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"Lan, I need a debrief."
"A debrief?" I nodded and he thought about it for a second. "Yeah I got you." He smiled at me, the lights of the street made his green eyes shine even more, making me flustered again so I looked out the window instead of him.
He didn't tell me where we were driving and neither of us started talking so I just waited.
20 minutes later we arrived in a Mcdrive. I looked at Lando, a smile emerging on my face already. He looked back at me, also smiling.
"Really? McDonald's?" I asked laughing.
Lando just shrugged. "The best debriefs are with food so what do you want? No wait actually let me choose for you." He drove to the speaker "hello, can we get 20 chicken nuggets, large fries and a large vanilla milkshake please? Oh and a capri sun. And could you put two straws for the Milkshake please? Perrrfect thank you."
He ordered everything, then paid and after that drove to the parking lot.
"You're unbelievable." I laughed. He did all this for me because we just introduced me and our daughter to his parents. The thought of it alone was so surreal.
"Okay but- no- I don't even know where to start. Your parents are SO nice like for real it felt like I was their daughter." I started the debrief. Lando prepared everything and already munched a chicken nugget.
"I told you. They really seemed to love you though." He took out the capri sun.
"You know June is asleep right? She doesn't drink sugary drinks anyway." I took a fry, Lando looked at me with shock all over his face.
"I know because it's not for June. Do you even know me? It's for me you muppet." He shook his head in disbelief, disappointment all over his face. I couldn't believe that I was sitting with a 24 year old, grown man and father of my daughter in a car drinking a capri sun like a little boy.
My mouth opened in disbelief as well, I didn't even know what to say to that.
"You're not kidding right?" I laughed, closing my eyes and then decided to just go on with the debrief. "You're a child in the body of a grown up. Anyway. Your house is so beautiful as well. All the pictures and trophies. Your parents must be so proud of all of you."
"They are. But they worked hard for it as well. I think even the hardest. To have 4 children and making all of them as successful as they are now is hard. I sometimes regret that I was the way I was as a child." He explained.
"Oh no don't be. You sacrificed a lot, too and you were just a child Lan."
he listened to me while he dipped his chicken nugget in the Milkshake as if it was the most normal thing to do. My mouth opened in shock again and when Lando noticed that I stopped talking he checked if I still looked at him. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked
"You did not just dip your chicken nugget in the milkshake." I scoffed.
"Yes I did. It's a secret but it's really good. Trust me." I couldn't believe what he just said and when he did it again to give one to me for me to taste it I had enough. "Nah ah. I won't eat that. Never in a hundred years."
We discussed for a while because he wanted me to try his weird craving so bad, but I didn't give in.
"Fine." Lando shrugged "Your loss."
I shook my head while i took a sip of the milkshake. For some reason Lando wanted one at the same time and instead to wait he leaned over to use the second straw. This could've been all cheesy and romantic like in high school movies but it wasn't. Not at all. Landos head bumped into mine so he basically gave me a headbutt.
"Ow. I'm sorry." He apologized but had to laugh right after. It was so dumb for some reason so I joined in trying not to spit out the milkshake, almost choking on it.
"Well that will be a big bump." I laughed.
"Yeah not everything on you can be perfect all the time so that's fine don't worry." He casually said.
At this point I wasn't sure if he did these thing on purpose or if he's just blind because there's no way he kisses me, introduces me to his parents plus forgetting to tell them about his relationship, trying to be romantic with a shared milkshake and saying things like that.
"Turning red again? You were red like a tomato earlier when my mum said that we would be a cute couple." The grin in his face told me everything I needed to know.
"Don't make fun of me." I threw a fry at him, "it was really embarrassing. How can you forget to tell your parents about you and Claire?" I asked but Lando just shrugged. "Well I don't want to tell them before it's something serious."
"Oh so translated you have too many girls to tell your parents about all of them and they are not your girlfriends too?" I said but I didn't really meant it. I just said it to provoke him a little but.
To my surprise Lando didn't even try to say something against it he just nodded.
"Oh sorry uh-" I stammered embarrassed because I exposed him like that, "so it's not serious with Claire?"
"I don't know to be honest. I like her. She's a nice and funny girl. It's definitely more serious than any other women in the last few months so I think it'll work out" he explained but I couldn't really listen because I heard my heart breaking. I already knew that they were together bla bla bla and he's right, Claire is perfect for him but it hurt nonetheless. Especially the fact that he had many women. It shouldn't but it did. I only realized how much I liked him in that moment, when my chest tightened and I had the urge to cry.
No one would believe this. No one would believe me that this man is all sweet and romantic all the time, sitting here with me and with our daughter in the backseat and a somehow romantic dinner, telling me about his girlfriend. Was this even real?
At this point I wasn't sure if I could feel any worse but he managed to put a cherry on top: "what about you and Noah?"
I made a confused "huh?"
"Noah and you?" He repeated.
I didn't know if he could be any more blind but fine. I really didn't want him to know how bad it went with Noah and how I felt in that moment so I pulled myself together and told him a lie, trying not to sound as if I'm about to cry. "Oh yeah." I cleared my throat "we met again and were texting a lot. I like him. He's nice and sweet."
He nodded, said nothing so we sat in silence for a while. I used that moment to get my emotions under control again. There was no reason for me to be hurt and sad because he said nothing that I didn't know before. It was fine.
"Your sister is a great baker by the way."
"I know right? It's the worst when I come home and she made Nutella brownies but I can't eat any." He sighed theatrically. "I want you to meet them next time. You'll love them and they can continue telling you stories about me like mum. So embarrassing." Then he widened his eyes as if he remembered something. "Mum didn't show you all the pictures right? Please tell me she left out the embarrassing naked ones." He begged but I shook my head to his disappointment.
"I'm sorry but she went all in." I laughed. "They were cute though, don't worry."
Lando scrunched his face in embarrassment while I just laughed at him. We looked in each other's eyes until I noticed a reflection in his.
When I realized what it was I jumped out of the car excitedly, leaving Lando in the car completely confused.
"Get out of the car Lan. Look at the stars." Completely mesmerized I looked up. I lived in London so I barely get to see a lot of stars because it's always so bright in the city but here in a suburb of Bristol the sky was much clearer and the stars lit up the whole sky.
"Wow.." I breathed "they're beautiful."
"You act like you've never seen stars in your life." He joked about me. I hit his shoulder indignantly.
"Haha. But you're right. They're beautiful." He whispered but it felt like he didn't finish his sentence. I looked at him looking up to the sky, waiting for him to finish his sentence but he didn't so I looked back up.
We enjoyed the silence and the view until I started freezing.
"Let's go, or else you'll get sick or something."
I smiled about the way he cared for me and got back in the car, thinking about what he wanted to say the whole ride home.

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