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I came through the door, beaming because I got the job faster than I thought I would. Normally they need time to decide and stuff. When I saw June and Lando waiting for me, I fell in Landos arms, smiling happily.

"Are you happy to see us so much or do you have another reason to smile like that?" Lando asked with a giggle but he seemed a lot like he didn't know what was going on. So lost and helpless.
"I got the job! I wanted this one for so long."
"Oh my god that's mint Em."
He suddenly hugged me and spun me around.
"Does that mean that you'll be in Monaco more often?" He beamed now as well and I swear I saw a spark in his eyes when I nodded.

We smiled at each other for a few seconds without saying anything until I remembered that we were in the center of Monaco so I stepped back. People might misinterpret the situation.
"We need to celebrate later, wanna come over to my place? I mean we could go to the club but I don't think that would make sense with June."
He chuckled.
"Yeah I think so too. I'd love to come over. Will Max and P be there too?"
"Mh hm. They went to a shop around the corner but they should be finished soon."

We decided to take a short walk around the blocks together. The mood today was great as we laughed together and made jokes. When I first met him I didn't think I ever would laugh so much because of him but his jokes matched exactly my humor.

"Excuse me? Sorry to interrupt but can we take a picture?" Someone said behind us.
We turned around to a girl, maybe 16 or 17 years old and shaking like crazy.
Lando moved to her side, ready for the picture. He was probably more than used to this situation but I wasn't.

"Of course. I can take the picture of you guys if you want?" I suggested but she shook her head immediately.
"I want you on the picture as well if it's okay?"
I could hear her uncertainty. I felt it and I didn't expect her to want me in the picture so it surprised me, a smile forming on my face.
"Oh! Sure."
We took the picture together and had a short conversation with her after.

"Thank you so much. It was so nice to meet you. Lando you're my favorite driver and Emily you're so beautiful" she said before she left, smiling at the picture happily.
"That was cute" we both looked after her.
"She was really nice." Lando agreed.

"Oh by the way do you remember Victoria? The girl from the podcast that posted about June?"
"Ugh her. Yes I remember. Why?" His dislike towards her was clearly noticeable.
"Paul was in contact with her management. That guy deleted the photo and got a fine. I think there are even talks about him getting fired. I mean the internet never forgets so that photo won't be gone. There are probably thousands of screenshots so that doesn't change anything but at least we got that." I explained the situation that escalated a little bit in the last few weeks.

"Wow. That's at least something. And hey, June will grow much more so she maybe won't be recognized that much." He tried to assure me. I swear to god this man. Ugh. He's too good to be real.

"There you are! Mate we were looking for you for what feels like years man. You just vanished!"
Max approached us scolding Lando already from afar.
„I told you I would pick up Em. Plus I thought you would take much longer so we took a walk and met a really nice fan." Lando shrugged but Max raged even more.
"Caman man." He laughed it off in the end.

We decided to go to Landos apartment earlier than planned and order food delivery because it was more relaxed than going to a fancy restaurant with a baby again. Especially because I haven't made anything for her to bring to a restaurant.

"There we go. Sorry for the mess, I'm barely home so when I am it usually looks like this." Lando said as he opened the door
"It looked worse" Max commented dry which Lando responded with a light hit on the shoulder.
"Stop exposing me."

P and I looked at each other, shook our heads and walked in together, giggling.
"By the way, how did it go with June earlier? Did he have any problems?" I asked P because I was pretty sure that Lando would say everything went clean even when he had to save her from a burning building.
"He was a little bit lost but he managed it very good. Important to say that June is a really easy baby. She cried once or twice on the playground and he looked at me so helpless as if I had a child. He did well tho." 
"I knew he could do it. He's so protective every time she's around."

We settled down in the living room which felt more like a fan-cave. I definitely didn't expect Lando to have so many pictures of himself and his car on the wall. The helmets were incredibly tho. What shocked me the most were all the champagne bottles from the podium celebrations in the kitchen and the random dresser with the trophy replicas in the hallway. Other from that his apartment was really nice and above all really spacious.

The evening flew by with of all the fun we had. After playing with June while we talked and ate she was really tired so I put her down in Landos bedroom. The boardgames were really funny because neither Lando nor Max could lose so they always ended up arguing.

"Oh you're such a cheater man. There's no way you've done all this in one round without cheating. Who shuffled the cards?" Lando asked Max accusingly. Max wasn't bothered at all, he was just convinced that he was right.
"I did but I'm not that great at shuffling to shuffle them to my advantage and you know that."
"How should I know? Maybe you practiced? It's been ages since we played board games together what are you even saying. Whatever. Just continue your move now please." Lando laughed in disbelief.

Max did as he was told while Lando turned in my direction, laying his hand on my thigh. I smiled at him. "You're good now?"
"I'm great. He's just cheating so that makes me a little bit mad." He smiled back at me, trying not to take out his anger on me.
"A little? Yeah right." I giggle but Max started raging again at the same time and with that the discussion started all over again. Every time Lando listened to the 'bullcrap' Max said he pressed my thigh with his hand which made me go crazy and I didn't want to imagine how red my face must've been.

I looked at P and was welcomed with a 'I know what I see' look on her face. She leaned over to me. "Are you sure you two aren't together? The way he looks at you and-" her eyes went to his hand on my thigh while she whispered.
I just nodded, feeling the warmth going up my face.
"I'm pretty sure about that."
She nodded, didn't talked about the topic for the evening but the way she looked at me was weird from that moment on.

"I think I haven't laughed that much in a while."
I sighed exhausted but still happy. The evening really was great.
"Do you think June will wake up if you go back?."
P asked out of curiosity. What was she planning here again?
"Probably. It's not ideal but I don't really have another option." I shrugged, then started to pick up all the toys that June spread in the living room.

"I mean you could sleep over if it's easier. I don't have a problem with that. I'll sleep on the couch then." Lando suggested but I really didn't want to cause any trouble or make any circumstances for him.
"No it's fine really. She will wake up and fall asleep right after."
"But you walking through the dark street alone? I don't know Em." P interrupted us again. In that moment it became clear for me what her goal was.

"You're right P. Em you should stay here."
"I have a feeling that you won't give in. Fine. But you won't sleep on the couch, I will" I stated in the hope that we won't have to argue about this minor thing now.
"No really. June is already sleeping in my bedroom so you should sleep with her."
This discussion went back and forth for another 5 minutes.

"I guess we'll have to sleep in your bedroom together then." I shrugged. My intention was to bring him to give in with that but he had other plans.
"I guess so too." He answered stubbornly.
Max and P looked at each other shocked and I couldn't blame them because I would've been shocked too.
"Fine." We said simultaneously.

We ended up standing on each side of the bed, laughing as quite as we could to not wake June. When we finally laid down, it got even worse because we stared at each other and couldn't hold in our laughter at all even though June was right between us.

All of a sudden the both of us went completely silent, just looking at each others eyes in the dark, listening to our daughters breathing.
"Good night." he whispered.
"Good night." I  answered.
The thought of this, sleeping with Lando, the dad of my daughter, in one bed, had me screaming, crying, kicking my feet.
Just in my head obviously, I'm always staying cool of course.


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