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June was not having it today. As soon as we arrived at the track she was grumpy again and everything I did was wrong so she cried quite a lot. In general, everything was a bit stressful. There were lots of people inside the hospitality and the garage as well because it rained and no one wanted to get wet. It was nap time for June but because everyone was inside the buildings there was no space for a bit privacy or silence.
"Hang on June mummy is going to organize something so you can take your much needed nap. And so can I." I mumbled.
To my disadvantage there was nobody that I knew or could ask. I haven't seen Lando or Oscar in the last hour and all their team members were gone too. They all vanished.
Of course I knew that they were preparing for the race but they had to be somewhere right?
I started to wander around and somehow ended up at the driver rooms again. Well I just knew one room which was Lando's because I followed him up here yesterday and I didn't want to risk to walk in a strangers room I slipped inside Lando's room. I took a deep breath, enjoying the moment of silence and took a look around the room. It wasn't really tidy. There were clothes and stuff all over the room but I didn't really care.
June whined again so I hurried up a little. I quickly got ready to nurse her and sat down. With a cloth over her head and some gentle strokes she fell asleep immediately and I just stayed like this for a while.
When I heard some voices from outside I just hoped it wouldn't be Lando but a few moments later the door opened and he stepped inside. He didn't see me at first but when he turned around and saw me sitting in his room he jolted.
My finger went up to my mouth to show him to be silent before he could say anything.
"Jeez what are you doing here? I almost had a heart attack." He whisper-screamed.
"I know I'm so sorry but there were too many people and June was so tired. I wanted to ask you but I couldn't find anyone I know so I went up here." I answered, whispering as well.
"It's okay I just didn't expect you to be here. Are you two okay now tho? Do you need anything?" He asked and I smiled. He was extremely gentle right now and I couldn't even think about how we kinda hated each other two days ago. "I'm fine and June is full and asleep now so I guess she's fine now too. What about you? Are you okay?" I smiled at him and he sat down across from me. "I'm okay. Im just not really confident about the race and the team shares the feeling. About me at least." He shrugged it off like it was nothing but I knew he was extremely disappointed in himself.
"I'm sure you can do it. I've seen you overtaking a lot of cars in one race so you can do it again." I assured him and he smiled shyly at the ground.
"Thank you Em." I just nodded. "So what are you up to? Do you have any rituals before the race?"
I may had some other goals then just asking out of curiosity.
"I usually just try to calm down and listen to music. Very loud." He whispered with a glance on Junes feet which is the only part he can see from her right now.
"If you need us to leave then-" "no no it's fine really. You're welcome to stay." He interrupted me.
"Oh by the way. I need to pee really bad. Could you take her?." I dressed myself properly again and took away the cloth.
"Of course. Uhm. How do I hold her?"
He was really insecure all of a sudden.
"Just sit down I'll give her to you." I said while I stood up and he sat down instead. I carefully laid June in his arms so that she won't wake up. "Is it comfortable for you like that?" He just nodded in response without looking at me because his gaze was stuck to June's sleeping face. I smiled and quickly took a photo of them.
"Everything you might need is in the bag. I'll be right back." I opened the door.
"Uh huh." Was the only thing Lando said before I left.
I took my time in the bathroom to give Lando and June some time together. Well. To give Lando some time with June since she's asleep but whatever.
On my way back, I met Zak.
"Oh hey Emily. So nice to see you. You know we weren't been able to talk that much and this weekend is so busy because the sprint race and stuff but how are you? Is everything after your liking?" He's asked sincerely and I smiled politely at him.
"Yes. Thank you so much for inviting me again, I always enjoy the races and root with the team."
He nodded relived.
"Thank god none of the boys are going on your nerves." We both laughed. Oh if only he knew.
"I wouldn't say they don't but I can deal with it. They're not too bad." He raised an eyebrow.
"Well okay. If they get too cocky tell them my kind regards and I promise you they will stop."
He chuckled. "I will." I answered before we parted ways again.
When I entered Lando's room again, Lando still sat there just like when I left. It seemed like he didn't move one bit and when I looked closely I wasn't even sure if he breathed normally.
He looked up and smiled.
"Hey. You know you can move right?" I giggled.
"Oh yeah I know. I just don't want her to wake up because of me." He whispered.
Lando's gaze was entirely devoted to June and mine to Lando. The way he looked at her was just- I couldn't describe it.
"I feel like I can catch up everything I missed just by looking at her. I know that's not how it works but she's just..so beautiful." His whisper became quieter.
I could feel the lump in my throat and my eyes watering.
"Stop, you're making me cry." I said hoarsely.
"I promise, you won't miss anything anymore. I'll keep you updated with every single thing she does when you're not around. You won't miss anything. I promise." I repeated myself not only to make it clear but also to hold back my tears.
I sat down next to Lando and we just sat in silence for another 15 minutes.
When June woke up she looked at Lando, started so smile widely and stretched her arms.
"Oh hey Baby. I think that was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life and I almost had a heart attack because of the overload of your cuteness but don't worry. I'll be fine." He cooed.
She was in a really good mood after she woke up. She babble around, tried to imitate us and fidgeted around.
"You said she started to crawl right?" He asked and moved to the ground with June, putting her down in front of him. I sat across from him, calling for June to crawl over to me
and after that, we created a core memory.

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