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One thing I learned as a mum: you're always late. I could be walking out of the door on time but arrive late anyway because of something sudden like a diaper change, a nap in the car or a forgotten pacifier. There's always something you need to got back for and that was the case today, too.

We were supposed to meet at 2 o'clock at the MTC to shoot YouTube videos but I had to change because of some tomato sauce on my top that June kindly spread there and then I had to turn around to get her favorite blanket. And now I was late.

When I dropped off June at my parents house I quickly kissed her goodbye and ran back to my car but I arrived at 2:45 o'clock at the end.

"I'm so sorry that I'm late. I had to drop off June and you know how kids are like. Probably not but anyway. I'm so sorry." I apologized to the media team that's supposed to film the videos with us.

"Happens to us all the time so don't worry. Let's get going right away tho."
Lando said while hugging me.
"Oh and.." he wiped something off my cheek with his tumb. "I assume June had tomato sauce today?" He laughed but I couldn't move. He stood very close in front of me and the situation somehow felt intimate.

I took me a second to realize what he said. "Oh my god. That's so embarrassing I'm sorry." I gave him a tissue, mums always have tissues or wipes with them trust me. "Yeah June really liked the red color of her sauce on me."
I started laughing, too.

After I greeted Oscar we sat in front of the camera at the table, a lot of snacks on it.
"Hey guys, today we're here at the MTC with a special guest."
Oscar said pointing at me.
"Hey guys, my name is Emily, you might have seen me with the McLaren boys in our new campaign."
I waved at the camera.
"Right and today we're going to taste test some snacks from different countries together."
Lando finished the intro of the video.

"So first we have something from China? Japan? Korea? I can't read it"
The package I held was colorful with some mushrooms on it.
"Oh it's Japanese. I actually learned Japanese in school for a few years."
Oscar said.
"Really? Read it then. What is it?"
Lando laughed next to me. "You can read that for real?"
Oscar shook his head.
"Uhm..nutritious and yummy..I don't know. I don't think they're nutritious tho."
"Okay fine let's just try it then."
I opened the bag.

"Oh I think I know these. They're so good."
Lando grabbed a few chocolate mushrooms and shoved them in his mouth, nodding to show us that they're good.
Oscar and I just stared at him. Then we looked at each other and started laughing.
Lando was so confused of our reaction. "Nothing"

"So it's basically a bread stick with some chocolate on top."
Lando said, giving us some.
"I could eat these all day."
He threw a few more in his mouth.
"Yeah I can see that."
Oscar laughed, taking the bag from him.
"That's a 9 out of 10 for sure"
"Mhm I agree" I said, while I watched Lando eating almost the whole bag.

"Alright let's continue."
Oscar said laughing at Lando and grabbing a bag of crisps.
"What do we have here. Looks spicy, can't read it tho." He opened the bag, sniffed and then tried one.
"It doesn't just look hot. It is."
I couldn't hold back my laughter.

"Why does your reaction on that crisps reminds me of that hot wing challenge I once did?"
He ate one and had the same reaction as Oscar.
"Guys if it's that hot I'm not eating that, unless you want me to cry like crazy for half an hour."
Yeah so they forced me to eat one at the end and I did cry because if it.

"I told you." I wiped my eyes. "Feels like torture"
"Wow okay you're a little exaggerating there."
Lando mocked me.
"I'm not. I feel like my tongue is burning right now." It was really hot I swear.
"Nah that's a 1 out of 10 because it doesn't have a taste, it's just pain. How can people eat that?"

While I suffered from the spicy crisps, Oscar and Lando tried some American stuff and after that we tried Russian and German snacks.
"I can't eat another thing. That's enough."
I said, leaning back in my chair.

"Me neither."
Lando said, eating the Japanese chocolate mushrooms.
"Yeah right. We can see that."
Oscar said and we both started to laugh.
"You guys team up against me huh?"
Lando said insulted.
"Of course we do."
Oscar and I high fived each other.
"Calm guys. Very calm."

We filmed 2 more YouTube videos. We played games and painted each other and it took a lot longer than I thought it would.
"Whoa we're finally done."
A yawn left my mouth.
"Do we have a date for the next session already?" I asked.
"I think you're supposed to come to the next race and we film another video there."
A member of the camera team said.
"Ah right I remember now."
"Will you bring June?"
Oscar asked.
"Awww do you already miss her?"
"I actually do. She grows up so fast."
He said.

"Whoa you already sound like me. She misses you too though. Well you'll see her next week, because I can't leaver her with my parents for a whole weekend yet so I'll bring her."

"So I'm meeting June too?"
Lando said excitedly.
"Yes you will if you want to."
I didn't know what to say instead.
Next weekend was going to get interesting.

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