New People

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Heading into my quarters I slid to the floor. I made it to remind me of the one I had been taken from. The sun was blocked from the room by a thick drapery. In the middle drapes hung from the ceiling enclosing my bed and its surrounding. I went and changed into much softer and less revealing robes. I ventured to my window and looked about the Kingdom. The marketers roaming for a sale, the families walking around at ease.

I sat in the corner and drew of elements that had been in my visions. Trees, fire, a blurred man with long brown hair, and finally a child. None of them made sense nor did they have a connection with one another. Well, except for the flames. I could only assume it was because of the upcoming battle that was about a week away. The battle was for territory. I scoffed at the thought. That's all men cared about, property, what was theirs.

Hypire was a decent Kingdom. If it wasn't for the thirst of blood by their King. He'd been wanting to conquer Troy O'Siren's land for years. His hesitation starting because of my Sight. He was right to stall but foolish to continue his fight. In truth he did own this land for generations. His legacy suffocating the origins of this World. It wasn't until Jonah Sers claimed the land for his own personal gain and the fight for his previous land begun.

Andorla was the most promising of lands. This was no surprise to anyone. My King may be vile but I was no fool to his intellect. We've prospered for years and haven't shown any dissipation of that.

I looked up as the doors to my quarters opened. Servants walked in with towels and linens. One was the girl I had helped with the stained floor. Her eyes were glued to the ground.

"Mistress you're bath is ready." I nodded as I stood and headed towards the washroom.

I settled in the warm water and closed my eyes.

"Miss." I opened my eyes tentatively to see the young girl before me. "I will wash you now." I nodded and turned my back to her as she softly lathered my back with soap.

"Thank you." She whispered. My eyes widened at her words. "For the floor that day. You ran out before I could be grateful for that."

"I don't hear those words often sweet girl. You are very welcome." I could tell she wanted to say more, but hesitated. "Is there more?" I asked politely.

"So it's true? The whispers in town. You are a witch." I let out a laugh.

"Well I wouldn't say everything whispered in town is correct. Witches and I have different uses. I only See. And if I were to go against a witch, I will surely loose."

"I am sorry Miss, it wasn't my place to ask." She stayed silent as she finished covering me in soap. When she finished, I got out and she wrapped me in cloth.

"One thing you should understand now that you are here is that I am below you. I will never have the respect of a Lady. I am property. I accepted this the day he laid me down in his bed. You may serve me but that is because of your service to the King, not me." She stared at me as if I spoke a language she did not understand.

"You may be property but I saw a spirit within you when you helped me. That makes you have my respect Miss." She bowed before turning to leave.

"What is your name?"


"You have a lovely name." She smiled as she closed the door behind her.

The next day Alxander sat at the table for morning and I strained to keep my face blank of any surprise. I sat across from him with tense actions. Troy entered the room and sat at the head table.

"Ah Alxander. I was just speaking to your mother yesterday."

"Yes she has informed me." Alxander spoke to his father.

"So will you accompany me to the walls of this castle or will you dwell with your many ladies in waiting." My eyes snapped to Alxander's before swiftly going back to my food.

"I shall accompany you to the walls and to the visitors you have set up for this week Father." Troy's son answered irritated. Troy nodded and then turned his attention to me.

"Nasya meet me in my quarters after you've finished. We have much to discuss." I paled as he left the room. Alxander let out a laugh and I turned to him.

"Looks like we both don't have a say on the matter now do we Mistress." His eyes burned into mine.

"It would seem so." I stood fast, having lost my appetite, and went to the King's quarters.

I knocked on the door that loomed in front of me.

"You may enter." I walked in to see the King standing over battle plans and maps, many of them. "I'll won't drag this on Nasya, I have to get back to planning and you are a great distraction." I nodded, happy that he was telling me something rather than showing.

"What can I do for you My King?" I clasped my hands in front of me awaiting his answer.

"It's quite simple really. I need you to come to battle with me."

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