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"Trust me V, your plan is working. He is totally falling for her. He was so distracted the whole photo shoot because he looked at her and earlier he stared at her and smiled. She was really excited to see him too tho."
I said and sat June on the ground. She started to play with one of her toys but when I turned the phone on speaker and V talked she immediately tilted her head. I sat a few steps from her on the ground.
"Well I don't want to say something like 'I told you so'." She extended the O.
"Just do it V." I sighed
"I told you so!" She sounded really satisfied.
"Yeah yeah I know." I sighed, "By the way,June heard you on speaker and now I'm trying to get her to crawl. Come here June you got this. You know how, just try it." I encouraged her to make the first move.
"Wait what? Already? But she's just a little baby Em! I want to see it, show me." Her request is my command so I FaceTimed her and positioned the phone so that she could see June and June could see her.
"Hiii June bear. Come to auntie." V said and June seemed like she was about to go. "Mmwhahbaba." What was she said before she actually started to crawl forward. It took my all not to scream out of excitement but at the same time I was about to cry.
"V she just crawled for the first time. Very good June, you can be proud of yourself. Do that again." I sniffled.
"Em, are you crying?" V said surprised but a little bit amused, too.
"Yes." I said while I cried and smiled simultaneously.
"Why?" As if the answer wasn't obvious.
"Because my baby is crawling V. She's a big girl already." My voice was hoarse.
And just like that, June crawled over to me slowly to take the phone and hold it up to her face to greet V. "Bwabsba" she made while she put the phone in her mouth.
"Oh hello Little girl. Or should I say big girl?"
V greeted her again.
"No June don't put that in your mouth. Come here." I picked her up and took the phone from her so I could shower her with kisses. She responded with giggling and shrieking and ugh I loved that sound so much I could hear it all day long without getting tired of it. "I'm so proud of you." I then put the phone back up so V could see us. "I didn't expect that to happen now. We need to leave in a few by the way." It was Friday and FP1 is going to start in 3 hours but we had to be there early for some reason.
"Yeah I'm heading to sleep then. It like 12am or something." My eyes widened because I forgot about the time difference.
"Girl get some sleep." I said and hung up, waving.

We were ready earlier but as always, something came up and we ran late again. I rushed out of the hotel room almost slamming the door in someone's face. Luckily that person had really good reflexes and he dodged the door.
"Oh my god I'm so sorry I'm in a- rush.."
the next second I realized it was Lando.
"It's fine, I'm late so I need to go-" he was in such a hurry he only realized it was me when he reached the elevator immediately changing his expression to annoyed.

Yeah so we ended up in the elevator together and I could feel him staring at me the whole way down. Or maybe he stared at June but she was in her carrier and that was attached to me so there was no way around me. Neither of us talked. Only June made her June noises and grabbed my hair again and again.
When we stepped outside, his team was waiting for him. His pr manager, Jon and a camera team stood in the lobby looking really stressed.
"I'm so sorry. Sorry sorry sorry." He said to his pr manager who looked at him with a stern look.
She then looked at me. "Emily, do you need a ride?" She asked me. I was too overwhelmed for a second because I didn't expect that.
"Uuuh. What? Oh I was about to call an Uber and you seem to be in a rush so it's fine."
I tried to turn down her offer.
"No but on race week it's hard to get an Uber and we have a free seat." She didn't let loose.
"Not to interrupt anything but we need to leave now." Lando said and looked at me like he wanted to say 'just say no so we can leave'.
"Well okay then. Thank you." I smiled and got in the car with them. That's what he gets when he acts like that.
I sat next to Lando, of course, and listened to their conversations.
The fact that there wasn't a baby seat made me worry a lot so I wrapped my arms around June.
The situation was just weird and I felt out of place so I was just relived when we arrived at the track.
Lando's team said bye before they all rushed away and I just followed slowly.
"Well that was something."
I said to myself.

The garage was busy right before FP1. Mechanics and engineers ran around and guests were talking. Suddenly Oscar stood next to me, took my hand and dragged me inside his driver room.
"Uhm Oscar what's going on? Don't you have to drive in like 10 minutes?" I asked, obviously confused.
"I'll be quick." He said, looked around and continued whispering "Lando asked me to ask you if you're okay because- Ugh he said something about puffy eyes and then you looked worried or something? He told me to ask you without mentioning him but I can't do that since you have a plan and that seemed like he wanted to check on you but was too scared to ask you himself."
"He what?" I laughed and tried to process what he said since he talked like a tornado or something. "Oh. Yeah I cried because June crawled for the first time earlier and I got all emotional and stuff. You know. Hormones. And I was worried in the car because there wasn't a seat for June and it's not really safe to drive with a baby on your lap. But don't tell him. Tell him that I didn't answer you, maybe he asks me himself then." I answered.
Oscar just nodded, gave me a thumbs up and left to drive his super fast car.

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