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The conversation with Lando still didn't give me any peace the next day. His words were stuck in my head and I just wanted to lay on the couch all day. 'Do you want my money? Cause that's the only thing I can give you to be honest.'
Thinking about it made me angry and sad at the same time.

"Are you okay Em? You look really distracted." Hannah asked me. They arrived a few minutes ago and because June was still asleep we had to wait for her to wake up.
"Huh? Yeah. I mean no. I don't know."
I sighed for the 200th time for the day.
"Tell us what's on your mind then."
V asked curiously.
"Well. Long story short Lando found out that he is June's dad and asked me about it yesterday."
I made it short and quick. Just like a plaster.
The silence that filled the room was unbearable for a few minutes and the look on both of their faces made me uncomfortable.
"What did he say?"
Hannah dared to ask.
"We had this 'why didn't you tell me' conversation, then he was really upset and told me he could give me money if I wanted to but that's all he is able to give me so I was upset and I just left after that." The thing with the mini wini wasn't important to mention.
I avoided eye contact and the ceiling was very interesting all of a sudden.
"So what now? Will you try to talk to him absolut it again?"
"He said he doesn't have to add anything because he's not ready for a child and especially not for one from a one night stand, so I guess not." I shrugged like it was nothing but It wasn't. It frustrated me because the reason it went like that am I.
"Maybe when he meet her again, now knowing it's his daughter he changes his mind? I mean you can't not love June. She's the cutest and I don't say that because I'm her aunt. I met other babies and they weren't as cute as June." Hannah said, nodding confidently.
"I don't know. He said he doesn't want anything to do with us and I don't want him to meet June again." That's because I was just stubborn, there was no specific reason.

They both sighed and changed the topic after, talking about the newest collection of something while I got June ready.
It took us another 30 minutes before we could finally leave for our walk because they had to greet June first intensely. They ignored the fact that she just woke up so she cried and everything took longer than necessary.

"Thank god the weather is better now. I can't stand the grey sky and naked trees."
I said, holding my face in the sun.
"Oh don't act like you weren't somewhere in the sun multiple times this winter."
V said accusingly.
"You could've come with me, nobody stopped you." I shrugged.
"You know my boss did so I couldn't just come with you."
"Okay then. I'm planning my next trip after your schedule. Would that be okay?"
I said provocative.
"Oh shut up.-" "you can't say that Viv, June is listening." Hannah interrupted her.
"Right I don't want her to learn any bad word from you guys." I pointed at them strictly which made both of them laugh at me.
"I'm serious. Children adapt a lot of language from their family."

They mocked me a bit more but we arrived at our favorite Café so that thankfully made them stop short after.
We sat at the table, ordering the same things as usual, laughing and chatting when someone familiar walked in.
He saw me when he turned around after he placed his order.
"Well. What a coincidence to see you here. Hello Ladies." He said jokingly but a little accusing.
I hid my face behind my hands. Why? Why now? I managed to get away from him so well and here's where he finds me?
"Okay Oscar sit down already. I'm sorry about yesterday. I avoided you."
"Really? I didn't notice" he laughed. "So are you telling me now at least what's between you and Lando?" He asked and oh boy.
Hannah chocked on her hot cocoa and V looked shocked and amused at the same time.
I sighed. "Yeah fine. But promise me you won't tell anyone. Not even Lando."
"I'm good at keeping promises." He said confidently. If he only knew what I was about to say he wouldn't look so happy.
"I don't know how to describe it so I just- ugh." I leaned forward so no one except us could hear: "I hooked up with him in Abu Dhabi almost two years ago." I whispered, waiting for a reaction.
"That's it? That's why you guys are so weird lately?" He clearly didn't got the message.
I leaned back in my seat, taking a deep breath and pointing at June.
"What does she have- oh my god. Don't tell me it's what I think it is. That would be a disaster."
I nodded yes. "It probably is."
"I even told you back then that you should stay away from any driver." He ran his hands through his hair.
"Your smoothie is ready Oscar."
V said because the poor woman shouted his order for the 4th time but he was too distracted.
"Oh thanks." He said, getting his order.
"I'm a bit in a hurry so I can't stay but I'll call you later. I still can't believe it."
He waved at everyone, tickled June and then left.

"Well that was unexpected." V said, grinning again.
"It's so chaotic" I buried my head in my hands.
"It was a big mistake not to tell Lando right away."
My sisters comforted me. Well they tried at least.
"Let's change the topic. You're gonna find a solution anyway."
"Thank you V."

We talked about god knows what and enjoyed seeing each other. While June and I walked home, I could literally see the impact of that little amount of sugar she got. Hannah decided to share her cake with June and now she's hyperactive. That's why I don't give her sugar yet, I thought to myself. This is going to be an exhausting night but at least the day was chilled.

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