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Arriving at the track, people were greeting me and the atmosphere was great even on media day. I had June in her stroller so it was easier to hide her from paparazzi and nosy fans and I noticed that some people tried to catch a glance. Nah ah. No chance.
When I arrived at the McLaren hospitality Oscar greeted me. We had a little chit chat and he showed me around.
"Do you know what happened on our way to China? June had the worst mood ever. She cried like the whole time and threw tantrums. Turns out she's teething." I excitedly told him. He smiled. "That's awesome." He said, bending down to the stroller, "You won't have to suck your food anymore you can actually start to chew." Pinching her cheek he made June laugh.
"Oh and I think she will start to crawl very soon. She figured out the position already, the movements will follow shortly. At least that's what the Baby guide for first time mums said." Oscar chuckled.
"A lot of milestones this month huh."
He cooed while he took June out of her stroller to mess around with her.
In that moment, Lando walked by and greeted Oscar with a 'Hey Mate' and a fist check. He didn't even look at me, but June. He smiled a little because June was excited to see Lando again. She fidgeted in Oscar's arms and shrieked happily.
Nobody said anything and after a few seconds of smiling at June, Lando patted Oscar's shoulder said "see you at the press conference later." And left.
"Well. I'm sorry June but I think you need to give it a little more than that. But you got to convince him. Did you see that look on his face? His wall is crumbling."
He didn't say that to June even though he was talking to her. He said that to me.
It seemed like my plan, or more like Hannah's and Viviennes plan, worked and that made me smile like crazy.
"Okay stop smiling like that, that's so creepy, stop that." Oscar said and we both started to laugh.
June and Oscar played for a little longer before he had to leave for an interview. She was getting tired anyway so I breastfed her and put her down in her stroller for a nap. She fell asleep surprisingly fast and since I had some time before my first appointment, I walked around the paddock with June in the stroller. There were a lot of cool things to check out and I also met a few fans that I took photos with.
I got to be in a podcast today from a f1 content creator and journalist and I was so happy to do that. I've known Victoria for a long time and I'm glad to finally meet her again. It was an honor for me to be in her podcast since I barely got anything to do with F1 but I was really thankful of course.
When I arrived at the set up we greeted each other and told each other what happened in the time we haven't seen each other.
The episode started with an introduction and a greeting but the moment after, June woke up.
"I'm so sorry about that. Is it fine if I have her on my lap?"
"Absolutely! Don't worry if her face is on camera we will blur it out and send you the clips before release." She said understanding.
"Thank you so much." I answered, taking June out of her stroller. She was still tired and just wanted to cuddle a little but everyone adored her so much so she got a little shy.
"She will get more confident in a few minutes." I giggled.
"She's adorable. What's her name?" Vickie asked.
"June. I would be really thankful if nothing of her is going to be published." Everytime I said that, I felt weird and feared the responses but I had a good feeling with Victoria.
"Don't worry, nothing will be posted."
She smiled at me and I sighed relived.
"Again. Thank you so much. Anyway, where were we?"
We continued the podcast with a few questions, a lot of laughing and a few 'words' from June.
"Do you have to wear the McLaren team kit when you're here with them?" Vickie asked.
"Well that's something I still haven't figured out myself." I laughed. "No I don't. I mean I could, since I got one but I'm here to represent xx so I wear something from them or our new McLarenXxx collection to represent both the team and our company." I answered the question.
"Very interesting. Have you got a water bottle like Lando and Oscar, too? Fans call them 'mental support bottles' since mainly Lando always walks around with his bottle."
She asked and we both chuckled.
"No, I haven't got a mental support bottle sadly."

After the recording, we headed straight back to the McLaren garage for a photo shooting. A few more pieces of our collection will drop soon and since they are a little bit inspired by china they want some photos from here in addition to the photos we already took a few months ago.
We arrived and I couldn't even settle down when a few mechanics approached me. They volunteered to watch after June while we were busy and I laughed. That was kinda cute so I agreed as long as they stayed in my sight. I also warned them that she's teething so it could be that she will be a little grumpy.
With some fresh gel on her tooth and a snack, June happily stayed with the mechanics Keen, Jason and Rick.

I quickly changed and got in the mask for the shoot. I was a little early so I had some time to talk to the photographer which is always helpful according to my modeling mentor.
Oscar and Lando were ready shortly after and the photo shoot was actually fun except from the fact that Lando still completely ignored me as much as he could. He didn't even greet me.
I ignored that fact because he seemed to be very distracted. The photographer even had to tell him to focus a little more and it took me a few more minutes until I noticed that he continuously looked over to June and the three mechanics who practiced to stand up. He didn't even try to hide it or at least he was very bad at it.
Looks like we were tearing down his wall piece by piece.

A/n: I will use xx for the company name, just so you know

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