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June, Paul and I arrived early at the paddock because June woke up earlier this morning so we had to time everything with her naps. I hated to do that but I couldn't do anything about it to be honest.

After we greeted everyone, we started to get ready for filming the video. Paul and June were in the back, playing together, and I sat on the terrace with Lando and Oscar. Everything has been prepared already so we were about to start.

"I don't know if I want to see those memes about me to be honest. Here we go."
I said and started to smile a second later, when the camera light turned red.
"Hello guys welcome back, we're here in Melbourne today with Emily Hall again and we're reacting to your memes about us today."
Lando said professionally. Oscar and I just waved at the camera, smiled and nodded.

"So the first one we have is a classic. I've actually seen this before online a lot. It's a video of my reaction when the jet pack stuntman at the Austrian Grand Prix crashed."
"Ah yes I've seen it, too. Did you know it would be a meme in that situation?"
"I mean I was recorded before the crash so I knew during the crash that I can't not react and seconds after I thought, oh shit this is going to the internet now." Oscar explained.
"Yeah classic. There are moments you know are going to be clipped. Like this one."
Lando said.
"Whoa, smooth transition." I said giggling.
He just grinned and we all started to watch the video of him in an interview, losing it over the word ‚blowy'.
He even said in that interview, that this is going to be clipped.
We all laughed, even though Lando was a bit embarrassed about it.
„okay my turn. I honestly don't know what it is myself so..suprise."
I clicked play and a video of me eating hot wings came up.
„Oh no. That was horrible. You saw how bad I take spicy things last time so that was way worse."
In the video I cried, trying to do something against the pain of the hot sauce. I then said
'I feel like I'm gonna dieeeee' and then they showed another clip from that same video. The host shook the bottle of hot sauce and my reaction was gold. 'What do you mean? What do you mean by shaking it? What do..you...what do you mean?' With every what do you mean, I cried a little more. After that, this scene was used in many different videos as a meme and it was honestly so funny.
"Well I did the hot wing challenge before so you're not overreacting there. It really is bad."
Lando said, still laughing at the video.
"Oh the one where you spit milk and had ice cream all over your face? I've seen that one somewhere."
Oscar exposed Lando and I couldn't keep it.

We watched a few more memes about our self, A few bad ones, a few good ones.
"Okay guys that was something but make sure to like and subscribe the channel and to turn on the little bell so you don't miss any new videos in the future."
This time I said it and it felt so professional to do.
We waved at the camera and waited for the light to turn off.
Everyone started to chat immediately. Lando turned to me.
"Is June with your boyfriend?" He asked and I was completely taken aback from it, a little confused too.
"Which boyfriend?" I was clearly confused and that confused him.
"Paul? He is your boyfriend right? And June's dad? At least that's what I was thinking."
He said, obviously unsure about it now.
"Oh no. Paul isn't my boyfriend. He's my manager. I know him since I'm little so that would be a little weird." That somehow amused me so I laughed a little.
"I got it wrong then. So you're not together but you have a child with him?" He asked, still confused.
"Paul isn't June's father." 'You are' is what I thought but I couldn't say it out loud. This situation quickly turned into something scary and I just hoped he would drop it.
"I'm so sorry. I got it all wrong." He laughed and I joined him laughing.
"Yeah...it's fine. Anyway, I'll go and look if everything's alright quickly."
I said while I stood up and was about to leave the room.
"Can I come with you? I still haven't met her."
Lando asked excitedly. He seemingly loved kids so I couldn't say no.
"Yeah sure."

It's safe to say that I was really nervous. It was the first time Lando met June and I was scared.
I opened the door to see June sitting on the ground with Paul who played music and they danced together if you could call it dancing.
June looked at us and her smile grew even bigger. She started to wave at us excitedly.
I picked her up and kissed her faces, which made her laugh.
"You're having fun with uncle Paul? I brought a friend June. That's Lando, Lando that is June."
I waved at Lando so June waved at Lando, too.
"Hi June. You are a really cute girl."
He tickled her a little. I could tell she liked him but she was a little shy too. She smiled shyly and hid in my neck.
Lando just laughed in awe.
June looked at him again but when she saw that he still looked at her she hid again.
"I guess she really likes you." I laughed.
"Really? Seems like I can even make cute and small girls shy. How old is she again?" He asked, acting like the first sentence was the most normal thing to say.
"I- uh- she's six and a half months old."
I answered.
"So born in August? Not in June?" He joked and I rolled my eyes, laughing. "Yeah on the 23rd of August."
"Cute. So cute I could eat you."
He started tickling her and I acted like a shield for June. She laughed and we ran around, trying to escape from Lando's tickles.

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