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He sat across from me at the table and looked at me. I looked back at him with a small smile. We had the usual small talk like 'what an exhausting day', 'what a beautiful hotel room, mine looks exactly the same' or 'June is asleep right?' So now we were kinda stuck. I bit my lip, trying to come up with something to break the silence. The only thing that came up wasn't really innovative but I guessed it'll do it.
"Do you want something to drink? We could order room service if you want something." I asked. Creative way to start a conversation, I know.
"Nah it's alright I don't need anything." He answered so I decided to make the move because otherwise we would end up in silence again and that wasn't an option.
"Well so I kind of don't really know where to start honestly but aside from all the information about June we should definitely talk about how to manage all this. I think it would be good if you see her more often and spend time with her but I don't know if it's clever to do that alone yet. Don't get me wrong, she totally likes you and gets excited to see you since day one but she is used to me being with her all the time." I stated cautiously and bloody nervous. I stumbled over my own words and articulated a lot. I expected contradiction or something but Lando just smiled at me in response.
"Don't worry I totally get that. I didn't expect you to just give her to me on a weekend or something." He told me. It was like he studied every bit of me. That's how he sat there and it made me even more.
"I can show you everything when we're back in the UK that's a lot easier. I have a thousand photos of her on my phone but to see the Photoalbum in person is much better?" It was more like a question because I wasn't sure if he's okay with that.
"Yeah sure that's reasonable. It's kind of embarrassing but I mean you need to teach me how to do all this stuff. You know with babies. I barely see my nieces so I hadn't been in contact with babies that much." When he talked about his nieces he looked so proud.
"You will learn all these things just like I did. I'm a little bit worried about you being away often though. Of course I'm at a few races but I can't be at every single one and I don't know. I really want this to work." There was a sudden change of emotions for me. I went from 'I don't want him to be in our lives' to 'I absolutely want him to be there for June' in no matter of time. He somehow sensed that and leaned over to take my hand.
"You're right. That's what I was thinking as well but the races that are that far away are almost over and then we're racing in Europe a lot so I will be in the UK anyway every week and definitely won't miss out to see her."
He gave me an assuring smile which was meant to calm me down. Safe to say it worked. I was flooded with warmth and happiness just from his touch. Why? I didn't know myself to be honest.

We talked about minor things and planned when he's able to come and see June.
The whole conversation got me all excited. I just knew that June will be so happy to see Lando more frequently even though she hasn't seen him that often yet. For some reason she knew that he wasn't just anyone for her. I think she sensed that he was a special person and that's why she trusted him that much already.
"Oh and I wanted to say one more thing. I guess we're seeing each other as well so in order to make it work we should get along. And that's why I forgive you for not telling me what happened."
He said, still holding my hand and rubbing over it with his thumb.
I smiled at him thankfully "again I'm so sorry. I'm just so glad that this is the outcome."
"Yeah me too. Do you mind going out for dinner together tomorrow? Carlos and a few others wanted to eat together and you know Carlos is very close to me so I want him to meet June, too" he asked. I had to think about it for a second but I'm not the only one making decisions anymore.
"Sure. As long as nothing gets out in regards of June it's fine. I'd like to gate keep her as much as possible." I shrugged and he looked relieved.
"Absolutely. A scandal about me having a child is the last thing I need right now and the others won't say anything." The spark in his eyes was so pure. He was truly excited for this new journey to start.
"Oh my god." He suddenly said. His face changed in a matter of seconds to totally shocked. Just like earlier today when he forgot about his team debrief after qualifying.
"What's wrong?" I asked. What could it be that suddenly came up to his mind that is shocking him like that. I thought it wasn't something big since he had almost the same reaction over a debrief.
"I need to tell my parents."
"Oh-" I definitely didn't expect that but it is indeed a big thing.
"Well you could call them now. It's only half past five in the UK. They won't be asleep yet. Right?"
I was sure. And then I wasn't anymore and I didn't want to mess something up again by phrasing something wrong.
"Yeah nah they won't but I can't drop a bomb like that from across the world. Imagine June calls you and tells you she has a child all of a sudden." He stood up and walked around the room just like I did before.
"Whoa whoa whoa. I mean yes you're right but June is only 8 months old so don't you dare talk about my grandchildren yet." I pointed my finger at him and he stopped walking. The smile on his face was about to turn into laughter.
"My bad, don't get angry with me mummy."
He chuckled. 'That was kinda hot' I thought and looked at him for another 5 seconds before I responded: "okay so I suggest to tell them in person. Oh and from my experience it's easier to tell a sibling first who joins the conversation. After that, suggest them to meet June."
He listened carefully and nodded after every thing I said. "Okay so step one, tell a sibling. I don't know who's best suited for this." He turned away again thinking about his siblings and I decided to help him. "Maybe Oliver. He already has two children so he knows what it feels like to like." I suggested and he spun around immediately. "Where do you know my brother's name from?" He asked as if he wasn't a public person. I could literally go and google 'Lando Norris family' and a whole f1wiki post would come up.
I looked at him with a shy smile. "I'm not a stalker I promise. I just saw your post with Mila and then found Savannah's and Oliver's Instagram. Two really adorable girls and Athena is around Junes age." I explained to him, trying not to sound like a total creep.
"Okay that makes sense. Well I think you might be right. Oliver does know how fatherhood feels like so I will tell him now. Thanks again. See you tomorrow." I couldn't even say goodbye properly because he walked out of my hotel room with the phone in his hands to call Oliver.
"Yeah, see you tomorrow."
I headed into bed immediately, sighing when I hit the mattress.
Gosh what an eventful day, I thought and feel asleep right after,

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