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I waited at the end of the stairs for a Knight to escort me to Ana. I had stayed with the Queen for a whole night before retrieving back to my room. I had yet to see Alxander and the King. And I feared both.

"Mistress, this way." I looked to see Mitus waiting on me as I hadn't notice him while in my thoughts. Of all the Knights, Mitus was the most civil when it came his attitude towards her. I nodded as he walked me to the stables. There I saw the King's Guards as well as the royal family. The Queen smiled at me as she mounted her horse. Alxander had yet to look at me and I didn't know how to feel about that.

Troy walked to me and lifted my chin to him. I held strong waiting for him to speak

"You shall make me proud this night Nasya." He trailed his hand over my lips until his thumb was placed on the middle of my throat. He pressed gently but firmly. "It would be tragic to punish you once more." With that he left and I stood struggling to breathe normally.

"Nasya." I turned to see Alxander looking at me. "We are to leave soon." I nodded and headed to Ana and was surprised that Alxander had helped me mount her himself. I wore a skinned dress that held no sleeves. The top was cut so it was a diamond shape that showed the tops of my breast. The dress only went to about halfway through my thighs so as I straddled the horse it rose and Alxander hand brushed close to my bottom as he helped me up. I sucked in a breath but continued to look straight ahead.

Troy O'Siren then appeared in front us all. "The Knights have already set up our camp. We leave now." With that he turned and rode out the stable.

"Run Ana." I whispered to my mare and we were off to the battle grounds.

Hey guys!!! Been a little busy, Finals are arriving!!!! Some delays in the stories but I'm trying to get back on track. This is just a really short tease/filler for what is to come for Nasya :) Don't forget to comment, vote, follow or anything your reading hearts desire

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