know." From the way she spoke with a thick voice, I had no doubt that she did know. She took my face in her hands and looked over my face. Her eyes catching my dark and broken orbs, catching sight of my lips, swollen from when the men had succeeded in placing their lips on mine and having a laugh when I cried out as they bit down. Her eyes following down to my neck, where large handprints were sure to be seen.

The smell of Marsilea leaves filled the room. The leaves that every supernatural being had grown up with in their homes, the tonic to clear the mind, stop insanity; for cleansing, healing. I saw oils being set up around me as they repeated the process of when they had first offered their help. Herra and Julssa had placed the cloths all over my body, as they did this Lydia cleaned all the blood that stained my body. Nikoli stood frozen at the sight of me.

"She told you not to go." We all turned at the sound of Zarina's voice. Her small form standing in the door with her night gown bunched in her hands as it was too long for her. "Was it not you that said there are worse things than Death?" Her eyes burned into mine, her black coal eyes waiting for an answer I did not want to give. "Do you wish for it now?" Tears released once more. This small child asking questions far beyond her years, yet they held so much truth.

Julssa rushed to her side and walked her back to her sister. I sat staring at her empty presence. Should I have not saved Damaris, if it meant that this was my fate? Was I being selfish? Yes, indeed I was, but her words haunted me because I did wish for my death.

All too long they finished caring for me and I was allowed to be left in my fragile state, but this was the last thing I wanted. Because when I closed my eyes all I felt was pain. The memory of it all engulfing me in a nightmare. I stayed in it for what felt like days, just images replaying like a scene of visions. Days in reality were mere hours as I awoke to the presence of someone in my quarters.

Fear poured into my chest. Their footsteps crept closer until I felt them sit beside me. Then a wisp of their fingertips as they brushed my hair from my face, to my neck, then to the curve of my breast.

"Ever since we were but children, I have always wanted you." Alxander. "And I have always remembered despising you, for what you were. What gave you the right to hone the power to see life before it has even started?" He paused. I couldn't see his face, it was too dark. "When you were first brought here I thought you were to be my bride, but then my father had told me of your purpose and I was shocked. You were this innocent child with a face of magic. And then you grew up with me and I knew of your infatuation with me." He chuckled. "I wanted to see how far you would go to try and win my affection...but then you didn't. You just continued living here. And then when your first real Sight became his. I had lost you. And I didn't know how to get you back." He pulled himself up and walked away but his voice continued. "I watched you with him and I saw my own father's intent far before he even realized what he was bound to do. My mother saw it to, she is more perceptive than one thinks. I watched his looks, his touch upon you, the power he held over you and...I wanted it. I wanted that power over a being, even if you aren't fully human. So I left. I left to learn how to please a women, how to be manipulative so that when I came back I would have you in my grasp once more. I would have your desires, your wishes. I eventually came back early as my coronation is upon me and I have to learn to rule as well. But the only interest I have in ruling, is you." His hands cradled my leg as he traveled up. "Unfortunately when I returned you had learned that you were valuable and took full advantage, starting with that pretty little mouth of yours." His finger lightly traced my lips and I fought the deep pit of fear that wanted me to move a muscle on instinct. "That is no worry because I am sure you have learned your lesson. Unlike the witch before you, you will be passed down to me and in a months' time you will be at my every beck and call." I felt his face above mine, the skin of his face rubbing against mine as he put his lips to my ear. "You are the most powerful being in this Land and yet you were destined to belong to me. My Nasya."

With that his presence disappeared and I heard the lock of the door. I stared up at the top of my cot and squirmed as I felt his words wash over me. I felt the immense pressure in the pit of my stomach, one that I was starting to get familiar with. I was sweating profusely but I was too weak to move. Tears blanketed my eyes as I let out a scream so deep and strong that my energy released with it, causing it to manifest and stretch outwards that the glass shattered ad the wind gusted inside, chilling me to the core.

My Nasya.

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