Battle Plans

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I walked to the stables where the King's horses were. I walked to the beautiful black mare I saw eating sticks. I grabbed a brush and slowly brushed her mane. This always calmed me down. I had found her when I was nine. She had been much smaller then, but surprisingly the King let me keep her. I named her Ana.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind, a hand covering my mouth, another wrapping around my waist. I struggled feeling terrified that it was Drago coming for revenge. Ana thrashed in the stable.

"Remember what I taught you." The voice of my brother came from behind me. I breathed deeply, before kicking my foot under him, causing him to topple to the ground and me being released.

"Good." He chuckled, getting up. I glared at him. He stood at 6 feet and shared my hazel eyes. He was bald though, having chosen to cut his hair off. He was not in his uniformed attire for the royal guards. Instead he dressed in black pants, black boots and black silk sleeve. He still wore his sash which held his ribbons. One stating that he is a commanding officer.

"You know how I feel about you not warning me."

"None of these guards will ever warn you Nasya." Nikoli said strongly. I hurried over to Ana to calm her.

"There, there." I petted her softly. "Drago came to see me." I felt Nikoli tense behind me.

"What did you do?"                                         

"None of the things you taught me." He sighed.

"Nasya you can't depend on your power. It will fail you because you can't yet control the aspects of it."

"I've gotten better." I stated sternly.

"That makes no difference, when you lock up, so does your power. Mother taught you this." It was my turn to sigh.

My brother has been a guard here for almost my whole life. He was part of the draft when I was first born. He never came back. When I came here he was top of his class. He was 24 now. The draft was a camp that the King set up for potential guards. To be part of his Kings Guard. They start training at the age of 10, but take them away from home around 7 or 8.

Nikoli was one of the King's best. But that didn't stop him from threatening me. He'd take Nikoli away and I couldn't let that happen. We had already spent years apart.

I looked to him. "Well then I guess that means my time here will soon be at an ends."

Nikoli looked at me with sad eyes. "Nasya."

"You should head back to your post." I turned and put my efforts in brushing Ana's mane once more. I heard my brother's retreating footsteps behind me. "Do you see a future Ana?" She whinnied as I put my face to hers. "Good girl."


I sat in the drawing room of the castle trying to breathe deeply. It was the only place that I got some quiet to practice. I breathed some more, in and out. A shimmer came into my view, like a ripple. A man, no a warrior. Long hair. I sucked in a breath as my sight went to another scene. Fire surrounded a castle, screams among the servants inside. I gasped as I was sent to another area in my vision. A baby.

I opened my eyes in a hurry. I let out shaky breaths. I did this every day, just to see if I can see anything other than war but something for myself. I wished for subtle visions. But it's never happened.

The doors opened to my sanctum and I stood fast.

"Mistress, the King is in need of your presence." I nodded as I followed him to the King.

"Nasya. Get dressed we have a guest." I gritted my teeth as I was whisked away to my changing room. The maids dressed me in gold robes that opened on the sides to show my legs as my feet were bare.

I walked in to the King and Queen's battle room and placed my myself alongside the King, to his right. I was considered the King's Hand, amongst other things. Queen Dasyna sat to his left. A servant brought a table besides me that showed a map. I nodded to the King and Queen, signaling that I was ready.

The doors opened and in walked Prince Merida. I had only heard of him through whispers. He was stern, won every battle, and was to be married next summer.

"King O'Siren." He bowed. "My Queen." Another bow. The Prince turned to me and his eyes widened. "Is this your Seer?"

"She is." The King answered. I stared at the Prince in scrutiny.

"Forgive me, it's just that she is at your hand. I've never heard of such a thing."

"This is how we do things is Andorla. This is how we win wars." The Prince's jaw clenched. "Her name is Nasya." The Prince bowed.

"My apologies." In this room I had the respect of the King and Queen themselves. In this room I was more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

"What news do you have from Durin?" The Queen spoke.

"Hypire is moving quickly. They've stretched their allies to the far east."

"We are aware of this. Is there no news that you bring to me other than those I already know of?"

"Castle Kinnley is moving west to try and meet in the middle."

"What of your forces?" I had turned my attention to the map on my side. Stones placed upon it, marking castles and Kingdoms. I ran my hand over them, settling on Castle Kinnley.

The image blurred fast before coming to a still. They would meet Hypire in two days' time, but would not survive.

"They will never make it. You've sent them to their deaths Prince Merida." I spoke out, interrupting the quarrel they were having.

"It was Kinnley's decision."

"It was your reign that let them make such a foolish one." Queen Dasyna spoke.

"Two days' time is what life they have left." I turned to My King. "I suggest a hawk be sent, that way you can save what will be a massacre. Gather them for numbers." The King nodded.

"My forces are already moving south here. A group has seeded off to meet up at Kinnley's castle. Help their numbers." I stared at him, as my hand moved over the stones once more. Feeling the buzz of life coming from the map.

"What of Horas?"

"They have seeded west." I paused as I happened to land over Horas.

"You are lying." I spoke. The Prince went stiff as I calmly took my hand off the map.

"What is this you speak of?" The King asked.

"Horas has seeded east."

"No. I received a hawk this morning."

"Then he is deceiving both ends because he is headed to Nathoria."

"Nathoria?" The Queen questioned. I nodded. "No one has had contact with Nathoria for years."

"I want men of fifteen sent to meet him there." The King ordered a servant to deliver a message to his Knights.

"I must be going. I'm meeting Prince Loran at dusk." The King dismissed Prince Merida. The Prince stared at me for a second to long before leaving the room.

"Have a hawk sent." Queen Dasyna ordered a Knight.

I sat still waiting for my dismissal or orders to be given.

"You may go Nasya, I must speak alone with my Queen." I stood and bowed before exiting the room.

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