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I laid still, letting my body relax from my own outburst. My eyes glued to the roof above me as I waited for the panic that would arise just outside my door. Though instead of panic, I heard the soft patter of feet. Steps that were too calm for my own liking. The door opened slowly and the steps grew closer. In an instance Zamora and Zarina stood looking down at me.

"She is growing." Zarina spoke.

"But she is not ready." This was Zamora. My eyes moved to look to her face, her young face that was worrisome.

"We weren't ready."

"We are different." Zamora spoke with finality to her sister. Zarina stared at her sister before placing her hand against my head.

"She is burning."

"I know Zarina. Can you do anything?" Zarina shook her head.

"No I cannot. Only she can." I let in a breath.

"They are coming, with him. We need to go, we can't be here."

"Zamora she needs to release it." This was Zarina that now spoke with finality.

"She already has. The next step needs no releasing. It needs Seeing."

Not a second later many bodies filled my quarters at once. Servants gasped in horror, men yelled orders to retrieve any royal member; I heard the sharp tone of glass being stepped upon as I still lay perfectly still.

"Get her up!" A Knight yelled out. "And get those girls out of here." I felt hands grab from under me and lift me off my bedding. My mind blank as I saw colors rush across my eyes. They held onto me tight as we seemed to travel into the hall where they then handed me off to Julssa and Herra.

"Miss. Miss! Are you well?" I had been placed in a chair against the wall as they tried to get me to speak. But the only thing that was happening to me was the fire inside my body and not one that would cause everything to shatter. No, it was more of a slow burn; one that sat in my mind. "Miss?" Herra placed her hand upon my face and that's when it happened.

Her past became my past I saw her life flash before my eyes. Her life before the castle, the advances from men only to be saved each time, the fear when the King took her from her home. I thrashed away from her as it caused me pain. I stood suddenly only to stumble and have my skin come in contact with the walls. The very walls of this castle that held so many tales.

I saw a servant girl and man make love upon the walls, the screams of arguments from the other side, the horror on young girls' faces as they were preyed upon. I wretched myself from the wall only to collide into a Knight. I let out a scream as I felt the pain of him of being lashed as a child and his lust for killing as he grew older.

"Release her!" It was a man that yelled this out as the Knight before me tried to keep my struggles at bay.

I scrambled away and fell to the floor, but I still did not escape. I grabbed my head as images flew fast before my eyes. And one was of me, when I was of just awakening. He threw me down, the pain of when I crashed to the floor, the horror that I never saw his face. Tears fell from my eyes as a fire burned in my mind.

"Find me something untouched!" I knew him, I knew him, but I could not match his voice. I felt everyone scramble away from me as I let out another scream. My eyes shut closed as I rocked on the floor. My skin was still coming in contact with everything but there was very little I could do about it.

"Nasya." I flinched at my name but didn't dare open my eyes. "It is alright. Just follow my voice." He was asking for trust. I wasn't sure I could give it in my state. "Follow my voice." He spoke softer now and I could follow it. It was pulling me. And I knew the more I sat here the more pain I would be in. I crawled to him placing my hands flat on the ground that causing an array of emotions. I knew that if I opened eyes the visions would become more vivid.

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