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My eyes scanned the room with nerves that I could not settle. I had tossed and turned the rest of the night, Catalya's eyes haunting my dreams. The morning fared no better as the maids rushed to groom me for the meeting with the Kings of the Land. I remembered to let a mother know that Catalya needed some assistance. Now my eyes tracked every being in the room. Asani had awoken just before we gathered and I could not have been more grateful. She was tired, that I could tell. Her mind was still recovering from the intense experience. Mitus had to all but carry her here. The doors swung open and all Kings of this land were gathered in one room with Seers and witches alike.

My King sat at the head of the table, his eyes as watchful as my own. Asani belonged to no King so she sat with us. I counted twelve Seers and five witches amongst us. One could tell the difference just by watching them. Witches held different lives in the castle, expendable. They had a confidence that was just shy of ours. They were born more frequently than Seers, once a King grew tired of a witches service he could just release them to only gain another. That was their only solace, a short term sentence. They could roam free and do as they please. Because Seers were more valuable, we don't have a touch with the outside world. Usually kept hidden for some have tried and succeeded in kidnapping or killing us off. 

"Welcome. All Kingdoms not present are more than a weeks ride, they will receive hawks to transcript what occurs here today." King O'Siren spoke loud and with fierce determination to the other men in the room. "We are gathered here because a threat like no other has breached our World. These beings are evolving." All eye turned to us magic bearers. Some with disgust and others with uncertainty.

"What of the young being you have recently acquired?" My eyes found King Morac. He lived east of Andorla in Chessia. His beady eyes narrowed at the mention of the twins. The woman next to him was probably the oldest Seer of us all. Her long brown curls covered her chest to her waist. Her brown eyes held a wisdom I had hoped to achieve at some point in my life as a Seer.

"The girls are being held in the cells below this castle. Their trial is that of tomorrow where we will get our answers. I expect all Seers to attend with you, we need no surprises from these young."

"Their are two of them?" A King to my right asked. His Seer sat on his lap, her body cowering away from the men in the room. She had bruises along her arms, dark hand prints. I swallowed the lump in throat at the sight of her. For I had known all too well what she was going through; we all did.

"Yes. One is a witch and the other a Seer."

"Born at the same time. It's unheard of Troy." My eyes followed the voice of the King that Catalya belonged to. He had her chained to his wrist, like a lost puppy. I was glad to her back was mended and had stopped bleeding. Though her eyes looked around the room in wonder at the many sisters she had.

"I agree, but we will have answers. I want to know where they came from and why they are here. The young have played tricks since they have arrived and I have very little patience left." O'Siren's eyes casted over to me at his final words. The tension in room risen at his glare towards me.

"Which one is yours King O'Siren?" A short but stout man spoke from the back corner of the room. His eyes drinking I and Asani in as if we were his prey...and we were. To every man in this room. His Seer was probably the youngest in the room, she held onto the witch beside her tight. My eyes played tricks on me as I saw the resemblance of the two. They were indeed mother and daughter. He kept them both.

"Nasya." My head turned to the King at the sound of my name. "Come here." I got up and walked over to him and felt my chest rise high as he wrapped his arm around my waist. It has been most of weeks since he has laid a hand on me.

"The is my Seer. My right hand, she is the reason we are gathered here today." My eyes caught the attention of the oldest Seer. Her eyes hardening. 

"And the other?"

"Up for the taking." My head quickly looked to the King in horror. He couldn't give her to one of these men, he just couldn't.

"Is that so?" Another King; King Lyre, looked at Asani with a new level of hunger. I saw Asani try to make herself smaller, unseen.

"Well, not just yet. Nasya seems to have taken a liking to her." Troy's fingers trailed my chin all the way down to my chest. His finger hovering over the crevice of my breasts. "And besides, two Seers is far better than just one." I swallowed the bile that was trying to make its way out my mouth.

"A shame." My eyes hardened at Lyre's words. His witch sat next to him with a stone expression on her face. Her eyes just as vacant as Catalya's. Her wrist red and bleeding from the ropes attached to them. Her robes were black as night, a strong velvet that clung to her body all the same.  I felt a spark in my womb, one I was all too familiar with at this point in my own sorcery.  It was growing, like a slow death. One that did not need to occur at this point in time. 

"By all means after my son's coronation we can talk about Asani." I took a deep breath as my anger was building, all this talk of barter as if we were not standing right here.  I groaned silently as the pain sharpened.

"Ah fascinating. A new heir to the throne of Andorla. Perhaps she will give me a new heir." My eyes closed as I struggled to hold the pressure of my power. 

"Is there something wrong with your Seer O'Siren?" A King to my right questioned as I had now leaned onto the table. I felt Troy stand behind me.

"Perhaps a look into what holds tomorrow?"

"No, it is far from that." I looked up to a Seer next to the King of Orkya. Her face in awe, where as a sudden gasp went around the room. 

"Her eyes. What is she doing?" I didn't want to think of what I looked like as of now. I was scared. I was struggling to contain my power and my King sat back as if it was a joke. He knew the extent of what I could do. I sucked in a breath as the visions past before my eyes in a blur. Aryk, fire, a child, and Nikolas. 

"Nasya." Asani pulled me into her as I gasped for air. I leaned onto her, my body willing all her support. It was then a fear struck into my heart as my body had heated up in a flare. Asani gasped but still held on tight, willing me to stand. 

"You need to See, you are blocking it." My eyes searched for the voice that spoke. It was the witch who was the mother of the child Seer.

"It needs not Seeing, it needs releasing." I groaned in pain, my heart heavy ad my womb searing. 

Suddenly I look up and the witch is in front of me.

"Valyso." She brought her hands up to my face. One cupping my chin and the other palmed my forehead. I let out a gasp and soon a wretched scream tore through my throat as my Sight blinded me with pain and fire. My chest heaved fast as my eyes were surrounded with the colors of destruction. I felt arms grab hold of me, stilling me as I struggled.

"Nasya!" It was my brother, but my eyes. They were still clouded and then like a new day, my eyes formed a picture.

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