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A few weeks went by. I hadn't had any meetings or shootings with McLaren and the next meeting is set for mid April. I didn't had any shootings or work stuff in general so I could spend more time with my baby before she turns one in five months.

June was asleep so I had some time to call V and Hannah.
"I wanted to ask you if you're free this weekend. It feels like we haven't seen each other for i don't know..months?"
Hannah sighed and I swear I saw her eye roll in my inner eye.
"You're so dramatic sometimes. We met last week. Let me check my planner though. I swear I've forgotten something for the upcoming weekend." I stood up and got my planner. "Oh crap, I totally forgot about that Party. It's Saturday so if you want we can go out for a walk on Sunday? I need to look for a dress now, let me get a pen." I wrote that in my planner so I won't forget it again.
"Sunday should be fine for me. What party are you going to? If you'll be hungover I don't want to come near you because you're a witch when you're hungover" V laughed in the background.
"It's a brand party from Abercrombie & Fitch and I won't drink because I'm still Brest feeding my child, silly." This time, it was me rolling my eyes.
"Okay then. V are you coming with us on Sunday?" I could hear her asking muffled because she turned away and probably put her pinky over the microphone again by accident.
"Of course, i don't want June to forget me when she sees me so rarely." She said, pouting.
"Bloody hell, you two are such drama queens you know that?" I rolled my eyes at them again but laughing.
"Yeah sure, we are." V answered.
"Okay okay, before we start to argue, I'll hang up because June should wake up soon and I still haven't made her food." I said while I got out all the ingredients.
"What are you making for her?"
Hannah asked.
"Mashed potatoes with some mashed carrots and a few slices of cooked chicken breast."
She started eating something else than milk last week and I'm trying chicken for the first time today.
"Sounds really boring." Hannah said disgusted.
"Yeah but she only had milk her entire life so it's really exciting for her. Plus she doesn't eat much. She tries it and then demands milk half an hour later." It's as exhausting as it sounds.
"Well good luck then. Send me your dress choices if you have some. See you Sunday."
We hung up and as if she sensed it, I could hear June babbling.
I walked in the room and she somehow managed to free herself from the sleeping bag again.
"How do you do that all the time? Oh I can see you had a pretty good nap. Yes you had."
She smiled brightly, her foot in her hands.
"And you found your foot too? That's so awesome."

Two hours later and we just finished the after-eat-milk session. When you have a seven month old, time passes differently.
June actually liked the chicken, although she couldn't really eat it properly so she just sucked on it until it had no taste anymore but for me it was a success.
It took another hour for us to finally leave the house to go dress shopping because there was nothing in my closet that I wanted to wear.

I looked in the mirror, staring at the dress I was currently wearing and sighed. I wore a bunch of beautiful dresses by now but they all didn't fit with what I imagined for Saturday.
"Okay Ma'am this is the last one in your size and that fits your description."
She handed me another dress. 'Fit my description' yeah none of the previous one fit my description, I thought to myself.
I tried it on anyway and to my suprise, it was perfect.
"I'll take it."
"That's such a- wait you'll take it?"
"Yeah. It's perfect. Exactly what I was looking for."  I said, smiling at my reflection with that beautiful dress on.
"Okay then I'll pack everything up so you can check out whenever you want. Is there something else you're looking for?"
"No just that, thanks for your help."
My mood changed so fast because of that dress, the poor sales lady must be so confused.
"Oh nothing to thank me ma'am, that's my job you know."
She said flattered
"Well then you're doing a great job."
"Thank you very much."

10 minutes later I walked out the store happily. My mood was so good I even stopped at the baby store again to buy clothes for June even though she has more than she could ever wear, but whatever.

Exhausted but satisfied I sunk into the couch. June played a bit on her own so I prepared a few Instagram photos and scrolled through my feed.

Lando popped up a few times but I ignored it the best I could because otherwise I would feel guilty again and I tried to avoid that feeling as much as possible.
While I continued to scroll, Oscar called, wich is weird because he's not the randomly reaching out for you kind of guy.

"How much money do I need to pay to get Oscar back?" I said jokingly.
"What? It's Oscar." He said confused
"Yeah I know that, you just never call randomly so I thought you were kidnapped."
This was the kind of joke he rolls his eyes about while I couldn't hold it in.
"Really funny Em. Anyway. Are you coming to that event thing on Saturday?"
"The Abercrombie thingie? Yeah why?"
If he wanted me to tell he's coming I would be genuinely suprised.
"Because McLaren and Abercrombie have a partnership so I'm coming, too. Why are you coming if not for that reason?"
Now we're both confused.
"I didn't know that, but that makes sense to be honest. I'm coming because my brand has a partnership with Abercrombie, too. Wait a second, if you're coming is Lando coming too?"
I asked, hoping he would say something like 'no he's busy' or 'he doesn't want to' but I was disappointed.
"Mhm. Jup. What I wanted to ask, and that's the reason I called, too, is if you want to get there with us? And if you're staying for the after party. Of what I understood is that the first official part is with all important people and press and after that is just party."
"Uuh..no I think my brand has booked something for me to get to the venue so it's fine. And that after party thing? I don't know. I don't want June to sleep somewhere else so I was hoping to get back early but maybe I stay a little bit. I'm also not drinking so I don't want to be sober in a crowd of drunk people you know?"
The thought of it alone made me shiver.
"Yeah I can totally understand that. Oh and em?"
"What's going on between you and Lando? Why have you both been asking me about the other and why does he act strangely when someone mentions your name?"
Of course Oscar noticed.
"How would I know that?"
I tried to play it off.
"Come on Em, tell me."
It felt like he read my mind.
"Alright I'll tell you on Saturday okay? It's not the topic to discuss over the phone, trust me on that one."
I sighed frustrated because now I didn't only have to worry about Lando but about Oscar, too.
"Okay then. See you on Saturday."
"See you."

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