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"Let me help you with that" Paul took the giant suitcase from me and brought it downstairs to the car. "Ah thank you." i said and took the pen out of Junes hand because she was about to put it in her mouth. "nope, pens are not good for little girls like you" I said and gave her a chewing toy. Instead of taking the toy, she threw a tantrum. It's so sudden I didn't know how to react. This was new. She never did that before and I was so overwhelmed with the situation.  "It's okay baby." I tried to calm her down and rocked her in my arms. "Look. you can chew on this. do you like the color?" She just cried heavily and threw her head back. "Ssshhh it's okay June." I tried to relax myself and with that, June started to calm down aswell. "well. Where did that came from huh?" As if nothing happened, she took the chewing toy and played with it. I took a deep breath. Paul entered the room again. "That was the last one, right? is everything okay?" he looked at us. "I don't know to be honest. June just threw her first ever tantrum because I took away a pen she was about to chew on." I shrugged. Paul looked at me, then at June. "She doesn't look like she threw a tantrum." "Yeah I know. She looks like an angel but I swear she just screamed at me from the depth of her lungs." He clearly didn't believe me. "Whatever, get your bag and let's go or you'll miss your flight." He said and gestured to the door. "You betrayed me here June, you can't act like nothing happened after you cried like that. I thought you were hurt or something." I said while I got my bag and left our apartement, closing the door behind me.

I normally weren't nervous for a long flight with June because she's been so good with them until now but the incident earlier changed that. Something was up and I could feel it but i just didn't know what it was.

"June can you belive that we're going to China? you can show it off to your aunts." She just looked around curiously. Her mood is not too bad right now, I thought as I stepped inside the plane and regreted it right after. The second we sat down, June got really really whiny. I tried everything from that point to lighten up her mood but nothing could do it so we spend the entire flight with those bad moods, tantrums and 20 minute naps in between. When we finally landed in Shanghai, I just wanted to leave the plane as fast as possible. The other guests were really annoyed with us and even though I tried my best to calm June down and apologized a million times, I felt bad.

We walked out of the airport with June whining in her carrier again. "I know you're in a very bad mood baby, but you need to hang on a little okay?" I said to June while I put all the bags and suitcases in the taxi. Just before I got inside the taxi I saw someone looking at me. You guessed it, Lando looked straight at me with a stern look on his face. Looked like he just landed here, too. The day was super duper long and exhausting and seeing him felt like the little bit of energy that was left in my body left all of a sudden but V's and Hannah's suggestions about making Lando fall in love with June so he changes his mind came up in my mind. The whole situation kind of ruined this plan, because June cried and I looked like an overwhelmed mum with unmade hair and make up but I stood up straight and smiled at him. For a split second he looked suprised but I couldn't see his expression after because I got in the taxi that brought us to our hotel.

The evening went on pretty smooth since we were both completely done and just fell asleep after i fed June. We woke up early in the morning and the first thing I did was calling my mum to ask her for help. June woke up and was in a good mood for about 30 minutes and then got all whiny again so I didn't know what to do anymore.

" Emily, good to hear from you. I thought you arrived much earlier and started to worry about you two.". "Hey mum. I'm sorry, we arrived and just fell asleep yesterday." I apalogized. "Don't be sorry my dear, you must've been so exhausted after that long flight. How was the flight?" She asked and I sighed "Really really exhausting for sure. June is in such a bad mood since yesterday. She threw her first tantrum over nothing and cries a lot. She never cried so much before mum and I don't know whats wrong. Even after waking up she got whiny almost immediatly." I said with all my frustration. "That's completely normal in her age dear. Is she chewing on things more lately?" I thought about it "Umm. Yes, I assume. How do you know?" When I turned around I saw June sitting on the floor with a toy giraffe in her mouth. "You should check her mouth then, maybe she's teething." she said excitedly. "Wait you mean teething as in she's getting her first tooth? Wait I'll check." I laid my phone down for a second. "Baby can you open your mouth for mummy real quick?" trying to open her mouth so I can have a look, I got pushed away. "Just a small glance come on." She eventually let me take a look. At first sight I saw nothing but when I took a closer look I saw a small part of a front tooth. "Oh my god!" I shrieked and got back to my phone. "Mum she's getting her first tooth!" I heard her giggling. "That's probably the reason, she's whiny. She's under pain. But don't worry, thats completely normal. There are gels that reduce the pain and I used frozen berries or biting toys for you girls to cool it." Words couln't describe how thankful I was in that moment. "Thank you mum. Ill get going to get all that. I love you." I hung up and picked June up from the floor, spinning her around in the air. "You're getting your first tooth. You're growing way too fast do you know that?"

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