Unexpected Courtesy

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I sat in the dining hall waiting for everyone to be seated. I struggled to find a comfortable position as I was bruised on the outside...as well as in. Tonight is the first night I'd been out in two days. One day it took to recover from that awful night and I was here still struggling to move.

The doors opened and the royal family walked in. I stood slow and steady, careful not to make any jerky movements. I did bow from the head as fear of yelping in pain. The Queen noticed as she seemed to stare at me before sitting down. I sat down as light as possible but let a shaky breath as I placed my blazing back against the cool wood of the chairs. I looked to see Alxander staring at me in confusion.

The King then made his way to me and went to place a kiss on my head but I flinched away. I could feel Troy's eyes glaring at my head but I couldn't look at him. I heard him scrape his chair as he sat down.

"What are the new plans for tomorrow?" The Queen asked taking the tense atmosphere and changing it to a bloodier one. The discussion has been going on for quite a while and I had yet to touch my food or speak. The only action I have done has been sipping my wine.

"Eat Nasya." Troy's voice boomed across the table and I jumped. I looked to him as he set his gaze on me. "Now."

I grabbed my fork and stuck it into a potato but stopped when Alxander took a sharp intake of breath.

"What is the meaning of this?" I heard the Queen ask harshly as Alxander continued to look at my wrist with wide eyes. I hastily pulled my hand back as I had known what they had seen. The imprint of the King's hand surrounded my wrist. Both of them.

"The meaning of what my Queen?" Troy said as he looked at his wife who glared at him with disgust.

"The mark on her body? Was it caused by you?" The Queen stood outraged.

"I will do what I want with my property." I swallowed back bile once more. Alxander stood and stared at his father with pure hatred.

"You did this to her?" Alxander asked.

"Nasya disrobe." The Queen ordered. I looked to her with wide eyes, begging her.

"Mother-", Alxander was cut off.

"I want to see and I want him to see what damage he has caused. Now Nasya." I stood slowly and back up to the center of the walking area. My eyes found their way to Alxander who was clenching his jaw. I removed the shawl that had been placed over the top half of my body. My breast freed as I saw my Queen cover her mouth in horror. Patches of skin were still turning a deep purple. His handprints encircled my wrist and laid atop my shoulders. Then smaller ones lay along the lower half of my stomach.

"Everything." Alxander now spoke. I took a deep breath as I lowered my skirt and stepping out of it. I stood bare in front of them all.

"You are a shell of the man I once knew. I stare at a monster from now on until the end of time. Until the deaths plague you and I will be free." The Queen spoke.

"Get me a drapery!" Alxander yelled. I stood my eyes to the floor. The imprints along my thighs and the remainders on my back. Alxander walked forward as he covered me with the cloth given by a servant. I took it greedily. The Queen then took me lightly by the arm and escorted me to her side of the castle, leaving Troy O'Siren to sit in his lonesome.

I had never been to this side of the castle except for when I was a little girl. We walked until we were inside the guest quarters and she sat me down on the bed.

"Alxander get me a mother." Alxander left the room. I sat with tears in my eyes as I was in pain once more. I stared at the Queen as she searched for cloth.

She then turned to me and settled herself down next to me. I didn't look at her.

"I had no clue Nasya." I looked up startled. How was that possible? "I never looked. Nor did I believe Troy capable of this. I just saw you as the whore who had taken my husband away from me." She looked at me with a sad glint in her eyes but her face held strong. "You know I can't stop this, don't you?" I nodded meekly. I wasn't a fool to my predicament. "But I will extend this service to you although I know you will never ask it." I searched her eyes which held nothing but sincerity and I took a breath. "When does this happen Nasya?"

"He drinks. It happens when he drinks. But most the time its cause I anger him. I'm not as compliant as I seem My Queen." She quirks her lip up.

"Nor do I expect you to be. Does this happen often?"

"Almost never. But when it does, it lasts." She swallowed as she took my hand in hers and squeezed.

"I am offering you to come here when it does. My servants will take care of you and I will see to it that you are safe until you walk." The King and Queen had separate servants divided in the castle. Only few ventured to both sides. Although I was scared of the servants here. The King's servants were loyal to him so they treated me like I don't exist except to bath, cook, and dress me. The servants here were loyal to the Queen. I can only imagine the distain they have for me.

In walked Alxander and a maiden mother who had brought 2 other servant girls with her. Including Herra. Her eyes widened at my state.

"Miss?" Herra spoke out of turn and shamefully put her head down.

"That's quite alright Herra." The Queen spoke, she turned to me. "Do you know Herra?" I nodded.

"She's been working with the King. Why?" I simply asked. The Queen sighed.

"She's new. All the new girls must service under Misandra before I get to pick one. I let Herra go back and forth as she pleases, now I know why." The Queen gave me a small smile before turning to the mother. "Lydia would you bring some cypress and cedarwood oil please." The woman bowed before rushing off. "Come girls. Alxander out. Nasya remove the drape please." I looked to her son before he left without another word.

I shrugged off the drape and sat still. The mother returned with steaming bowl of oil and placed them in front of me as she kneeled. She looked me over and gave a smile as she brushed my hair out my face. A motherly touch, very different from Misandra's rough one.

"We will move them now." I nodded as I placed my arms in each girl's arm before they each took their fingers and massaged the cypress oil into each purple patch. I whimpered as they were still fresh. Tears stinging my eyes. The Queen had cut clothes and dipped them in the cedarwood before she handed it to the girls so they would lay it across my skin.

"Miss." I looked to the mother who held sad eyes. "Have you already bled this month?" I nodded.

"Nasya did he-", The Queen couldn't finish asking but I knew her question. I gave a small nod as more tears clouded my eyes. The Queen closed her eyes and took a deep hurt breath.

"Does it hurt?" I nodded to the mother. "I must check Miss." I nodded as she gently pried open my legs and I stared up at the ceiling as I felt her prod through me. I whimpered as my muscles contracted in pain from the bruising and possible bleeding that had been made by the King.

"Relax Nasya." The Queen cooed as she sat alongside me as I breathed deeply. I felt the mother place the oils on my swollen parts.

"You're doing great Miss." The other girl said as she squeezed my hand. Herra didn't speak but also held my hand for comfort. I let tears fall not from the pain but from the fact that this had happened once again.

"All done Miss. Is it better?"

"Yes thank you." The mother nodded and stood as she cleaned up after afterwards. Once done she lay her hand on my cheek.

"Brave girl." She smiled and left with Herra and the other girl.

"What is that young girl's name?" I asked the Queen in a soft whisper.

"Julssa. You can thank her tomorrow. Rest now Nasya." She helped me in bed and put on the fire before returning to me. "I'll have Herra bring you some tea." Before she could leave I grabbed hold of her hand. "Thank you My Queen." Queen Dasnya kissed my hand before exiting the room. My eyes had already drifted close.

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