Her King

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***So I've decided to just start :). Updates will be kind of slow but it'll be worth it I promise!***


        I looked in the mirror with distaste as I did everyday. I had scrubbed my body this morning until my skin was raw. I did that every morning after the King's needs. Sometimes I still felt his presence on me, hovering over me. It didn't make a difference; I was his. He made that clear since the day I had stepped foot in this castle at the age of seven. That was twelve years ago and I've only ever been out the castle at least once every three months. 

I glanced down at my attire for this evening. It was one of my favorites, since it required me to show less skin than usual. Queen Dasnya was to attend dinner this evening. So the King always had me dress a little more formal, out of respect...after all she is still his wife. They lived on opposite sides of the castle though the rest of the Kingdom didn't know. To the Kingdom she was Queen O'Siren, but in the castle she had made everyone call her by her maiden name. I didn't disagree with her choice. Her maiden name was much nicer. 

I heard the door open and in walked King O'Siren. He was very polished for a man in his late 40s, though most women suggested he was younger. He wore his white robes with his royal sash going around his shoulders. He stood tall at 6'4 with a nice head of midnight hair and blue eyes, eyes that showed disappointment as he walked over to me. He let out a sigh. 

"I do wish she would have come at a better time. My wife can be so unpredictable." He traced his fingers over my collarbone. The dress I wore had long sleeves, but my entire back was left bare. The dress was a gold color. The servants had come in earlier to do my hair in many layers and pinned it so my brown hair cascaded on one side, adding little white flowers. They added a rusty gold dust on my eyelids and my hazel eyes came to life. 

"I need you to be on your best behavior, Nasya. I wouldn't want a repeat of the last time my wife was here." She had got fed up with her husbands looks towards me and threw a knife at me head on. I would have saw it coming, if it hadn't been a spur of the moment decision. 

"No, we wouldn't want that now would we." He gave a smile as he leaned in to kiss me. At the last minute I turned my head. "Although it was more your mistake than mine, my King. I suggest you keep any contact with me to a minimum tonight. Out of respect for your wife." I leaned back and looked at him. His eyes flashed with anger, but he forced a smile anyway.  

"Yes, I suppose I should." He then grabbed my head forcefully and pulled my face to his. He kissed me roughly and I struggled to detach myself from him. He finally let go and I stumbled back. He laughed as he wiped his lips. "That should hold off until later on." He winked at me before heading back out. "Be down a quarter to six. You know how my wife loves to be on time...also she has brought a guest with her." His laughter echoed down the hall he disappeared in.  

I walked to the windows and leaned on it for strength. I breathed in deeply and tried to clear my head. My hands clenched in anger. I was stuck in this house with no way out. When I had first arrived here I was only his adviser, nothing more. It was only three years ago that he'd begun to demand more.

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