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"I think I'm traumatized forever" we sat in the car and Lando still complained after 15 minutes because he had to change the nappy.
"Don't be such a crybaby, I change at least 3 of those everyday since 8 months." I responded to his complaints.
"Okay fine you won. But still. How can a small human like her produce a smell like that."
We both laughed.
"I don't know but more important: tell me about your plan again. You introduce me as a friend of Oscar and you and then?" I nervously asked.
"You don't need to worry that much. I'll tell them you're a friend of mine and that you don't want June to be on any pictures. That's it." He assured me and I took a deep breath. I still worried because of a lot of things. Will there be fans? Paparazzi? Media?
"Plus they all have experienced disasters with the media and stuff so they will understand and respect your decision." When we stopped at a red light, he smiled at me and took my hand. He rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand and I immediately relaxed a little and smiled back at him.
"Thank you." I whispered. Lando nodded and focused on the street.
10 minutes later, we stood in front of a fancy restaurant. Someone parked the car for us and Lando was busy talking to someone he knew from somewhere.
"Look June, there's a cat."
I pointed at the stray cat and bent down so June could see it better. She screamed out of excitement because she loved cats but the cat got scared of the sudden noise and ran away.
"Well next time screaming at the cat won't be the right thing to do if you want to pet it." I laughed.
Lando indicated to us that we could go in.
"Alrighty June ready? What am I saying, you love people, I'm the one who needs to be ready."
I took a deep breath and went inside with Lando.
We greeted everyone and they all were really nice. Penelope, Kelly's daughter, loved June. She stood next to me as soon as I sat down next to Oscar and asked if she could play with her.
P was so gorgeous and nice so I asked a waiter to bring us a high chair so June could sit by herself.
The two of them drew together although June wasn't able to hold the pens properly or draw a picture, P stayed patient and helped her.
"They're so cute together. How old is she?" Kelly asked, smiling.
"Oh she's 8 months old. We're doing big steps lately. Crawling, standing, teething and so on."
I responded, smiling back at her.
"That's an amazing time. Very emotional, but amazing how many milestones they do in that age." She beamed and I nodded.
"I can only agree, I'm crying most of the time lately and no one understands why. Happy tears." I shrugged.
We talked for a while until I saw Carlos joining in. Lando immediately stood up before he reached the table and talked to him for a few minutes. Based on his facial expression and the way he looked at me and June he told him about June. It was kinda funny to see his shocked face. His face was so easy to read. Like an open book. The change from totally shocked to unsure about how to react and then happy was just hilarious. Suddenly, they both looked at me with a smile and caught me staring at them. I quickly looked away but to my regret they came over. How do I always end up in these embarrassing situations? I don't understand how this happens.
"Hey Emily. I'm Carlos. And this is June right? Beautiful daughter." He introduced himself and winked while I just rolled my eyes. She looked a lot like Lando and Lando was good looking. That's what Carlos meant and I can't disagree with that.
"Thank you. Nice to meet you Carlos." I greeted him a bit shy. It was unreal for me to meet a lot of Lando's friend even though we were basically enemies a few days ago but I honestly enjoyed meeting new people after all this time of changing diapers and being spit on.
I had some very interesting conversations about the Great Barrier Reef with Oscar, skiing with Martin, Kelly's and Penelopes Japan trip with them obviously. Later I talked to Alex and Charles about their new puppy Leo and Carlos told me a lot about his appendicitis and his dad's appendicitis. Weird, I know.
I laughed a lot without having to worry about anything. June and P still played like two little angles. The only thing I noticed was Lando staring at me. No not at June, he stared at me. The whole time. He didn't talk much to anyone, he just smiled and stared at me so I gave my all to avoid eye contact. That's the reason I talked to everyone and got to know them. Of course I liked them all but that was my main reason to be honest. In a moment where Lando talked to Martin and Max I lost myself in his side profile.
I've never seen someone with a jawline like his and-
"Emily why are you alone in China? Where's your boyfriend?" Charles asked and I was startled out of my trance.
"Hm? Oh uh well because I don't have a boyfriend." I said and it felt a little bit like a confession.
Charles panicked a little "oh my god I'm so sorry that was rude. I thought..I don't know because of June." He spilled and I just laughed it off.
"Don't worry it's fine. I get that quite a lot."
"So you're single parenting? That must be so exhausting with all that traveling and stuff." Kelly said and I nodded now panicking myself because I didn't want to exclude Lando again but feared that if I said I don't single parent anymore, they would find out.
"It is, yes, but I get a lot of support so I would say we are lucky." I smiled and looked at June. She had so much fun with P.
"Again I'm sorry I asked like that" Charles apologized again.
"Don't be, it's fine, really." I assured him.
We talked for a while before June got tired so I said my goodbyes to everyone. I wanted to call an Uber but Lando insisted on driving me back to the hotel just because he drove us here earlier too.
"No Lando you really don't have to. Have your fun. Celebrate your win. Well it wasn't really a win, but P2 and driver of the day is a win for me. Go and celebrate it." I demanded but he just put his hand on my lower back and pushed me outside to get in the car.
My body reacted to that little touch of his hand and I got in the car just like he wanted me to.
I think this whole thing is going to turn out a lot different than what I thought it will.

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