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Okay I didn't like this at all. I sat across Lando and Oscar, a member of their social media team next to me.
We brainstormed a few posts for the online presentation of our cooperation and of course they want something like challenges to get to know us better. Great.
Trust me when I say I know them enough to work with them.

I didn't say a thing though, I just looked at the ideas and agreed with them. Why? Because since the  moment I walked in the room, Lando didn't stop staring at me. We hugged to greet each other and now he just looks at me. I can't even read what's in his mind. His face didn't tell a thing and that made me nervous.

I loved my Job but I wasn't into these kind of things. It's just that I'm more of an introvert and it seems that I'm not the only one in this room. Both, Lando and Oscar, didn't like the ideas either. I could tell from their faces.
This was going to get interesting.

After we planned when and where we do the videos for the YouTube channels, we filmed Tiktoks.
Yes. I wasn't pleased by that idea either.
Lando still looked at me even when I was filming. There was a new TikTok trend we did and I had to start unfortunately.

"I'm a model, of course I get a lot of clothes without having to pay for them." I said ironically while someone threw a bunch of clothes from the new collection at me.

Oscar was next. He sat in a car. "I'm a racing driver, of course I'm speeding all the time, even when I'm not on track."
He said shrugging and starting the motor very loudly.

I giggled behind the camera. Oscar was really good at this.
It was my turn again.
"I'm a model. Of course I'm not meant to have a privat life and need to be ready to pose for a paparazzi at anytime."
A lot of flashlights gone off to imitate the flash of many cameras as I posed.

Lando was one of them, but he smiled weirdly while holding his phone at me.
It was his turn and I watched him sitting at a table with board games.

"I'm a racing driver, of course all I want is to win."
Then he smashed the board game off the table.
Everyone laughed after that and we did a few more of these.

Of course it wasn't just the trend. Everything we did had little spoilers in it. The clothes they threw at me were from
Our new collection. My brand's name was on the car, the board game had Easter eggs on it, and we wore the new collection of course.

After we finished for the day I talked a bit to Oscar when Lando came walking up to us.
"Do you guys want to eat lunch together?"
He asked and I was suprised by that to be honest.
"I would, but Lily is waiting for me mate. Next time."
Oscar said. Then they both looked at me.
I was a little overwhelmed with the situation.
"Erm..sure why not. I need to look after June first tho so in half an hour?"
I couldn't believe I said that. Why did I do that to myself? Gosh.

"Yeah calm. Let's meet up there. I'll text you the address when you give me your number."
He said. I looked at him confused.
"My phone number?"
That was the dumbest thing you could say.
"Yeah..if you have a phone."
He laughed at me. Of course he does.

"Of course I have a phone" I mumbled, taking the phone out of his hands to type in my number, saving it with "Em" and giving it back.

We said our goodbyes and left.
As soon as both of them were out of sight I ran to Paul.
"Paul I'm so sorry I don't know why I said yes but could you watch after June for a bit longer? I'll feed her before I leave so she'll probably fall asleep."
I talked so fast he couldn't follow me till the end.

"What did you do?"
"Lando asked if Oscar and I wanted to go out for lunch and I said yes. But Oscar didn't."

"Okay but I don't see a problem with that?"
"There is no problem..I uhm..if you could just watch after June, that would be great."
The fact that he didn't know about Lando's and my past came up in my mind.

"Yeah sure. No problem."
"Great thank you. I love you."

I turned around to June. She sat there playing with a few blocks. "Hey Baby" I said, sitting down next to her.
She smiled at me widely and started to stretch her arms out for me excitedly.
"Are you in a good mood today?"
I picked her up and gave her a kiss. She laughed and we fooled around a little before I fed her.

As usual, she fell asleep while she drank so I put her in her carrier. I gave Paul everything he needed and left shortly after, to the location Lando had sent me.

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