True Sight

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Knights came down the stairs moments later. They gathered the twins before grabbing ahold of me as well. I gave one last look to my mother, giving her a nod, before being walked out the cell. The walk to the throne room was a slow one. The twins were walking ahead of me and I stared at their figures, going over the conversation we had moments before the Knights came down.

"The new power you have recently discovered is volatile."

"What are you saying?" I looked to Zamora as Zarina's language from her World did not make sense in mine.

"The power in your womb can never truly be harnessed." Zamora spoke. "You possess something rare. Raw energy hasn't been used in ages, you must practice."

"Practice. Every time it has been released I destroyed everything."

"Not only with this, but you must See. See within these walls."

"The walls of the castle?"

"The memories held here will lead you to answers."

"Answers to what?"

"Your King hides a secret that the World must know. Find out what it is."

We had reached the throne room and I was once more in the presence of the royal family and witnesses. All eyes were on the twins as they were placed in the center of the room with their heads held high. Though their eyes were focused on me. The Knights walked me to my post beside the family where my brother was waiting. He looked beyond relieved when he laid eyes on me. Tears threatened my eyes as I saw that he was untouched.

"In this time there are more than three hundred beings being held in chains throughout this Land." Zarina's head looked sharp to the King. "And if you want to see them out, you will answer every question that is asked of you."

"Or we can slaughter every last one of them. Starting with Nasya." Queen Dasnya spoke as suddenly an arm wrapped around my body pulling me against back as I felt the cold tip of a blade against my neck. I let out a gasp in shock. Nikoli struggled once more with his fellow Knights as he tried to get to me. Zamora then looked to the King.

"You are messing with something you know nothing about."

"What I know is that you both have been avoiding the truth since you've stepped foot on my Land."

"Some truths are meant to remain a mystery." Zamora spoke once more, her eyes narrowing at the King. "You are meddling with time." A laugh let out of Alxander and my eyes wandered to him, careful to not move.

"Her life means nothing."

"Her life means everything." Zarina sneered.

"What do you want from her?" It was the King's turn to sneer his words.

"We never wanted anything." Zamora answered.

"Then this all goes back to the cave." The Queen leaned forward with her next question. "What are you protecting?" The girls answered with silence. I let in a deep breath as whoever held the dagger to my throat moved it closer. My eyes looked down at the hilt then back up, only to look into the eyes of Aryk. His stance tense as he locked his gaze on the Knight behind me. Doren stood near him, his hand on his shoulder, keeping Aryk at bay.

"Answer the question." Alxander bit out. Zarina looked to the family with a smirk on her face as Zamora stood with a blank expression.

"Seeing as how you are now in our care, then there is no one to protect its secret now is there?" I looked to the King who was silent as he listened to his Queen's words. He was there, saw that Nathoria was real, but no more than rubble.

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