By Force

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The young Witch had taken my Sight. Only temporarily, just long enough for this battle to end I suppose. My Sight could never be taken from me, it belonged to me, in me. "They have a Witch. She's strong. She's blocking me somehow." Nikoli helped me stand as Julssa wiped my red-stained face. I thought back to the girl, my sister. We were all sisters in this World. No matter Witch, Seer, Warlock or any other magical creature that had yet to be found. We were all condemned to the fate of servitude.

"Get it back." Troy barked out. I flared with anger.

"It's impossible." I bit out. Alxander had seemed to come closer to me, almost ready to catch me if I fell. "You should know by now that I hold no power to any Witch in this World."

"Then you will See within another." I sucked in a breath.

"I can't." To see within another was a skill I had yet to master. Only some Seers in a lifetime acquire the skill. I had dabbled in it when I was little and hardly since I'd been with the King. I had only ever seen through Nikoli's eyes. "You have put me in an environment where death bleeds every corner. To See now would be damaging."

"You will do this Nasya." The King took a step towards me. Nikoli moved with him.

"I will not. I do not hone that kind of power." Troy twitched in anger and what he did next made my heart stop.

The King swung his sword out and his blade cut right across my brother's chest, breaking skin. I screamed in horror as my brother fell to the ground with a groan. His chest bled, not heavily, but steady. I took a step towards him, but the King had raised his sword to my chest.

"Are you mad?" The Queen yelled. "He is your guard!"

"Just a flesh wound my dear. I wouldn't permanently damage my own guard but I had to make a certain point to our little Nasya here." My chest rose and fell.

"You are despicable." I let out.

"You will See through another this night or it shall be his last. Your choice Nasya. I know you have dived into the Dark Arts before." I cringed as he named its true origin. While seeing through another wasn't forbidden in the world of Magic, it wasn't condoned. It went against the nature of humanity and the power one had of their own mind. Our minds were considered sacred.

"You are a fool!" I yelled as I pressed myself up against the tip of his blade. "Even if I have, it's been years since I've seen through another's eyes. The only person I've tried it with is Nikoli and you have wounded him. He was the perfect vessel since we share blood." There was a light in his eye then.

"Well then. Shall we see how he fares against Hypire's forces?"

"You can't do that!" I yelled frantically as he had already called in guards to gather my brother.

"I can and I will. You spoke the words yourself my dear Nasya. He is the perfect vessel."

"A pit of fire is where your resting place shall end." I sneered. The King raised his hand as if ready to strike me but a blade clashed with his own and the King stumbled back in shock. I stood, eyes widened, as Alxander had taken post in front of me. Defending me.

"You shall not lay a hand on her while we are in your presence." I looked to the Queen as she spoke the words with finality.

"What is the meaning of this?" Troy bit out.

"Since I'm the only logical one in here, I will speak. You will not kill her or Nikoli. He is your personal guard, the best and for you to injure him so quickly was intolerable on your part. You shall not kill Nasya either. You need her." The Queen looked directly at her husband as she spoke her words. She was fearless.

"Then what do you suggest my Queen?" Troy asked darkly, his eyes burning with anger. He couldn't touch the Queen. But it was Alxander who spoke next.

"You will take your guard to get treated since he is bleeding over the Sands of Lyshire. And you do not enter this tent again. Nasya will See again, but you will not witness. We will have the servant be messenger for what will come to pass in here, but you shall not witness." I stared at Alxander.

"Get him up." The King spoke as he stormed out the tent. Knight's picked up my brother as his feet dragged along the Sands. Tears blanketed my eyes. I almost got my brother killed.

"I wasn't lying my Queen. I've only seen through my brother. And I have not ventured down this path since I was 12." I spoke voice thick.

"You will learn then. Because after this night Nasya I will not know what is to become of you if we do not win this battle."

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