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The week in Miami was great but it flew by just like all the formula 1 cars I've seen. I haven't met Noah all week and ignored his texts he sent me in the middle of the night. It was Sunday now and the race was about to start. Lando's weekend was quite good even though he was in an incident in the sprint race and qualifying was a bit chaotic but he starts from p5. Oscar right behind him.
Lily and I sat in Oscar's driver room to wish him all the best but in reality we just talked about a lot of non Oscar related things.
"Okay girls I need to go soon so can I have a moment alone with Lily?" Oscar kindly asked. Lily and I looked at each other, giggled and looked back at Oscar.
"All right all right love birds I'm going. Good luck Oscar." I chirped while I went over to Lando's room. Luckily he came in just after me but not so luckily his girlfriend was with him.
"Oh hey. Sorry I was with Oscar and they wanted some alone time so I thought I wait here for your lucky charm to give you all her luck." I bubbled and jiggled June around. When she saw Lando she stretched out her arms so he would pick her up.
"Oh hi little girly girl. Emily don't worry too much. It's fine." He smiled and took June. I watched him tickle her which made her giggle.
His girlfriend and I just looked at each other awkwardly.
"Oh one moment Jon is calling me, I'm gonna be back in a minute." Lando mumbled and just walked out. With June. And left us standing here.
For the first time I had the chance to actually look at her and god she's even more beautiful in real life. We talked a little bit. Nothing but small talk but enough for me to notice that she was the female version of Lando. She smiled and laughed so much, had a great humor and was so kind.
She was basically perfect and that bothered me so much. Not because Lando has a perfect girlfriend or because of jealousy, well a little bit jealousy, but because her perfectness made it so much harder for me to hate her. It didn't matter how I turned and twisted the facts, they do look really cute together and Lando deserved that woman more than any other.
It was only a few minutes from race start when Lando finally came back to drop off June. He left again right after without even looking at Claire. I found out that that was her name.
'Well that was kinda rude' I thought but didn't say anything. It wasn't anything of my business and if she didn't like his behavior she should speak up for herself.
The awkward mood inside the room annoyed me at some point so I went upstairs to find a quiet place where I could watch the race and where June could play a little bit.
I took a deep breath as I watched through the room. There weren't many people up here because the weather was nice and there were a lot of better places to watch the race but I couldn't stand all these people. Some of them cringed the fuck out of me with their weird behavior. June sat on the ground playing peacefully when someone sat down next to me. I didn't dare to look at first because of some reason, he sat extremely close to me but then I noticed that I knew this dude.
"Now that I found you, you can't ignore my messages anymore." Noah said with a disgusting smile on his face. I looked at him annoyed. Yes he texted me about a hundred times and yes I didn't respond to any of them. Not the nicest thing to do but I simply didn't want to talk to him after his lack of understanding anything.
I put on a fake smile for him before i started talking "it's nice to see you. Sorry I didn't respond, I had some work to do and I needed some time to think of that little miscommunication that we had earlier this week." I said in an exaggeratedly nice tone. I then pointed at him and how close he was sitting to me "could you please move over a bit? No need to sit that close to me in this heat right?" I smiled.
Someone really should give me an Oscar for this performance. ASAP.
Noah surprisingly created some space between us without a discussion but he looked at me in a way that could burn someone right on the spot. 
"Well. I sense that you're not interested in talking to me right now. I'll text you tomorrow, maybe you're in a better mood then." He nodded after a while then slapped his thighs and left again.
The whole time between his last sentence and his disappearance I had the urge to say 'please don't' but I didn't want to be rude just yet. People deserve a second chance and even though I don't want to give Noah a second chance yet doesn't mean I don't want to in the future.
Luckily Noah left at the right time because when I continued to watch the race, Lando just became the race leader and from that moment on I was SO nervous. Lando never won a race so that would be the chance to win his very first race in his 6 years of f1.
The last 20 laps were seriously nerv wracking because I constantly feared that he would somehow send it into the wall but he didn't. He won the Miami Grand Prix 7 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen. The little shriek I made scared June but I was so happy for Lando that I couldn't hold it in.
I picked her up and decided to go outside to watch the celebration and it was so awesome. Everyone was just happy for him and he seemed so relieved to finally get that win.
After the celebrations we went back to his room. I knew he would come back for a second so I wanted to congratulate him before he went off to the interview pit.
When he walked in I couldn't help myself but beam just like he did because it was so contagious.
"Lando! Congrats! You're a f1 winner now" I smiled. Even June was happy and excited for him so he took her, spun around and held her up. "Can you believe it? Daddy is no longer Lando Nowins. But I need to go now sadly. I'm coming back." He rushed but I held him back after I took back June.
"Wait." I said and hugged him. "You did great and you deserved that so much." I beamed at him. Lando just giggled. He then picked me up and spun us around which made me scream out of surprise.
"Thank you Em! But I really need to go." Lando was so excited still that he couldn't stand still. Before he left he did something that I didn't expect. He kissed me. Completely out of the blue. I wasn't prepared or able to react at all because it was rushed and short but I was pretty sure it happened and I don't think Lando even knew what he did because a second later he ran of with the words 'see you later' and left me standing there in shock. I then realized how fast my heart was beating so I took a few deep breaths.
"June you can't tell that to anyone okay? Not like you actually could but. Well just act like you didn't see anything." I said to June, still trying to process it.
But what's worst: I didn't get to talk to Lando after that because he didn't come back like he said. At least not when I still waited for him. He had some things to do and went out to celebrate after that so I hadn't had a chance to talk to him since we flew back to the UK on Monday.

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