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The following days, I tried my best to get June back in her routine at home. We've been away often lately so her schedule was a bit messed up and I noticed that in her mood. Not a great time for me.
It was a lot more stressful because June started to pull herself up to reach everything she can. Every time she does, I have to run for my life so she won't grab anything she's not supposed to but when I take it away she cries. Like a lot. More like screaming.

June and I went to the playground together because we're supposed to meet V here any minute. The weather was nice so I figured it was a good idea to go outside to play instead of just sitting inside to play all day.

When she arrived she hugged me but immediately started to annoy me with her usual 'you need to be more in the Uk so I can see my niece more often'. After that she kneeled down to greet June.
June was still playing but when she turned around and saw V she started to crawl to her excitedly, babbling around in her own language.

"Oh hello princess." V said, picking June up who immediately leaned on her shoulder, "awww. I've missed you too, you know." She cooed followed by the most deathly stare at me ever.
"What? She needs to bond with her dad V. We wont travel in the next few weeks so you can come to see her more often from now on." I rolled my eyes.

We didn't argue over this little thing but she wanted me to tell her everything that happened between me and Lando and if the rumors are true or not so I did. I told her that I went golfing with him, that I met Noah but that Noah turned out to be a complete dick, about the beach day and meeting Landos girlfriend, not leaving out how perfect she is. The kiss shocked her completely and that I met his parents was the cherry on top.
"Well but the rumors aren't true. He's with Claire and he literally just helped me put on sunscreen on my back because how am I supposed to reach everything on my own?" I finished off my chaotic story telling.

V needed a minute to process everything that happened in literally just a week and a few days.
"Well first of all: I don't know who of you is more dumb but ugh. No. You know what? you go and find out yourself. But Em let's be honest, his relationship is probably just PR. You said yourself that you feel like he treats her weirdly and that kiss? Nah that wasn't an accident. I think when you're in a moment of joy and excitement like that you're a 100% honest so that kiss must've been one out of pure emotion even when it was unintentional. Keep telling yourself that he doesn't like you and that you don't like him but in the end I'm gonna be the one who told you like a million times."

I stayed silent, suddenly feeling like a kid being scolded by her mum. V gave me a reality check and I honestly needed that. In that moment I decided to try and talk to Lando about everything even though I still didn't think he liked me like I liked him but whatever. That's just me I guess.

I let V "bond" with her niece. She always told me that I'm keeping June from her with all my traveling and stuff so she doesn't even know her but that's simply not true. Anyway. I used that short break to text Lando. He said he would be in the UK a few more days before he leaves for the Grand Prix de historique in Monaco so I'll be using that time of his.


Hey Lando 👋🏼

Already missing me?

Oh shut up

I know you do, you don't need
to deny it Em. 🙃
Anyway. Why'd you text me?

I don't think I want to text
anything anymore.

Oh cmon it was just a joke
You know that Em

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