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I was talking to my sister on the phone while standing in the drugstore.
"V which one do I take? There are like 20 different one" I whined.

I felt terrible for two weeks now and my Period is late a few days now too. It never was. Never in my whole life.
That's why my sister almost forced me to buy a pregnancy test even though I told her I couldn't be pregnant.

"I don't know just take one, it doesn't matter."
She sighed. I've been going on her nerves for a few days.

"Alright no need to get cocky Valery." She hated when I called her by her full name.

I grabbed two tests and checked out. I was embarrassed and I just hoped no one saw me buying pregnancy tests. While I walked out, I pulled my hood in my face and quickly went back to my apartment.

"Alright I'll call you right back after I peed on this thing." I said, hanging up on her.

I did the test like described on the packaging and FaceTimed V. She smiled at me.
"Gosh Em calm down. You look like you saw a ghost or something"

"Yeah that because I can't be pregnant okay? It doesn't work out with my job. I also wouldn't know who the father is."
I was so fucking nervous and this dumb thing was loading so slow.

"You really don't have any clue? Like are you fucking around? Is that the reason? Or do you just had so sex?"

"Nah I didn't fuck around. I had no sex in like ages- oh shoot. Wait a moment."
I grabbed my phone scrolling through the calendar.

"What? Tell me. Don't say oh shoot wait a moment and then disappear."
I put my phone back.

"Okay you need to promise you won't tell anyone okay?"

"I won't. Now spill the tea bitch!"
She said excitedly.

I hesitated for a second and I saw her eyebrows lifting. I sighed.

"Could you talk a little bit faster please so I can hear you better?"
She said sarcastically.
"I had a one night stand with Lando Norris after the last race a few weeks ago."

It took her a moment realizing what I said.
"You- WHAT? Lando Norris? Like the cute curly haired guy and the sweet smile?"
I rolled my eyes.
"No need to exaggerate like that. He's not That cute."
"Cute enough to hop in bed with him it seems."
"What? Emily hopped in bed with who?"

My younger sister Hannah appeared on my screen.
"Great. Nothing Hannah, that's nothing for little kids ears."

"Oh shut up Em I'm seventeen, not 7."
"Yeah right. Please just leave for a second okay? Em told me in private."
Valery interrupted.

"Fine I'll leave."
She left the second the test result appeared.
"Omg V."

"What? I won't tell her- oh you didn't meant that right. What? Tell me."

I started shaking. My hand covered my mouth. I wasn't able to speak.
"Is it positive?"
I just nodded. I sat on the edge of the bathtub shaking, covering my mouth in shook.

"Fuck Em. Okay just..breathe alright? Breathe and try to calm down, I'm on my way and we're going to the doctors so we know it for sure. I'll be there in 10, don't do anything I wouldn't do"
She hung up but I didn't even noticed. I just sat there still shaking.

I breathed in deeply and made an online appointment at my gynecologist. I needed this to be confirmed.

V picked me up and shortly after, my gynecologist showed me a little circle on the ultrasound that's supposed to be a baby in my belly.

We ran through all the tests and there was no doubt that I was pregnant.
Of course she noticed how unhappy I was about the news so she made that long deep abortion risks and information talk with me.

I shook my head in disagreement. The baby wasn't planned, yes. I don't have any contact to the father, yes. I'm not ready to become a mom, yes. But I can't have an abortion, that's the only thing I know for sure right now.

V and I were on our way back to my apartment. We drove in complete silence until realization hit me.
"Gosh V I'm pregnant. How do I tell mum and dad?"
"Em you're 21, not 16."
"Yeah but still. Bloody hell I'm having Lando Norris' child.

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