Death Itself

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We ran fast to the castle, wasting no time in preparing for the journey. Many strategies were planned for this event; many men would come along, including the Prince. I thought it foolish to bring along Alxander, who has had very little training in anything.

Aryk and his men were escorted to the guest quarters, he and I both pausing to look at each other one last time before disappearing behind the thicken walls. Troy had me sit with him as he questioned me about every detail of my Sight, of a vision I have never had in the first place. My eyes held with his as my heart sped at the speed of light hoping he hadn't seen through my web of lies that only grew each day.

As now I laid beside him, in  his quarters, on his bed, with a deep pit of unease in my stomach. An unease that quickly turned into a desperate escape. An impending dread entrapped my body, suffocating me to my core. I hurried out of the King's quarters and into the kitchen, leaning my body onto the counter. I was out of breath, it was as if death itself had found me. Its presence was strong and bleeding into my veins.

"Nasya." I looked to who had called my name in such a raspy voice. It was Asani, she too had stumbled upon this room. Her body shook with fear.

"Do you feel that?" She meekly nodded. I gasped a rush of cold, dark energy touched every limb.

"It has to be tomorrow. We should not venture there."

"We have to." I bit out. A groan escaped my lips. "I feel as if I can hardly breathe. It is darkening me."

Our heads turned to the sound of a door. It swung open wide and walked in Aryk. His hair had been tied to the top of his head and his face came in to the light. I took in a shaky breath. It was as if seeing his beauty for the first time. He walked tall and with purpose toward me as I hunched forward, head down.

"What is the matter with you both?" His voice spoke smooth. I saw Asani's eyes widened at the sight of him, no doubt from seeing him through her own eyes. She looked to me and I all I could do was nod.

"We know not." She answered before letting out a gasp herself. It had now felt like a presence was inside me, waiting to be unleashed.

"What can I do?" I could not answer him. Something was overpowering me, something I've never encountered before. "Nasya." He gently grabbed arm and time froze. Everything in time seemed to stop except the shocks of pleasure that stretched from his palm to my body. Not only this, but the cold darkness was gone. I could breathe again, See, my body was my own. I stared into his brown orbs, transfixed. Then to his lips, ones I so desperately wanted to touch.

"How did you do that?" I looked back to his eyes. "It's gone." His eyes were filled with concern, for me. I took a shy step forward so that I would have to look up at him with his height. His own breath caught in his throat. "How?"

"I know not." He let a smile grace his face and my own face allowed one. "But I am glad it worked." I let out a laugh.

"Nasya. We must go." I turned to Asani who had backed into the shadows, her eyes watching the door to her left. It was open. My eyes widened at the thought of someone catching us three alone. I rushed to Asani's side but Aryk grabbed me by the hand, shocks going through my body once more.

"Why do I feel like I know you?" I squeezed his hand, prepared to give him a vague answer but someone spoke first.

"You don't."

I turned at the sound of Alxander's hard voice, letting go of Aryk's hand all the same. I walked back to Asani and grabbed her before disappearing from their gaze. Our hearts hammering in our chest as we soon  went our separate ways.

What was that deadly presence? Death itself? I knew Asani was right, it had everything to do with tomorrow. And Alxander, I dearly hoped he wouldn't speak of anything. We would leave at dawn and I knew not of what awaited us, but if it was anything like I felt just then; I feared for my life.

Another cruel filler hahaha. I believe later on tonight I will merge this with the last chapter. I just wanted to give you guys this little tease, because tomorrow A BATTLE IS UPON US ALL!!!

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