Well Being

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I stared at my King in shock.

"The battle grounds My King." I repeated so he also heard the words he had just spoken.

"Yes Nasya. The battle grounds. You saw it take place near Castle Lodor did you not?" I nodded. "We make camp 5 miles northeast of the battle. You will be in no immediate danger."

"Immediate no. Danger yes. I've never been in such a harsh environment."

"Knights and guards will be surrounding us."

"I meant my Sight. I do not know if my mind can handle it." I said sternly.

"Then I suggest you start meditating. And Nasya I expect you here tonight. I've missed your touch." I stared at him as his attention was on the battle plans in front of him. "Now leave." I made a quick run to the door as left his quarters. My heart hammering in my chest. I made my way down the hall and to the kitchen. Herra stood wiping the windows. She jumped startled at my entrance.

I leaned against the table in horror. My breath fast as I took a seat with my head in my hands and tears letting down my cheeks.

"Nasya?" Herra asked as she walked closer to me, kneeling down to my face. "Miss."

"Herra could you make me some tea please?" I let out.

"Yes of course." She rushed to the kitchen putting the water over the fire pit.

"Do we have Marsilea leaves Herra?"

"Yes Miss would you like them?"

"Yes." I waited until a steaming cup sat in front of me. I stared at it, watching the liquid pool in circles and seeing the crushed leaves sink to the bottom.

"Nasya." Herra whispered. I then took the cup and let a small amount of tea slip down my throat. I looked to Herra as she sat next to me. "Are you all right?" I gave a sad smile.

"No. Not at all." Suddenly the door opened with fierce deterrence and my brother stood with his eyes searching wildly. When his eyes settled on mine a strong wind let out his chest. I stood fast and he wrapped his arms around me. I breathed him in, scared at the dilemma I had found myself in.

"I just heard. Are you all right?" I squeezed him in response. He stepped back and squeezed my hands. I saw that Herra had made her departure. "Why is he doing this? He's never needed you on grounds before."

"It has never been a battle such as this one." I whispered.


"I'm scared."

"I will be with you. As his guard I will be with you the whole time."

"Not in body Nikoli." His face strained at my words. The door opened once more and I hurriedly wiped my face of dried tears. Alxander walked in. He looked between my brother and I before settling his gaze on me.

"My Prince." Nikoli bowed before he stood straight.

"Leave us." Nikoli hesitated before leaving the room. "Sit with me Nasya." I squeezed my fist as I sat down by him.

"I just heard the news." I looked straight ahead. "Will you be able to See?" I turned to him, my face a mask.

"I do not know." He looked at me.

"Well then let's hope we survive." I glared at him.

"May I take leave My Prince?"

"You may." I made haste to my room where I sat in corner where no light touched and cried.

"Mother I desperately need you." I whispered.

I waited until the sun set before moving. I looked to the floor where I had sat drawing for hours. Landscapes of mountain, fires, and finally bloodshed. I looked to the settling of orange in the sky, hoping for comfort.

I sighed as I made my way to the King's quarters. Opening the door, I stood to the side waiting for him to speak.

"Please head to the washroom Nasya." I made my way over there and saw that the bath was already run. "Get in." I jumped startled at the King's voice. Nonetheless I disrobed slowly, hesitantly. I sat in the steaming water before feeling my King get in behind me. I tensed as he put his hand on my shoulders. I felt his pride against my back and swallowed down the bile that rose in my throat.

He grabbed a cloth and started to lather me with soap and when his hands disappeared under the water I tried hard to not squirm when he started to pet my most intimate part.

"Face me." I turned slowly before meeting lustful blue eyes. "Kiss me." I hesitated and he noticed.

"Is there a reason for this?"

"You've just informed me that I am to see death. Forgive me if I'm not in a very high mood." He hand came to my throat in a quick manner as he brought his lips to mine. Roughly he shoved his tongue in as I made a yelp and pushed back to the edge of the bath.

"I can see your future as of now Mistress." I cringed as his eyes turned angry. I was beginning to my future as well and it involved pain.

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