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 I stood in my quarters staring at the drawings that were spread about my floor. Each one showing an image I had seen that night. The Knight's faces were looking back at me with dead eyes. And then parts of their body were scattered alongside of them. Swords were bleeding with blood as well as the red stained Sands of Lyshire.

 I had not left my quarters in over a week's time, nor have I had any sort of Sight since. It neither came freely nor forced, just nothing. I can only imagine it was from the trauma of the battle. I have not tried to See anything since.

 The King has not asked for me and I was grateful for it. The only interaction I've had was with the servants and they only left food at my door, food I did not dare to eat. The King had sent Nikoli on an errand right after the battle. They had not heard from Horas since last that they went to Nathoria. Nor had they showed at the battle along with Prince Merida and his forces, as if they had disappeared off this Land.

 The battle was long and treacherous, but Andorla won with even numbers. We spared no one and we rode to Hypire which took a matter of three days. The King left advisers at hand and spoke to the common people, explaining the new rule in their city. They had no choice but to be compliant.

 We found the witch that had taken my Sight. A young girl, maybe 16 or 17 when I got a good look at her. She hadn't eaten for days as her bones were seen clearly. We fed and clothed her before the King had her shipped off to Castle Kinnely as a thank you for the numbers.

 I tried to stop the King. She had already had a life in servitude at such a young age that she didn't need it anymore.

 The young girl had screamed when the guards started taking her away. I tried my best and was allowed only a minute alone with her. She looked at me with frightened eyes, knowing there was no hope for her.


 "You must be strong, my Sister." I said as I had petted her hair, while tears had run down my own cheeks. "The only solace I can give you is one of assurance. You will be treated far better than you were here. When the sun sets North, know that our mothers look over on us and let that give you strength."

 "I'm sorry my Sister. Your Sight, I didn't-"

 "None of that matters now. We are daughters of blessed power and that has always been and will forever be a curse and yet we must find the beauty in it. Do you have a specialty?"

 "Casting." She had whispered her body shaking in fear.

 "Then you cast freedom onto any soul you seek. Play with what magic you have been given."

 "I am scared."

 "As am I. Everyday."

 "Do you think there will ever be hope for us?"

 "I surely do hope for that day Sister, but if we want it, we have to fight for it." I laid a kiss on her temple. "Greta newa hun sator." Bring light upon this world.

 "You are a Seer, the strongest of us. My mother told me that there will be one of great power who can set a balance in the world. She will find a new World for us Sisters." I had stared at her, for it had sounded like fairytale, one of hope. "Neter leya opusa divan." Never hide in the shadows.


 I struggled to sleep. Images kept flashing before my eyes. I didn't want to see darkness once more. A permanent fear was now embedded in my body and I had no way of releasing it. My door opened but I did not look up to see who it was. Instead I continued to stare at my drawings and listen to my rapid heartbeat.

 "Nasya." I closed my eyes at the sound of his voice. Alxander's voice. I looked to the door and saw him standing in all his glory. The Prince of Andorla. Our eyes connected and I had to look away from the intensity of them. I heard his footsteps walk over to me until he stood right next to me, staring with me at the canvas.

 "To what do I owe this honor?"

 "My own curiosity." He answered thickly. I shivered at his tone. He lowered and picked up a drawing. The one of the first soldier, his head dispatched from his body. "I'm sorry you had to go through that."

 "Your King is mine." I said as I went over to the window, looking out at the darkened sky. No lamps had been lit, yet the light of the moon castes over my quarters, brightening darkened corners..

 "King he may be, a Father he surely isn't. Nor is he a respectable man to let a woman see such death, even if it is his mistress." I took deep breath.

 "If you don't need anything My Prince, then I suggest you find your way back to your quarters. I am tired."

 "Why was I your tether?" I turned to him suddenly. He waited patiently for his answer, but I didn't have one to give. Tethers were connections beyond physical. They needed emotion and mental warmth. Love. As daft as it may seem it was one of the deadly things we as humans could feel. It was a destroyer and yet a savior.

 "Why?" I stared at him. I had loved him, which was my explanation. Sometimes I use to think that Alxander knew of my feelings for him with his looks of knowing he gave me or his tasteless jokes.

 "We have a past. One that I could touch and hold on to." I looked him in the eye.

 "Is that all?"                                                                          

 "What were you hoping for My Prince?" I titled my head. Playing him as he was trying to capture me is some unknown hold.

 "Have a nice rest Mistress." He said suddenly, his eyes hard, as he hurriedly left my quarters.

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