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Why do these things always happen at the most inconvenient time? It's like life wanted me to be stressed forever.
June didn't left my side once today regardless on where we were or what we were doing. I couldn't even take a shower.
"Well I guess you don't want me to have a date today hm?"
Lily arrived on time and when she saw me she looked so confused.
"Why aren't you ready?" She asked and I just sighed motioning to June.
"I think she's about to grow another tooth so she's super clingy today. I couldn't even put her down for a shower." I explained.
Lily greeted us and June was excited to see her like always. When Lily attempted to take her, she started to whine and held on to me for dear life. R.I.P healthy and beautiful hair.
"Okay I see. You're not going to the date then right?" She asked and I shook my head.
"It would be cruel of me to go on a day like that. I was hella anxious anyway so let's just spend the evening together?" I suggested, smiling hopefully.
Lily looked at me with a stern expression that literally said 'are you kidding me?' But she eventually gave in and smiled just like me.
"Okay fine. Girls night it is, but you should tell him that you're not able to come. What's his name again? Noah?"
I just nodded in response while I searched for my phone.


Hey Noah, I'm so sorry
but we need to postpone our

Oh no. Why is that?

She's like a sloth clinging on a tree but I'm the tree in this case

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She's like a sloth clinging on a
tree but I'm the tree in this case

Uh what?

Sorry haha.
She's really clingy today
and won't let me leave her at all
I'm so sorry!

That's sad. But we'll find
Another time

Noah and I didn't text after that anymore. For some reason I felt relieved because I didn't had to worry about dressing up nicely, putting my strength into flirting even though I felt like I haven't flirted in my live before plus I could spend the day playing with June and Lily. At some point June fell asleep on my chest so we watched extremely cheesy romance movies and cried our hearts out together.

The next day, Lando and I met up again because he wanted to spend time with June so we decided to go to the beach together.
"Sooo how was your date? What was his name again?" He asked with a long o. It felt like he didn't actually want to ask but he was so curious that he couldn't resist.
"His name is Noah but we didn't go out. June wanted to be held all day so I couldn't leave her with Lily. We spent the day together instead."
I explained, fidgeting with my fingers. Talking with him about my date was a bit weird to be honest.
"I wanted to ask why you didn't ask me to look after her anyway." He wanted to know.
"I honestly didn't thought about asking you because 1 Oscar said McLaren needed him so I assumed that was for the both of you and 2 you don't know June and her needs that well you know? I'm sorry. I should've asked you." I apologized and I felt honestly guilty. At the same time I knew he would've been overwhelmed with the situation as soon as it comes to changing a diaper or making her food.
"No it's fine. You're right, we filmed the adverts for the Las Vegas Grand Prix yesterday and I went out with someone after, I just wanted to ask why you didn't ask me. You just texted that Lily would look after her and I was confused." Lando answered. I breathed our relived. Of course I noticed that he mentioned his 'friend' again. How could I not when Hannah blows up my phone with paparazzi photos of him and this girl everyday.
We settled down at the beach. I made Lando set up the beach umbrella and the shell for June since she shouldn't sit in the sun for that long. In that time I put sunscreen on June.  I had to trick her though because she hated sunscreen so much she even hit me sometimes. "Whoa June look at daddy! He fails to set up everything!" I exclaimed so she would look at Lando who indeed failed to set everything up. It kept flying away. I quickly smeared sunscreen on June and she couldn't do anything about it because she was too late. She looked at me, then at herself, totally lost.
"I was fast this time huh? It's not that bad when you don't notice it." I chuckled.
"Okay Em I tried my best but this isn't working. How does that work?" He complained, the umbrella in his hand and the shell collapsing right next to him. I couldn't do anything about my laugh and he just looked at me completely offended.
"Okay wait. You assembled it wrong here. Give me that piece. This comes here. See?" I said while I put the umbrella in the ground.
"Now this just needs a little tension." I explained, then pulled on the rim.
"How do you know all this stuff?" He asked frustrated. "Well I taught myself how to do it. Plus it's not the first time I'm doing that. But in general becoming a mum doesn't mean just being a mum but you're a designer, a seamstress, a handyman, a chef and god knows what follows when she's older." I mumbled.
"Sounds exhausting to be honest." He stated.
"Trust me, it is." I laughed while I put on sunscreen myself.
"Oh I forgot to give June her toys. Could you give them to her? My fingers are greasy from the sunscreen." I said after I noticed that June played with the fringes of the blanket and was about to eat sand again.
"Yeah sure." Lando answered then reached out for my bag to get out the sand toys.
I finished putting on sunscreen everywhere but my back because I couldn't reach it properly so I just sat there and thought about what to do. Would it be weird to ask Lando? Kind of.
My hands were still full of sunscreen as I still didn't move.
"Are you okay? You look like you are petrified or something." Lando chuckled which brought me back from my thoughts.
"Nah I'm good. Well could you help me maybe? I can't reach my back and I turn burning red like a crab in seconds." I said but it sounded more like a beg.
"Of course. Hold on." He got the sunscreen but unlike what I expected he put it on my back directly. I shrieked in surprise, and flinched from the sudden cold on my back. Lando bursted out laughing while I was still in shock with my goosebumps all over my body.
"Thanks for the warning there. Oh my god."
I snapped but had to laugh after too.
"I'm so sorry" he still laughed while he kneeled down behind me to rub in the sunscreen.
For some reason it felt like a really intimate moment all of a sudden. The way his big hands rubbed over my back and my shoulder and spread the cooling sunscreen.
God what was I thinking. I shook my head to get these thoughts out of my head.
"What? Am I doing something wrong?" Lando asked, a bit panicked. Cute.
"No no you're doing great, I just..thought of something." I said and realized a second after that I spoke to him like I speak to June. 'You're doing great sweetie'.
"I thought I hurt you or something" he said relieved. Every time he's like that I melt because of his kindness and the way he cared for others.
I cleaned my hands with some baby wipes, Lando sat next to June with her toys.
"June do you want to build a sand castle? Like a really big one with a moat?" He asked her excitedly. When she didn't understand him he just took the bucket and made a little part of the castle. He finished it off with a shell on top and attempted to do another one but June was already so excited that she destroyed the first one out of joy. Lando shot me a complaining look but I just shrugged and laughed at him.
They then tried it again but June destroyed it this time too. "Stop that June. We want to build a big sandcastle." He complained to her but she did it again at the third time. And the fourth and fifth as well. Lando was at a point where he just laughed and did it to make June laugh because she enjoyed it so much. After the sixth time he finally gave up and changed the toy.
I watched them play around a little more until I got a message. It was a picture. A paparazzi picture. To my surprise it wasn't from Hannah this time but from Noah. I zoomed in on the picture just to see Lando putting on Sunscreen for me. I quickly turned around but couldn't see anyone taking pictures. I started to panic. That's the third time in one week now.
Noah's text message beneath it followed straight after.


So cancelling our date and
then going to the beach with him?

Great. Now not only the world could see Lando and me in a what seems a lot more like an intimate moment than it was but also Noah thinks I'm with Lando and probably that I'm a whore or something. Can I get a break at some point?

A/n: I didn't really like the last chapter so I had a hard time writing a beginning for this one. Made it a bit longer than usual tho. I really hope you like it! :)

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