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I could tell how relieved I was because Lando and I confessed our little, or not so little, lies. It was clearly noticeable in my mood but I still didn't respond to Lando's message even though it's been 3 days now.

It was my anxiety that kept me from texting back. I wanted to go on our not so double date so bad but everything overwhelmed me so much so I avoided the topic as much as possible instead of saying yes or no or anything at all.

Lando honestly didn't deserve to be treated like that and I felt so selfish. Again. Nothing new to me but always a not so great feeling and an unfair behavior.

Since I didn't respond, I couldn't text anything else without responding to that message because if I just ignored the message then he would sense the suspicion. And that's exactly what my problem was at the moment: I had to go to Monaco because of a really important casting but I couldn't leave June with anyone in the UK. My plan was to ask Lando if he wants to look after her for a few hours but that would mean I had to text him.

I was aware that Oscar was in Monaco for the Grand Prix de historique as well but I wanted to ask Lando first so that was the dilemma I had.
I sighed heavily, forcing myself to text him.


When do you have time for
our "double date"? 😉

Hey Lando, sorry for responding
So late. I will look for a day but
thats honestly not the reason I texted.
I need to be in Monaco for a casting
and I wanted to ask you if you could
watch after June for a few hours?

Depends on the day but
I'd love to! I'll need really detailed
instructions on how to do what tho


That's no problem at all

I'll land on Monday at 8:30 but
the casting is at 10am. We could
go and have breakfast together

Sounds good. I'll pick you up.
See you on Monday

Oh btw I won't let you get out
of the double date just like that

I smiled relieved because he did not mention the message about the date until he did. My smile dropped, my head fell to my neck while I groaned. "He's so annoying sometimes." I mumbled to myself.

The second I laid foot on French ground someone approached me to lead me to Landos car and said they would take care of my luggage.

"Hello princess." Lando cooed when he saw June and me so I held June up for him to take her in his arms. "Hello June-bear" he then added.
I smiled. He had so cute names for her but then it me. Why would he say hello to June twice? That would mean that he called me princess? No I'm sure I misheard it. I shook my head to get the thought out of my head.

We drove to Monte Carlo, talking about what happened the last few days.
"Oh by the way we need to pick someone up from my place if it's fine. He's only in Monaco for 3 days with his girlfriend so we planned something. Is that fine for you?"
"Oh you had plans? Why didn't you tell me? I could've asked Oscar if he could watch after her." My inner people pleaser immediately escaped.

"No it's fine. I was excited because..well..you trust me enough to leave me alone with her and Max is my best friend so I wanted him to meet her too. I didn't tell him anything yet though so he'll be suprised."
"Wait you didn't tell him that he'll meet her today or that you have a daughter at all? Please Lando tell me it's the first one. I'm not ready for a disaster right now." I begged but Lando looked guilty already.
"It won't be a disaster. Trust me." He looked at me and I knew immediately that he didn't try to convince me but himself. Great.

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