Scattered Powers

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"They are gone." Nikoli said. I turned suddenly, my face a mask of shock. "The welts. They have vanished." I placed my hand along the lower part of my back where smooth skin met.

The new day had met me this morning with hopes of answers. After Drago was finished with his torment upon Aryk and I, we went our separate paths. Doren and Chael took to Aryk almost immediately untying him from his post. Nikoli had carried me to my quarters where I laid all night in fright and thought. Aryk was the King's son. I was bound to him, making him of worth to me, of my heart.

"I suppose they are." I walked to the armorer and grabbed robes for the day's gathering. The girls were to be put to question this day. The answers I wanted were mere doors away from me. My brash will to so easily give the girls up to my King had me worrisome. Future or not, they were still her sisters. Sisters that shared a blood ancestry.

"You are different." Leaving my thoughts I turned to my brother.


"I understand there are some things you don't tell me. But the secrets that have been bled these past days should not have been as startling as they were."

"I did not want to worry you. I didn't want to tell you things I was uncertain of myself."

"And the ones of me? When were you going to tell me?" My eyes widened at this realization.

"Who told you?"

"Does it matter?" His voice grew louder with anger. "It should have come from my sister." I hadn't realized how hurt he was, how I thought I was protecting him.

"I-I" I was at a loss of words. He looked away from me and sighed. "It was Asani. She spoke with you before she left." Silence. "How would you have told me of my own death...if you had saw it?" Nikoli let out a laugh, one that did not reach his heart.

"I know not." With that he took a seat on the cot and laid his head in his hands. I moved and knelt before him.

"I was scared." Nikoli looked down at me, listening. "You are the only solace I have in this castle. My Sight comes from the King and his needs. These came from an unknown power. Two have already come to pass and I fear the others shall to." Tears let down my cheeks. "Was it so wrong of me to protect you just this once as you have tried all these years."

Nikoli gathered me in his arms as I cried softly. He was my brother. My family, the thought of losing him in this World or any other was far too much to bear. He let me go and wiped my tears away as he had done many times.

"If I were to die this day or the next, I would leave this World proud. Happy to know that our mother and father are safe beyond this castle. That I have lived a life worthy of the breath I take." He grabbed my shoulders gently. "To know that my sister held the World in her eyes." He laid a kiss upon my head. "You may stall it or change the time but every life is not set in stone." I thought over his words in a solemn light. He was right. Death had always found a way. He would be no different.

"Yes I will not stop trying to change it or stall it."

"I don't doubt this for a second. Now put on your robes, we need to go." Nikoli waited outside as I dressed. My heart a little light after revealing my thoughts. It still rattled me like any other vision, even more now that I haven't seen his death, or a fire, or a child these last days. It made me wonder what was coming. Nikoli and I walked the halls until we came upon the throne room. All the while he had taken to question me about Aryk.

"He is the King's son as well." I nodded.

"His mother was the witch before me."

"She found you." I nodded once more. A Seer or Witches servitude was only completed when they had found the next generation to take their place.

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