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We calmed down from playing around at some point because June got hungry. I sat in the shadow of the beach umbrella to nurse June while Lando laid next to us eating some low fat, low sugar, gluten free crisps that I brought for  June as a snack. I watched him throwing them in his mouth then make a disgusted face just to eat more of them. It was like a vicious circle.
"No but do toddlers really enjoy these? Genuinely? These are disgusting Em, have you ever tasted them? You should because you shouldn't be allowed to give something that disgusting to kids." He complained in a whisper, studying the package of the crisps. Then he continued eating them.
"Well if they're really that disgusting don't eat them. They are for June anyway." I chuckled but he wasn't on for jokes which I assumed after he made an offended and shocked face.
"Yeah right. They are for June and that's why I'm eating them. I can't have June to taste THAT." He exclaimed but it was more of a whisper scream to not wake June who just fell asleep while I nursed her.
"Okay let me taste one. What if your sense of taste is broken or something." I said so he held the bag of crisps in my direction.
I tasted it and immediately regretted putting that in my mouth. Lando watched me carefully and started to laugh right after.
"I told you so." He laughed at me.
"What even is in this? You can't give that to anyone at all. Ew." The taste was so bad I had to drink half a bottle of water to get rid of it.
"From now on we should taste everything we give to June beforehand." Lando suggested which made me smile a little. 'We' as in the both of us. Junes parents.
"The brand send a whole box of baby snacks for me to show on Instagram though so what am I gonna do with them?" I asked frustrated.
"Have you agreed on the cooperation yet?" He wanted to know but since I haven't I shook my head.
"See. Just tell them you don't want to do it because you don't want to advertise something you don't support. Easy. I'm a marketing pro you know." He praised himself.
"I guess you are." I laughed.
"Oh I wanted to ask if you have time sometime next week?" He asked, suddenly a little nervous. I raised an eyebrow at his sudden change of emotion. "I'm sure I can make room. Why? What for?" I asked suspiciously. "Well I still haven't told my parents about June so I figured the sooner the better." He vaguely explained. "Wait what does that mean? Do you want them to meet June next week but haven't told them yet?" Lando nodded but he waved his hands in defence.
"Don't worry. I'm going to tell them before you meet them." He promised. Lando introducing June to his parents now meant that I had to come with him since he can't go alone with her. Especially not when it's in a completely new environment with a lot of strangers.
"Okay fine let's get this over with then." I sighed. He smiled at me relieved. "Great. I'll ask them about date and time and text you if it's fine."
I just nodded.  "By the way, I think we shouldn't stay for too long. Baby's aren't supposed to be on a beach with so much sun for long because of their sensitive skin." I explained for him which he agreed on with a nod.
"That's perfect actually. I'm meeting someone later." He said and started to get dressed again.
"Is it that girl? What's her name again?" I grinned at him provokingly.
Instead of responding with his usual sass he became shy. "How do you know?" He asked as if it wasn't obvious. "well first I read about it in a magazine and second my sister spams my phone with pictures of you with her. Plus I'm not dumb. Saying 'I'm meeting someone' is so suspicious." I listed all the facts for him. Landos shy smile grew as he scratched the back of his head.
"If you say it like that it sounds as if I'm walking around with a sign on my head that says that I have a girlfriend."
"So she is your girlfriend then?" I asked immediately. A little bit too fast maybe. I didn't want to sound desperate or pitiful but here I was doing exactly that.
"Well yes." He said as if it was obvious. Which it was. But I didn't want to admit that so it hit me hard.
"That's great. Congrats." I said followed by an uncomfortable silence.
"Yeah thanks. Anyway. Let's go." He said awkwardly. I wasn't sure if I should've kept my mouth shut on this one because Lando seemed to be embarrassed or something and the good mood was gone all of a sudden. I sighed because I couldn't change that in the moment and started packing all the things after I put June in her stroller. For the way back we decided to walk since June was still asleep plus the weather was really nice. We didn't really talk much and every time I tried to lighten up his mood with a joke he gave me a short fake laugh that didn't even reach his eyes.
I eventually gave up so we were left in awkward silence. Hardly bearable, but we made it to the hotel. Before our ways parted I stopped and turned to him. "Did I say something wrong? Are you not comfortable talking about your girlfriend around me?" I asked silently so that no one could hear us. Lando flinched at the word girlfriend but I assumed it was because he didn't want anyone to know yet.
"No no it's fine I was just..I don't know. In thoughts that's all." He smiled at me with a much less noticeable fake smile but it didn't reach his eyes this time either.
"Okay then see you on Sunday." I said my goodbye with a short hug.
"Yep. See my lucky charm on Sunday." He smiled at June and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead to not wake her.
When I got to my room I decided to respond to Noah because  it's been a few hours since he texted.

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