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We stood in a crowd of people in front of the podium where Sergio Perez just appeared and got cheered on. June pointed at the screen where Lando's face was shown and she couldn't stop to babble.
"Lando Norris takes the second place of the Chinese Grand Prix!" Then he came running from the cooldown room to step on the podium.
"Look June, who is that?" I pointed at him and she was so happy to see him. "Dadadada" June babbled, clapping her hands and fidgeting around.
Lando performed really really well in the race. He started 10th and finished second. Overtaking so many cars in one race when you expected to perform bad on a certain track is just stunning and everyone was so proud of him. Including himself and obviously his team that cheered loud in front of me.
He searched the crowd for someone until his eyes met mine and he smiled, then he looked at June and waved at her. Of course no one noticed because we stood right behind his team so it looked like he waved at them.
After the three of them got their trophies, we listened to the Dutch national anthem and of course to the Austrian anthem, too.
The best part of the podium celebration followed right after: Lando's famous champagne pop.
I just hoped everyone around me took a video of that so I could rewatch it later.

I woke up to a knock on the door. June laid beside me, snuggled into my arms, still sleeping. It took me a few minutes to realize where I was and what time it was but I then jumped out of the bed, careful to not wake June from her nap and ran to the door. Before I opened it I quickly fixed my hair.
"Hey Lando. I'm so sorry. I fell asleep with June during her nap. Am I late again?" I blurted.
He just chuckled and came in.
"Relax. I kinda have a Deja vu. We had the same situations this morning. To answer your question: you're not late, I just wanted to come early so I can prepare you and spend a little bit time with June. Is she still asleep?" He asked, already looking into the bedroom.
I nodded. "Yeah she is. What do you mean preparing me? We're just eating with some of your friends right?" I suspiciously asked.
Lando fell on the sofa and I looked at him properly for the first time. I had to admit that he looked really good in that outfit and I didn't like that I thought this way.
He didn't look me in the eye and played with his fingers.
"Lando? What's wrong? Say it" I demanded.
"Well..one thing lead to another and we're kinda a big group now. Not more than 10 people tho. But Carlos talked to Charles about it, he talked to his girlfriend and Andrea and his other friend. Then Martin asked me if I was busy so I invited him and Max, Kelly and Penelope will come along with Martin since they're friends. Oh but Oscar is coming too so you will know someone. Well that's more than 10 people. I'm so sorry, if that's too much for you and June then we could cancel and stay here or go out alone." He spilled and I was a bit taken aback,
"Whoa. How did that happen. I mean it's a big group. Does everyone know that you're her father?" I sat down next to him and he shook his head. "No still just Oscar. I didn't even tell Carlos yet." Lando finally looked at me and I smiled back at him.
"It's fine. I know I can trust everyone so let's have some fun. Did you tell Oliver?" I asked.
"Oh yes totally forget to tell you. He was shocked but afterward so happy and I wanted to send him some pictures but I noticed I don't have any so maybe you can send me some? I got the one from earlier that's my new wallpaper now." He beamed and not only his mouth smiled but his eyes, too. There was a sparkle that made my heart flatter like crazy.
A few minutes later, his phone made about 30 notification sounds. "That's a lot." He laughed.
"Oh if only you knew what my gallery looks like."
I winked. "Anyway. I'm waking June now or she won't sleep tonight."
When I walked in the bedroom she smiled at me with her big blue eyes "Mamamawamaha" she babbled and I beamed at her "hey baby. Mummy is here. You know who else is here? Daddy came to visit you again." I walked back to the sofa and sat down next to Lando. "She's in a really good mood after her naps lately. That's a bit unusual."
I explained.
"Hey June. Did you sleep well? Mummy says you're in a good mood huh. You're a happy baby."
He cooed but June didn't really listen. Instead she pulled down my shirt. I just laughed while Lando looked away immediately.
"Not only a happy but also a hungry baby. Can you give me that cloth please?"
Lando hurried to give me what I needed, still not looking at me.
"Thank you." I giggled. "You know you don't need to look away? That's something completely normal and it's not like you haven't seen them before." I laughed while I started to nurse June.
Lando looked me in the eyes again.
"I just didn't want you to think I want to stare at you or something. Feels intimate for some reason but you're right. That's nature. Is it weird to produce food for another human with your own body?" He then asked and I bursted out laughing.
"It was in the beginning. It wasn't easy for the both of us in the first few weeks. She was malnourished and didn't take the breast so I worried a lot and blamed myself for not being able to feed her properly but after 8 months of nursing her it feels like she sucked me completely dry." I looked down at June who looked back at me. Her hand reached out for me but ended up scratching me multiple times again like usual.
"I can imagine that it was a tough time for you alone with a newborn." Lando whispered and I nodded in response.
"Yeah it was. I cried a lot during that time and doubted every single decision I made but now we're here. It's still hard sometimes but we have you now." I looked up and smiled at him thankfully.
"Yeah I am. I'm here now." He took my hand and smiled back at me. Why did that feel like a moment? Like sparks between us?
"Can you burp her? I want to change my top to something not that see through before we leave."
I asked when June finished. He was a bit overwhelmed when I laid the cloth over his shoulder and handed him June but he just nodded.
"You don't know how right?" I laughed at him.
"No not really." He looked at me helplessly.
"Don't worry. Just hold her upright on your shoulder and gently pat her back until, well, until she burps. Sometimes she spits a little bit of milk so that's what the cloth is there for." I explained and he did exactly what I said.
"Just like that. Naturally talented. Okay I'll be right back." I left the room.
"We did it June. You know I'm not very experienced in all that stuff but we're learning together now. High five. Okay yeah fist bump seems fine too. Gosh you're so cute" I heard him cooing again.
I brought him a little dress for June and some tights.
"Ready for the next step? She needs a new nappy and after that I thought she could dress up a little when we're meeting so many people so she can brag with her cuteness even more." Holding up everything he needed I sat down next to him again.
"Oh god. I don't know if I'm ready for that." He gulped and I just laughed at him.
"But I know. You are. Let's go. You can drive a Formula one car with 230 miles per hour so you can change a nappy too."
At the end I laid on the floor, laughing and crying while he struggled. A lot.

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