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After I posted my statement, everything settled down a little bit. A lot of fans sent their apologies and ignoring the hate, people were nice and understanding. I fell back on the sofa, watching Lando and June messing around. Now that she stood up all by herself he was trying to get her to do it again but she just won't.
"She'll probably do it again when we are distracted like last time" I laughed and he sent me a glare. "But what if I'm not around then? I really want to see her standing." he whined.
"If she stands up I'm taking a picture for you. Or call you. Whatever you want." I promised again. It wasn't like I haven't said it before nooo.
"Well okay. Fine. Maybe calling me in the next few days isn't recommended tho. I'm in Amsterdam with Martin on Saturday, Sunday is my flight to Miami already and tomorrow I'm..meeting up with someone." He explained his oh so busy life. I nodded for every point on his calendar until the last one. It sounded suspicious the way he said it so I raised an eyebrow. "Meeting up with someone? Why so mysterious all of a sudden?" I grinned jokingly.
Lando was shy all of a sudden and hesitated to answer "It's this girl I've been meeting-" he started shyly but I interrupted him immediately: "oh god sorry I didn't want to be nosy. You don't need to tell me anything if you don't want to, it's not like you need to tell me all of your secrets just because you're the father of my daughter." I stumbled over my own words. Of course I noticed that I liked him more than I thought I did but that doesn't mean he does with me. The main goal was to make parenting together work for June anyway.
"No it's fine. It's not serious yet though. I don't know maybe it'll be something in the future but we're just friends at the moment. Oh and I don't think you're nosy. This is about June. I won't let anyone meet June until I talked to you about it." He clarified and I just nodded in agreement.
"Thank you for your honesty. Well June needs to eat now and then heads to bed. You can stay if you want. I could show you her Photoalbum after she went to bed?" I asked with a glimpse of hope that he would stay and also to avoid the topic. I honestly didn't want to talk about him going out with other women right now.
"We can totally do that. I'd like to learn about her bedtime routine, too. What is our little girl having tonight?" He cooed while he picked up June. Gosh this guys is doing that on purpose right? There's no way he doesn't realize what he's doing with me. I don't think he even noticed that he said 'our girl'.
"Emily?" He asked a little worried, looking at me.
"Hm? Oh sorry. Let's see..she's having some green asparagus with mashed potatoes and diced potato pieces so she can decide along with a few chicken stripes." I quickly answered after being ripped out of my thoughts.
"Oh June that sounds yummy huh?" He said while he held her up in the air and played airplane. June laughed and giggled so much, my heart almost couldn't take the cuteness.
I started to prepare Junes food which didn't took that long so I asked Lando to put her in the high chair.
"You can feed her if you want but she usually wants to eat by herself. With her hands." I laughed but Lando was so sure he could do it.
Well safe to say he was wrong. Very wrong. June complained half of the time but the other half was actually gold. She wanted to share her food with Lando and even though she hasn't had much of it, she managed to ruin his shirt completely.
I almost laid on the ground laughing at him and his frustrated try to wipe it off but it was hopeless.
"I told you so!" I laughed at him but he just rolled his eyes.
"I know I know. Do you have a spare shirt in my size by chance? A little someone smeared all of her potato mash in mine." He said with an accusing look at June.
"Maybe you're lucky and Paul left one of his. I'm gonna look." I said, wiping my tears of laughter on the way to the bedroom. Paul indeed left one of his shirts the last time he spent a night over. He sometimes does that when we have to leave early or when I need help with June.
"Here" I threw the shirt at Lando.
"Thanks" he answered and caught the shirt.
While he changed, I cleaned the kitchen and prepared everything for Junes bath.
Everything after that just went on smoothly and to my surprise June fell asleep really fast even though Lando was here. Normally when someone she really likes is here, she won't sleep until she passes out of exhaustion. I quietly closed the door to her room and sighed relived.
"She seems to feel very comfortable around you. Otherwise she wouldn't be asleep yet." I said, sitting down next to Lando with the photo book.
"I'm glad to hear that." He answered but all he wanted was to look at the photos.
"It's not finished yet, because it's meant to be for the first year and she isn't one yet obviously, but yeah just look at it yourself."
I giggled and handed him the book. It wasn't just filled with photos but with small little details as well. For example her first little curl or the first little hat she wore.
"She's so tiny here." He pointed at a picture right after June was born.
"Only 50cm" I beamed, leaning in his shoulder to get a better view on the pictures. "She grew up so fast." I said and he nodded. "I can't even imagine her being that small." He smiled and I could see the love for June in his face. I stared at him while he looked at the photos.
We went through the whole album and after that I told him everything he wanted to know.
"She's getting a lot more cheeky lately, too. Last week, she waited until I left the room for a moment to open up a tube with some cream or something and smeared it all over herself, when I came back she acted like she didn't do anything and smiled at me like an angel. Unbelievable. And that at only 8 months old. Imagine what she'll be doing in a few months." I laughed. Now that I look back at it, it was funny but to clean the mess? No thank you.
"No way she did that." He laughed. "Baby's are smarter than we think they are huh."
"Oh yes they are." We continued laughing over story's until Lando had to leave at some point.
"Well thank you for today. See you and June in Miami then? As my lucky charm?" He smiled cheeky.
"Miami? I don't think that's one of the races I'm attending. Sorry. But I'm sure you'll do great no matter what." I shrugged. It wasn't up to me which races I went to and which I don't.
"Oh come one. I'll get a pass for you. Miami will be great for promo and stuff you know?" He nearly begged me.
We discussed for a few more minutes until I gave in and he promised me to get me a paddock pass and everything I needed.
"Now go and have fun with Martin on Saturday." I said, pushing him out of the door jokingly.
He just laughed and then left so I closed the door and had a little evening debrief with myself.
God I need to get my feelings under control. I can't fall in love with Lando Norris now.

A/n: again sorry for the late update but I wanted to thank all of you for the love and support for the story 🫶 took me some time to upload because I'm still trying to realize that LANDO IS A GRAND PRIX RACE WINNER NOW?!? So so proud, he deserved it so much and I still can't believe it actually happened.

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