A King's Mistress

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I sat up gasping for air. It had been the third one this evening and it was starting to darken outside the castle walls.

My premonitions were coming rapidly. King O'Siren had strategized an attack on the Land of Hypire just last week. The outcomes I've been Seeing for the past couple days ranged to anything but good for Hypire. I felt the bed dip as King O'Siren leaned around me.

"What is the matter?" He lightly brushed my arm. I fought hard to not squirm away from his touch, it would only anger him.

"Your forces will be victorious, my King. They shall attack the next fortnight. Coming from the east, where the wind breathes strong."

"Excellent." His voice husky with lust. I shivered, knowing that I would have to please him tonight. He sat up and moved closer to me, so my back was to his chest. He moved my hair to one side as he kissed my bare neck. I tensed slightly, he must have noticed because he dug his fingers in my sides. I gasped.

"Let's not fight tonight my dear." I breathed deeply before turning to capture his lips with mine, giving in to his needs.

Author's Note: Hey guys! As you know this story has been a long time coming and I'm finally getting around to it. I thought I'd just give a little tease for now. I'm still in the works of this story and hopefully I'll start posting in the next couple weeks! Enjoy and hope you all started the new year off with a BANG.

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