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You must see it again my Nasya. Death.

His head left the rest of his body. His blood seeping into the sands beside him. Another Knight on the left. A clean break in his skin where the sword pierced his chest, right through him. A Knight to the right held his eyes open as his throat lay bare for me to see. I stared upon the bodies that lay before me. The deaths that I witnessed and felt in the very core of my body.

I stood in a void, one that is in my mind. I can only hope my body was safe somewhere inside the castle. My heart pounded in my chest. I have never encountered something like this. Everything was dark around me and the bodies glowed brightly. I screamed as a pain entered my head once more.

It was happening again. Death. I experienced the three Kinghts death all over again. Each time worse than the last. I had Seen four deaths that day and this was to be the last. I gasped as I felt a searing pain burn my back. The sword cut deep and clean of this Knight. I stumbled in a cry as I felt another wield their sword into my back and another and another and another. Three blades stuck out as felt my body, his body go limp and unmoving.

I screamed in horror as I felt the use of his limbs disappear in a blink of an eye. His body appears as a flash of light alongside the others and I cry as look upon their faces.

"What is it that I will learn than from last?" I yell out. This feeling is one no man should ever bear unless it their time. These men were taken too early. My heart felt weary of what had just taken place. I wanted to lie with them and let my days pass of the servitude I lived day in and day out.

It was then the ground shook from underneath me. Trembles so violent I feared that I would fall deeper into this void than I already am. I looked forward to see the men shaking violently as wll. Soon a crack in the ground ruptured and I struggled to stay in place. What is this madness?

Sparks flew up from the bodies and then everything stopped. The sparks stopped in the air like fire. And soon the men rose into the air as shadows, but white. Beautiful auras they were surrounded in as they hovered over their own bodies.

I stared transfixed in their presence. The presence of souls. The most pure of any being. They came near me, floating, it was something out of a strange dream.

"You are Nasya." One spoke and I was surprised to find that it was a voice of a woman and not a man.

"I am." I looked at them all, taking in the power I felt around them. "Are you not the Knights who died?"

"No we are not. We have just occupied their bodies."

"A young Seer."

"I am of 19 years."

"Still fresh, yet..."

"Powerful." They all spoke at once, taking turns down the line.

"Why do you not seek your Sight little one?"

"I don't normally force my Sight. It comes to me."

"Yet you do not receive."

"Why is that?"

"Death." I whispered. "I have Seen death within them. Dark Arts."

"You are not broken."

"We can assure you this."

"Just because it is dark does not mean light cannot be brought forth."

"Nor does it mean that you shall be burden with it."

"Who are you?"

"The Seer of Souls." I took in a breath at their names. Seers alone don't get to witness this type of magic. Magic of the dead. They were the oldest of witches. When they all died, magic bound them together so they lived within the souls. They were pure beings of power. Holding the very life of all magic as a gift from above. Very few have witnessed them, more or less meet them.

"The block in your mind is one of your own."

"I was to see it again."


"To understand."

"To evolve."


"Your power grows every day. The more use that you have for it."

"The more it changes and adapts."

"Use it wisely Nasya."

"Learn to use your Sight."

"Your gift."

"To your advantage."

"Will I be able to See after this night?"

"That is up to you my Darling."


I gasped as my eyes opened and I looked upon the ceiling in my quarters.

"Nasya." Someone whispered. I looked to see Alxander sitting beside me. I took in a deep breath at the sight of him. His clothes were slightly wrinkled as if he kept tugging at them and his hair unkempt. Had he been here long?

"Wha-?" I whispered as I looked around confused. How did I get here?

"Mitus brought you in." I turned to him as I had sat up slowly. "He said you screamed in pain. That you screamed it was your head. And then you fainted." I blinked at a loss of words.

"This is not a dream."

"No. It is not." I nodded as I took to the side of my bed to stand.

"That is not wise. You should eat something before you try to stand." I looked at him confused.

"What are you doing here?" His face became blank almost instantly. "Why are you here?"

"Someone had to stay with you. You burned a fever for many minutes at a time." I frowned at him. Surely a servant could have done this, certainly not the Prince of Andorla.

"How long?"

"You have been sleep for hours Nasya. It is a new day." I turned my head to the windows. It was indeed fresh early morning. I felt a bed dip on the bed and realized that Alxander had sat down. His body close to mine.

"You frightened everyone."

"I'm sure you had better things to do than sit here with me My Prince."

"No. I didn't." My heart quickened at his words. "I thought you dead."

"I was." He let out a breath at my words now.

"Are you all right?"

"Why do you care?" I looked to him. His eyes hardened.

"Why must you question that I aided you out of kindness?" We stared at each other, testing. In truth, did not know why I was acting so hostile. He did care for me, but not the way I wanted. And his games of temptation were tiring as the weight of my love for him.

What happened next was out of my control and I did not see it as an option for any lifetime. As Alxander suddenly, swiftly, and sensually put his lips upon mine.

I admit that that was a really cruel cliffhanger :). My internet is working again. YES!!!

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