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I rushed into the girl's room with fury in my veins. Asani has been unconscious for two nights now. What we had seen together took a larger toll on her mind then I thought possible. Mitus stayed by her bedside vigorously, not leaving to eat or drink. I was beginning to wonder if he thought she would if he was not there. I opened the door with a new found dislike for the girls as I viewed them lounging about while my sisters of this world struggled to cope with the weight of magic and tyrants. The girls' trial was to be put on hold until the day after tomorrow. King O'Siren wanted all the Seers present and with Asani in dire need of attention, he thought it fit to wait.

"Asani has not woken since our last sight?"

"Our?" Zarina questioned.

"Yes, our. She was pulled into my vision. I know not of how, but she sleeps for two days now."

"She will be fine Nasya. You know very well that each Seer's sight is different, takes a different toll on others." Zamora explained as she played with stones in her hands. 

"I know the troubles of a Seer's sight what I do not know is why she is as affected as so."

"Was it not the present Nasya?" My mind stilled at her words. Zarina let out a short laugh as she walked over to my side.

"Your powers grow while others are stilled. How can you expect someone  of intent to understand the ways of the past. A different time other than her own. You see it all, she does not." Zarina spoke with a wise voice beyond her years as she twirled a tangle of my hair in her hands.

"Will she wake?"

"Yes, she will be fine Nasya." I breathed deeply feeling less than convinced but more than settled. "As to what you saw?"


"Ahh. Murders are always so much fun. So much fun, so much betrayal."

"What am I supposed to do with this information?"

"What do you think you should do?" Zamora paused with her stones long enough to look me in the eyes. A flare of anger rushed through m body. I was tired of their games.

"I don't have the slightest idea. I am but still a children in this World,. You have helped me to no end. How am I supposed to come forth with the knowledge that the King of the most promising lands only gained her crown at the demise of another. Not even a peasant but the Last King." 

"We can not walk you through the steps. It would be as if we just handed you the torch of many Seers before and after you. You have to want it! You have to see what the next steps are yourself. Trust in yourself!" My eyes widened as Zamora's outburst, for it may have been the first time I had ever heard her above a whisper. I could not help when my eyes started to wet. My head hung in desperation.

"I am scared. I am but a child, how am I supposed to lead anyone?"

"You already have." Zarina spoke softly. I looked to them both before exiting the doors.

I quickly found myself in the maids corridor, my steps carrying me until I found myself in front of Ana. My beautiful mare quickly came to aid as I brushed her in solace. My muscles and mind relaxing beyond compare. Slowly I realized that I was not alone as I turned to see Aryk leaning against the stables. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of him. My body automatically leaning towards him as he gave me the smallest of smirks.

"Did I frighten you?"

"No, just the opposite. " He nodded gently with his head before he walked to stand in front of me. My eyes watched as he gently petted Ana alongside me. 

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