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When Oscar walked in, Lando held June because she wanted to be in his arm instead of mine. He smiled.
"She's so cute." They both looked at him.
"Wait. She kinda looks like you."
He said confused. I would be too, because she does look like a mini him.
"What do you mean? She looks like Emily. Don't you see the resemblance?"
Lando said looking at June and me alternately.
"You think so? No one ever said we look alike."
I said, regretting it the second after because that made Lando look at June more intense.
Oscar started something here because he didn't know himself. I just hoped he wouldn't combine all the obvious facts. I realized how many hints I gave him today. I told him I was a single mom, that Paul wasn't her father, her birthday and now Oscar said that.

I tried so hard keeping my poker face so they wouldn't notice but I wasn't really good at that. Lando looked at me. His expression still clueless. He looked at June and then at me again and I knew he figured it out. There was a split second in which his eyes widened but he covered that up pretty well.
He smiled again, handed me June and said: "nah I'm convinced she looks like Emily. Why would she look like me mate?"
Oscar shrugged "yeah you're right."
"Let's do the TikTok's they want us to do so we can finish early."
Lando said while he walked out of the room.
Paul walked in to look after June again and after a few minutes in which I just stared at June and talked to her, I followed them.

The TikTok's they wanted us to do were about some filters in which you have to click on time so the hammer hits the nail and you get a point. Surprisingly, I won with 6 points.
"Yeah calm. That was totally luck based there. We both have one point less only." Oscar said.
"Yeah right. Luck based" I laughed, seeing them allow themselves being provoked by my snickers.
"I'm sure I'll win the next one. I'm good at maths."
He said, taking the phone and trying the new filter. You're supposed to cut the pizza in a certain degree angle.
And yes, Oscar really won that one.

A few other TikTok's they made us do were with dancing. None of us were excited about it but we did it anyway.
"And that's a wrap for today then."
Lando said, walking straight out of the room.

I stood there with Oscar now.
"Well you started something without knowing Oscar. Is Lily in town? I need to see her asap."
"Yeah she's studying, is it a girls thing again? Sometimes I feel like you speak a different language than me."
He said and I could hear his confusion.
"Because I am. Australian English is so weird. Makes me think about the shoe thong thingie. So weird."
I said while I took my phone out of my pocket, texting Lily.


I'm in Melbourne, can we meet
Up for a coffee date?

Whoa why are you blowing up
My phone?
What happened?
I'm free in 30 if that's fine?

I'll tell you when I see you
See you In 30 then?
At the cafe we met up usually?

Cmon you always do that
See you there then I guess

"So you're stealing my girlfriend now?"
Oscar said accusingly.
"Jup. Emergency."
I shrugged, smiling a little too nicely.
"I guess I'm not allowed to join then?"
"You already know the answer Oscar. Don't take it personally, I love you, bye"
I shout while I walked away to pick up June.

Lily saw us and instead of greeting me, she took June in her arms and showered her with kisses. June laughed but I was worried she'd cuddle her to death or something.
"Do you know how much I missed you June? You grew up so much it's unbelievable."
She cooed.
"It's been a week Lily calm down."
I laughed and got a death glare from her.
"Just because you see her everyday and don't see how much she grew up in one week."
"I do, trust me. If you remind me again, I'll cry."
She rolled her eyes, laughing, then finally greeted me and sat down with June on her lap.

"So what's the emergency? Why did you interrupt my studying? And I swear if it wasn't that important, I'll get back at you."
Without talking too much around it, I stated the facts.
"I think Lando found out."
Her head shot up from looking at June to me, eyes wide open.
"Wait. You don't mean what I think you mean do you? That would be a disaster."
Her voice sounded nervous and when I nodded she breathed out heavily.
"How did he manage to find out?"
"Well I was quite good at not showing her to him since she's basically a mini replica of him. She was asleep most times we met or I left her with my parents but she woke up earlier today so she was wide awake after we finished our work. He saw her and asked about Paul being her father and my boyfriend."
I laughed again about it.
"Wait so he thought Paul and you were together? That would be weird. But would've been a good chance for you somehow."
I thought about it for a second.
"Yeah would've been but I don't want to lie more to him than I already do you know. I feel horrible every time I look at him."
"Yeah relatable. I mean. I can't relate but I know what you mean."
She gave June a little bit of her whipped cream from the cake she ordered before.
"Don't give her too much sugar. She won't sleep later."
"Sorry. It was just a little bit of whipped cream Em. Now don't avoid the topic. Continue your story."
I looked at her strictly but continued my story anyways.
"Yeah anyway. He then asked about her age and her birth month and if it wasn't enough for him to count one and one together, Oscar walked in saying "why does she look like you Lando?""
I imitated Oscar's voice, which made Lily laugh.
"You're good at imitating Oscar. Sorry now I'm distracting from the story. Okay uhm. Did Lando ask you directly that he's the father?"
"No but I could see his brain literally combining the puzzle. He isn't really good at acting you know. He tried to play it over and he didn't talk to me after, too. I don't know if he's mad or needs to sort his thoughts first but I'm scared of what happens next."
I breathed out frustrated.
"Okay so just wait then. Wait if he asks you or if he's mad or something and then talk to him."
Too many thoughts were in my head so I just nodded "you're right. Let's not freak out and wait for what he does."
That's gotta be the right decision right?

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