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Mitus and I continued to roam the grounds of the town. Everything was so vibrant that I had trouble focusing on anything. I stopped constantly to look at the beads and fabric that hung around. Sometimes just to breathe in the fresh air.

"Is there a celebration this night?" I asked Mitus as everybody started hanging lanterns and colors of the castle. Kids ran around laughing, jumping in ponds.

"It's the night of the Blue Moon Nasya." He smiled as the children jumped in puddles.

"A blue moon." I repeated as I looked to the sky. "My mother used to say that a blue moon is the most powerful of any magic in this world. Rare as I or any other sister in this world. I've never felt magic like that, only when I saw Death." Mitus stopped and looked at me as I stared ahead. "Death. All that time in the castle, his chambers, the battle room, my drawing room, and my quarters. Four rooms. My World has been four rooms. And in one night Death has made me experience so much more...life." Mitus laughed.

"Two entirely different concepts Nasya." I laughed with him. A nice heart filled laugh, one that felt so good that I struggled to remember the last time it has happened.

"Yes. Entirely different...and yet it has done more for me than any human being." I said sadly. I felt the weight of Mitus's stare.

"It would seem that way wouldn't it." I looked to him and smiled. He was a great listener, not interpreting anything, just...listening.

"Why the celebration? I've never seen or heard of any when I was a young girl."

"It is also seen as Magic here. The townspeople know of you Nasya. They are not fools as to why you stay hidden in the castle. They celebrate you." My eyes widened at his words.

"Of me?" I looked around the town square. "I have given them no good fortune."

"Have you not? Let it be King O'Siren's rule that is shown but your Sight be the key." I realized his words, but it was still strange. In some way I keep the town safe. Down here I was seen as a savior. I looked down suddenly to feel a tug on my robes.A small child, a girl, stood with her sister. They both shared golden hair and pale green eyes.

"Will you dance with us miss?" Her sweet voice asked, her sister stood to the side with a smile. I hadn't realized music played until she mentioned dancing. Down the square, many had started to sway to the music. The children did a dance of their own in the water. A tradition like no other.

"Please miss." Her sister finally spoke, her voice a little deeper. I looked to Mitus almost begging with my eyes. He nodded with a smile and turned to the young girls.

"I would love to dance with you both, but I am afraid that I don't know the dances."

"We can teach you!" The little girl yelled with excitement before grabbing my wrist and pulling me to the other children in the square. They all taught me the simple yet complex dance before they had me in the water performing with them. The strings played loudly in the background and claps arose along with them.

I smiled while dancing with the young ones. Free spirits they were, not knowing the horrors in this World, at least not yet. My own spirit was in a sort of euphoria. Happiness bled into my veins at such a rate that I thought I was dreaming. A dream I didn't think I would get to see for a long time.

The section of the dance I learned was done and I laughed with pure joy as all the kids surrounded me with hugs. I was unaware of my surroundings that I had not noticed my hood had fallen off and the parents of the children had stopped and stared in awe. Mitus rushed to my side.

"We must go now." He pulled me away from the crowd but stopped short of the gates when a voice called out.

"You are the Seer." I turned at the little's girl's voice. Her sister stood with her their parents and the many townspeople.

"I am." I spoke firm.

"It is her!"

"Our savior!"

"She holds the Sight!" I backed away out of habit of shouting voices. It scared me, their outburst. Mitus pushed me behind him as he stood ready for anything. But the people did not saunter forward, no, they stood transfixed at the sight of me. And what they did next shocked me to my core.

They all bowed. One by one, kneeling before me. As if I ruled Andorla. I turned around making sure that it was indeed me and not the King in the square but still only Mitus and I stood. Rushing out from Mitus I urged them all to stand.

"Please." I cried. "I am not worthy of your praise. It is your King who protects this city, not I. Please stand to your feet all of you." Soon they all stood and my nerves were settled. Had the King seen this act, my head would surely be off now at this moment.

"We are leaving now." Mitus seemed to announce this not only to me but the town. They all stood as we walked through the gates and back to the castle.

"Why would they do such a thing?"

"The blue moon is a sign of power Nasya. It is within you and can be seen by many."

"I should have never dance with them. Acting like I could ever be one of them."

"You have a gift Nasya-"

"No." I interrupted, as we reached the door, with a finality that shocked even me. "This gift may have started out as beauty but it is none of that now. It is a curse now." I went to step inside but Mitus grabbed me gently and had me face him.

"You don't really believe that do you?" His eyes widened at my statement. I sighed, tired.

"I don't know what to believe in anymore." I turned to the door and stepped inside. Only once my foot hit the floors, a blinding pain started in my head. I screamed in horror and the pain. The pain. I couldn't move as I gripped my head for dear life. Far away I heard the cries of Mitus asking me what was wrong but I couldn't. All I could do was screech out. Soon the pain disappeared and I let my mind drift to darkness as I dropped to the castle floors.

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