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The party was boring. So boring, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open.
Well it wasn't really a party but more of a gala meeting thing, which I hate more than anything. Yes fancy party's are cool and I normally enjoy them but I didn't want anything more than to spend the evening with my daughter.

I had to talk to a lot of people, take a lot of pictures and smile at everyone with a fake smile.
Oscar tried to talk to me a few times which was the most exciting thing about the evening so far.
I told him I would tell him
What's going on between me and Lando today but I didn't want to so I dodged every single try.

When he came in my direction I made sure to talk to someone about something important (boring, but it seems to be important so that'll do it) and when he actually made it to my side without someone who talked to me about some fabric or something like that, I just started a conversation when someone walked past me and acted like I knew them so in the end, Oscar had to talk to them and I left again.
I did this for the past 3 hours so it worked pretty well, I guess.

I sighed heavily. What a boring event, I thought to myself. In that moment someone said through the mic that the event was over and that a small after party would start soon.
I looked around. All the really important people were gone so I headed to the bar directly.
I wasn't gonna drink. Like I said. But I wanted to have something in my hand while I walked around, hiding from Oscar.
The people here loosened up and I noticed that some of them were already tipsy.

"Could I get sparkling water in a champagne glass please? That would be awesome thank you."
The bartender handed me my glass and I leaned on the counter, scanning the room for people I might know that aren't as boring as the people I talked to before but I didn't found any. Not even Oscar. I suddenly felt bad for avoiding him. Maybe he left already but I'm not sure. Leaving sounds good right now, I thought, sighing heavily.
"What makes a pretty girl like you sigh like that?"
A guy next to me started talking to me. I looked at him for a second. He was tall, had a good figure, seemed to be trained well, chocolate brown eyes and a pretty smile but I could smell the alcohol and his look made me feel nauseous for some reason.
"Oh nothing. It's just really boring here."
I smiled a little.
"So I know something more fun than this boring party here." He said trying to flirt with me but It just sounded disgusting in my ears. While he talked he came nearer and nearer, his eyes wandering over my body, especially my neckline. I felt really uncomfortable so I tried to get a bit more space between us.
"I'm fine, thanks." I didn't even looked at him.
"Why? Are you waiting for someone?" He asked and his voice was no longer seductive but jealous? Angry? Pissed? I wasn't sure.
"Correct. I'm waiting for someone." Once again, I searched for someone I at least talked to before but there is no one anymore all of a sudden.
"Okay and where is this person you're waiting for?" He seemed to have noticed about my fake story. He came closer once again, talking in a really provocative tone.
"He's outside with someone and is coming back soon." My voice started to shake. I couldn't keep this lie alive and he knew.
He put his hands on my hip, turning me in his direction. His grip was strong so I couldn't wipe his hand off.
"Could you please refrain from touching me?"
"Why? Do you have a boyfriend that would get jealous?" He whispered in my ear.
"She does, so take your hands off of my girlfriend and get out of here."

We both turned around in shook.
None other than Lando Norris stood there. Of course it was him.
Instead of arguing with that guy he just took my hand, slapped away this guy's hand and walked away with me.
He only stopped when we were outside and no one else was around and he turned around to me. "Are you okay? Man this guy really was an asshole."
I tried to maintain eye contact but I had to break it because a flood of guilt approached me fast so I just nodded yes.
"Thanks for saving me."
I whispered, still not looking at him.
I felt so goddamn bad right now because he's so nice all the time and I'm the biggest liar on planet earth.
"It was nothing." He shrugged.
There was silence between us for a few seconds.
"You're mad at me aren't you?" I said cautiously.
"On a scale from you stole my food mad to you interrupted my sleep mad I'm a combination of both." How was he able to make jokes right now?
I closed my eyes for a second.
"How did you find out?"
Dumb question but I only noticed that after I said it.
"Oh you mean how I found out the thing you should've told me over a year ago? I'm still unsure because you still didn't say anything about it."
He crossed his arms.
Okay I guess this is the moment I need to tell him. I took a deep breath. 
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I had your child. I was scared. We weren't even together, only seen each other once or twice plus we are both figures of public with a full planner. I thought you wouldn't want a child anyway so why stress about telling you when it's likely I won't see you ever again but then this deal came and ughhh."
I talked way too fast and I wasn't sure if he got anything from what I've said just now.
I finally looked at him but he stayed silent. He just looked back at me, not saying anything.
"Please say something." I whispered.
"You look beautiful tonight." He answered.
My cheeks turned red immediately.
"Do I?" Why did I say that? Why did HE say that? I just told him he had a daughter and this was his reaction?
"Yeah that dress suits you really good."
We both knew that wasn't the right thing to say in that situation so we both became quiet.
"So she is mine?"

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